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Dental Care Netherlands: Dental Cost & Dental Insurance

Dental Care Netherlands

+Dental Care is an appealing, modern, and experienced dental practice operates at more than 20 locations in the Netherlands. dental care Netherlands

Netherlands has one of the best health care system in the world and same goes with the dentist care. In the Netherlands all the dental care are registered with the government. If you just moved to the Netherlands it could be possible that you are confused with the Dutch health system which is quite normal for an expat.

Dental Care Netherlands

Is dental care covered in Netherlands?

As you may already be aware, standard basic insurance in the Netherlands does not cover dental costs. Because dental care in the Netherlands is privately owned, the so-called ‘basispakket’ does not cover your bill at the Dutch dentist. However, you are not entirely on your own. If you are under 18 your dental cost is covered with the basic health insurance. On the other hand if you are +18 the dental insurance cost depends on you insurance provider.

How much does dental care cost Netherlands?

Dental cost in Netherlands depends on the type of treatment you are willing to take. Following is the estimation of the dental cost in Netherlands:

  1. Dental Check-up cost is around 20-30 euros.
  2. Dental Cleaning cost is around 110-130 euros/hour.
  3. Root canals can cost up-to 500 euros

Check Dental cost

  1. Dental Care Amsterdam
  2. Dentalzorg
  3. PhP

Is dental care free in Holland?

The answer is no, Dentistry is privatize in the Netherlands which means you have to pay dental care cost in the Netherlands. Although, your dental insurance can cover up to 75% of your dental care cost. For more clarification on the reimbursement you have to contact your insurance provider.

Disclaimer: This blog is provided for informational purposes only; neither the author nor digitify.nl recommend or support any specific healthcare provider in any case. Readers are solely responsible for their own decisions.

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