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    Celebrating Easter in the Netherlands in 2022

    Easter is celebrated every year in different parts of the world and comes on 17th April this year. Easter is celebrated in various parts of the world, but what makes Celebrating Easter in the Netherlands in 2022 special?

    Let’s find out….

    All You Need to Know About Celebrating Easter in the Netherlands in 2022

    History of Easter in the Netherlands

    Easter Sunday is a time for Christians to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection after his death by crucifixion. It is a time of celebration following the solemn fasting period, known as Lent (vastentijd), and the days of mourning, Good Friday and Holy Saturday.

    The origins of Easter lie in the Jewish observance of Passover. However, you can trace many rituals and symbols around Easter back to pre-Christian beliefs in much of Europe.

    Easter Decorations

    Easer decorations bring joy and freshness to all households, and Easter lying in the Spring season is a cherry on top.

    The Dutch keenly decorate Easter eggs and do spring-related decorations, and many homes will put up willow branches hung with tiny wooden eggs and bows.

    Over the years, these have become more elaborate, the supermarket shelves are groaning under ornaments, and the day is not far when they will resemble Christmas trees.

    Easter food 

    Easter Sunday in the Netherlands — or as the Dutch call it, Eerste Paasdag, usually consists of a tasty breakfast (Paasontbijt) or brunch (Paasbrunch) featuring the precarious Easter Christmas tree, assorted mini animals and, of course, Paasbrood.

    This tasty Easter bread is strangely similar to Kerstbrood (Christmas bread). Both are filled with cinnamon, raisins, and almond paste, but the difference lies in the details! Where Kerstbrood is topped with icing sugar, Paasbrood is often topped with orange peel and almonds.

    In the schools of the Netherlands, school children will often have a day where they bring Easter breakfast food in their breakfast boxes into school. Pupils fill a shoe box with ingredients for a tasty breakfast and bring it to class with them.

    For the experience of great Easter food, you can visit these famous restaurants:

    Egg painting

    The Dutch love to paint boiled eggs in adorable patterns. Easter egg painting is number 5 on the Dutch folklore centre’s top 10 Dutch traditions list. And according to the Dutch egg marketing board, we are going to eat 35 million eggs next weekend – not counting all the chocolate ones.

    Pro Tip: If you want to do this, be sure to buy a proper egg stand at Blokker or Intertoys so you can colour your egg without getting paint all over your fingers and the rest of the eggs in the box.

    Easter Egg Hunt

    The Netherlands doesn’t employ the regular Easter bunny for its egg-dispersing needs. The Dutch have a hare, probably because “Easter hare” translates to Paas Haas, which has a pleasant rhyming sound.

    Celebrating Easter in the Netherlands
    Family Celebrating Easter in the Netherlands

    On Easter morning, the paashaas hides decorated eggs in gardens for children to an egg hunt for the next day. These events are organised mainly by parents, schools, or the community. These can be real eggs that have been hollowed out and painted, but more often than not, they are chocolate eggs that have the added attraction of being delicious Easter treats and always a delight to have!!!

    Easter outing

    Since the whole family has an off day on Easter, it is a perfect excuse to go outside and enjoy events like spring markets, whether they’re small and cosy or a natural day trip worth browsing for the whole family. Below are a few you might want to try:

    Kids love outings, and it makes their day special. So go check out some unique places in the Netherlands and end your Easter day with a bunch of memories and let us know in the comments how you celebrated Easter in the Netherlands in 2022.

    Happy Easter!!!

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