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    Easiest Way to Watch Television Channels on your Computer (For Free)

    There are plenty of Live TV streaming alternatives for viewing on your computer. 

    The one I will explain in this blog allows you to watch multiple channels from different countries. It’s easy, free of cost and doesn’t require any login or subscription.

    Follow the steps mentioned below to access television channels in your pc:

    1. Search for IPTV Channels collection

    Click on this github link or you can directly visit Here you will find plenty of links for different tv servers based on different categories, languages and countries.

    2. Next step is to copy the link for the desired server. Just like here I have copied the link for English channels.

    3. Next you need to find an online IPTV Player.

    You can open any one of them. The one I use is

    5. Paste the copied link and click on Watch button.

    6. Here you will get the list of channels as per the server selected. Click on any channels and it will start playing.

    Watch TV. You’re all set up to watch worldwide television channels on your computer!

    Note: Some channels may not work as per IPTV player in a few countries.

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