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    10 Best Must Visit Car Service Chains in Europe

    10 Best must visit car service chains in Europe that will definitely help the car holders who always suffer in finding them a satisfying lot of car services and they always worry about finding these services at their best interests.


    Contact: 030 850 1500

    Just Lease offers private car leasing in the Netherlands. Choose a brand-new vehicle with a longer term (48-60 months) or a used car with a shorter lease (24-36 months). Their services include:

    • Scheduled maintenance
    • Damage repairs
    • Tire replacement
    • Road tax and all-risk insurance are covered by lease agreement.


    Contact: 088 269 2020

    ANWB is the Dutch automobile association and offers a range of products and services. That includes:

    • Car Lease with standard and short-term car leasing. The monthly fee covers roadside assistance in the Netherlands and throughout Europe, scheduled maintenance, tire replacement, vehicle and passenger insurance, Dutch road tax and more.
    • Car Rental in collaboration with Hertz Benelux.
    • Credit Card offers an exclusive, internationally-accepted charge card in cooperation with ICS Netherlands.


    Contact: 030 207 4220

    If you are an expat and right now setteling down in the Netherlands then BYNCO is the perfect place for you. Bynco (Buy Your Next Car Online) is a Dutch secondhand car dealer that operates completely online. It is a division of the AutoBinck Group, one of the oldest automotive companies in the Netherlands. Bynco offers a large inventory and every vehicle has been independently inspected. Buy a car, have it delivered to your home, drive it for 14 days and if not satisfied, return it for full refund.


    Contact: 088 594 5348

    KwikFit is one of the largest car service centre chains in the Netherlands with 175 locations including 10 in Amsterdam, 5 in The Hague, 5 in Utrecht and 4 in Rotterdam. APK roadworthy vehicle test, oil change, A/C charge, wheel balance, new tires and engine repairs.


    Contact: 023 569 8656

    Sixt is one of the largest car rental agencies in Europe. They have locations in over 20 cities in Netherlands (including Amsterdam, Apeldoorn, Eindhoven, Groningen, The Hague, Maastricht, Rotterdam and Utrecht) plus all 5 Dutch airports. Min age to rent is 21 years (25 years for luxury cars). Rental car can be returned to a different location in Holland (no charge) or another country (fee charged).

    Sixt also offers moving van and truck rentals starting at a minimum of 4 hours.


    Contact: 070 342 9400

    Wittebrug Lease is a division of the Wittebrug Automotive Group, a Dutch company with Volkswagen, Audi and Seat dealerships in The Hague, Delft, Leiden and surroundings. Lease a car from 1 to 24 months under their short-lease program. Or opt for a full-term 4 or 5 year private lease.


    Contact: 020 890 3697        

    This Dutch online car tire shop offers the widest selection of summer, winter and all-weather tires for personal automobiles, vans, trucks, race cars and vintage models. They also sell wheels and rims plus tires for specialty vehicles such as golf carts, trailers, caravans and motorized lawn mowers.

    Contact: 020 280 2800     is a Dutch online car dealership for buying or leasing a vehicle. On average, their used car prices are 3% lower than standard outlets while new vehicles are priced 9% lower. Private lease terms from 1-5 years. is owned by the Louwmann Group, one of the biggest names in the Netherlands’ auto industry.


    Contact: 088 284 7500        

    Budget is an American rental car company with locations across the Netherlands, including in Amsterdam, Breda, Groningen, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht as well as at all 5 Dutch airports. They offer vehicles from economy size up to passenger vans.


    Contact: 055 579 8000        

    Centraal Beheer offers car insurance, motorcycle insurance, moped insurance and caravan insurance. It is headquartered in Apeldoorn and is a division of Achmea, the Netherlands’ largest insurance company.

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