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    Lol! Finally I Found Out Why You Can’t Change Your Name on Facebook

    Facebook is a social networking site where people use their real names but it is a known fact that real names are sometimes not that engaging and you might want to Stand out or be with the Trend.

    Although it is good for you and for social networking sites to use real names on Facebook and other sites, Especially Knowing who you’re connecting with at all times protects you and the rest of our community from impersonation, scams, and phishing.

    Obviously you can block accounts on Facebook in case you don’t want someone to be able to see your profile.

    How to Modify Your Name On Facebook

    • Review Facebook name policy.
    • Click your profile picture.
    • Choose Settings & privacy, then Settings.
    • Select Name.
    • Enter your name and click the Review Change button.
    • Enter your password and hit the Save Changes button.
    • If your name does not comply with Facebook name policy, try again this time you better go through Facebook name policy.

    Why you Can’t Change Your Name on Facebook?

    Below are some of the possibilities:

    • You changed your name within the last 60 days, or you attempted to do so too frequently.
    • On Facebook, you were previously asked to confirm your name.
    • Your name does not match the name on an item in our ID list.
    • If you’re still having trouble changing your name, you can use Facebook ‘Change Your Name’ form to request and confirm a name change.

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