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    10 Best Restaurants in Netherlands where you would love to hangout

    If you’re looking for a meal out with friends or family, we’ve got you covered. If you want something cozy and romantic, we’ve got the perfect place. These 10 best restaurants in Netherlands are scattered across the country and represent one unique Dutch dish from each region.

    Here’s the list of 10 best restaurants in Netherlands:

    1. De Kas

    Located in a transformed nursery in Frankendael Park, De Kas is next to a garden and nursery where a lot of its fixings are developed. The exquisite lounge area has a vista of the open-plan kitchen and is shielded by a high, glass-sheet roof. There is seating accessible in various outdoor dining in the patio or garden and in private rooms also. The dinner menu and a fixed price lunch are the provincial Mediterranean in methodology, focused on fresh ingredients and veggies, and changes day by day. A higher-priced menu is accessible to gatherings of up to four who wish to sit at famous chef proprietor Gert Jan Hageman’s table in the kitchen.

    Address: Kamerlingh Onneslaan 3, 1097 DE Amsterdam, Netherlands

    2. Fred

    The Michelin Guide has awarded this fine dining restaurant in Rotterdam two stars since 2014 and before that assigned Fred with one star between 2010-2013. The restaurant’s head chef and founder is Fred Mustert tailors. His menu mainly revolves around French cuisine while employing a measured amount of modern touches and details.

    Address: Honingerdijk 263, 3063 AM Rotterdam, Netherlands

    3. Stads-koffyhuis

    One of the best restaurants in Delft Netherlands, this is the perfect place to have a scrumptious breakfast in the Dutch sun. The place is flooded by morning diners who love their coffee with a little bit of sunshine and outdoors. The sandwiches, eggs, and salad are absolutely wonderful. You can also try their pancakes, pies and local beer. Looking over the canals, this is definitely one of the best places to eat in the Netherlands.

    Address: Oude Delft, 133, Delft, The Netherlands

    10 Best Restaurants in Netherlands

    4. De Harmonie

    This spot is especially known for its goose and duck liver served with Granny Smith apples and gingerbread. If you object to that sort of thing, the steak tartare is also delicious; or go for a full chef’s menu of three to seven courses. Though the food is worth a visit year-round, this inner-city townhouse restaurant becomes twice as popular in the warmer months, when the garden out back is open.

    The chef, Sieberen Meerema, is truly an artist. We mean literally: those are his impressionistic landscape paintings all over the walls. But on the plate as well — his Harmonie cookbook was nominated for 2007 Cookbook of the Year, and the restaurant won a “Golden Ladle” for Best Restaurant in the Rijnmond Region in 2013.

    Address: Westersingel 95, 3015 LC Rotterdam, Netherlands

    5. Guts & Glory

    The restrained structure of uncovered brick walls painted white and only single-bulb light installations don’t actually jive with the energetic food leaving the kitchen at this eatery. Always pivoting, themed menus are orchestrated around an alternate fixing or them, like to meat, pork, chicken, or fish, or foods like Dutch, Japanese, or Italian. You can pick a tasting menu of seven, six, or five courses, with the alternative to include some wonder with an enhancement of Persian Imperial caviar, smoked eel, Jamon Iberico, and some select cheeses. The idea sounds simple and straightforward, yet what arrives is cunningly plated and rich—yet not the slightest bit off-putting.

    Address:Utrechtsestraat 6, 1017 VN Amsterdam, Netherlands

    6. Teppanyaki Restaurant Sazanka

    Sazanka is currently the only teppanyaki restaurant in Europe to hold a Michelin star and is located inside Amsterdam’s towering Hotel Okura. At Sazanka meat, fish and vegetables are prepared in front of guests by experienced teppanyaki chefs on hot griddles and then served straight onto patron’s plates. There’s also an extensive range of sake and Japanese wine available at the restaurant which pairs wonderfully with their authentic menu.

    Address: FerdinandBolstraat 333, 1072 LH Amsterdam, Netherlands

    7. Brasserie Chapter

    This small little restaurant in Hague surely one of the must-visit restaurants in the Netherlands. Steaks, ducks, sausages, tuna tartar, fresh salmon – every dish here is borne out of love for food and the city itself. The menu itself is limited, but very well thought out. The place is run by a local couple, the husband is the chef, while the lady looks over the seating and other parts of the affair. The plating is beautiful, textures melting and ambience is perfect for a sweet night out with your partner in the city of Hague. Their creme brulee and chocolate lava cake are absolutely to die for!

    Address: Annastraat 17, The Hague, The Netherlands

    8. Restaurant Jaimie van Heije

    Three- to six-course and à la carte menu feature colourful, artistic plates like prosciutto with crispy red quinoa, freeze-cooked egg yolk, sweet-and-sour radish, croutons, and wasabi cream or chicken rolled around Indonesian stew with carrot, petai beans, corn cookies, and coconut meringue — and then semi-solid strawberry mojito skulls for dessert.

    The edgiest restaurant on the list comes from one of the most picturesque settings: just a 30-minute bike ride from the center of Amsterdam, this photo-ready little village has somehow managed to not only avoid getting absorbed by the city but to even keep a rural buffer around it, too. Chef Jaimie van Heije’s menu, an Indonesian-led melting pot of different kitchens and cooking techniques, is anything but traditional, though.

    Address: Kerkstraat 56, 1191 JE Ouderkerk aan de Amstel, Netherlands

    9. Envy

    Envy is one of the famousrestaurants in the Netherlands. Evaluated a Bib Gourmand eatery by the Michelin Red Guide, Envy is a creative eatery concentrated on creative, small dishes that are offered at the table. The unmistakable inside incorporates a long column of raised tables, lit by globed lights swung from the roof, where meals have an adequate vista of the open kitchen and a mass of transparent refrigerators. The menu at this waterway side eatery, among Amsterdam’s Nine Little Streets, flaunts an area devoted to charcuteries and cheese, while dishes like steak tartare with quail eggs and baked duck with hazelnut epitomize the kitchen’s high-style approach.

    Address: Prinsengracht 381, 1016 HL Amsterdam, Netherlands

    10. Gastrobar Hartig

    One of the best restaurants in Rotterdam Netherlands, this is the place to hang out at with your friends. The food is tasty and the drinks amazing, the best tapas in town are available here. The artwork on the walls and in the neighbouring district make it the choices place of young and hip crowds to gather at. The lager beers available here are probably the tastiest in town and a must try!

    Address: Hartmansstraat 20A, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

    Hope now you won’t struggle to find the top restaurants in Netherlands. Happy Eating!!!

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