Update on Ukraine Russia Conflict: Russian invasion of Ukraine 2022

    Here are some updates on Ukraine Russia Conflict 2022. Let’s checkout.

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    As it happens, early morning at 5 A.M Russian time the World was awakened by the voice of one of the World’s Powerful political leaders Vladimir Putin, President of Russia.

    • Donetsk has been rocked by explosions.
    • Kyiv announces Marshal law in the country.
    • Blinken believes there is still time for diplomacy.
    • The United Nations Security Council will meet on Wednesday.

    What did Putin say in his Broadcast?

    He quotes “No other way“, Ukraine was created by Russia. Russia’s purpose is to safeguard those who have been subjected to torture and genocide by the Kyiv administration for the past eight years.

    Circumstances requires immediate action, “People of Donbas’ asked for help“. We strongly advise you to lay down your arms immediately and return home.

    Furthermore Putin gave a threat of a Nuclear war “We are prepared, Whoever tries to stop us or threaten our country, to our people, should know that Russia’s answer will be immediate, and you will face repercussions you have never experienced before.

    Did Putin declared a war on Ukraine?

    According to the Russian President, this is a military act, not a war, yet there are already speculations and signs that this so-called military act is a precursor to World War III.

    What are the ifs and buts? Pakistan openly supports Russia?

    Pak PM Imran Khan says, “What a time I’ve come, so much excitement,” he says.

    As of now, there has been no official declaration from Pakistani officials on this dispute, but the equations are changing and everyone is picking sides. Prime Minister Imran Khan flew for Russia on Wednesday for a two-day visit, the first by a Pakistani prime minister in more than two decades.

    What Happened When, Ukraine Russia Conflict?

    UUpdate on the Russia-Ukraine crisis DAY 46 Highlights:
    Trudeau and EU chief pledge support for Ukrainian refugees
    Death toll in Kramatorsk train station strike rises to 57
    Nine evacuation corridors agreed for Sunday

    DAY 46: 10th April, 2022

    10:16 PM: More than 4.5 million refugees have fled Ukraine, UN says.

    09:16 PM: Ukraine carries out staff rotation at Chernobyl nuclear power plant, where Russians left equipment destroyed.

    03:17 PM: Ukrainian official: Izyum “hottest spot” in Kharkiv region.

    02:44 PM: Death toll in Kramatorsk train station strike rises to 57, says Donetsk regional military administration.

    02:28 PM: Dnipro airport destroyed by Russian attack, Regional military governor says.

    01:25 PM: Austria’s chancellor says he’ll meet with Putin on Monday in Moscow.

    11:30 AM: Ukraine’s foreign minister on new Russian general: “They have another plan, but we have our plans”.

    11:25 AM: Trudeau and EU chief pledge support for Ukrainian refugees.

    10:51 AM: US national security adviser warns new Russian general could carry out further civilian attacks.

    10:33 AM: Former CIA director says battle in eastern Ukraine “will be quite a fight” as Russian forces group.

    10:29 AM: Kuleba: “Extremely difficult” to think about negotiations after Russian attacks in Kramatorsk, Bucha.

    08:46 AM: Zelensky says he discussed additional Russia sanctions with German Chancellor Scholz.

    07:36 AM: Zelensky-Putin meeting possible, but only after expected battle for the Donbas, says Ukrainian official.

    06:17 AM: Russia announces strikes in Dnipropetrovsk, Mykolaiv and Kharkiv regions.

    05:58 AM: Nine evacuation corridors agreed for Sunday, says Ukrainian deputy PM.

    04:48 AM: Strikes in Dnipropetrovsk region, military official says.

    02:51 AM: More than $10.8 billion raised for people fleeing Russian invasion in global pledging event.

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    UUpdate on the Russia-Ukraine crisis DAY 45 Highlights:
    YouTube terminates Russia’s lower house of parliament channel 
    Russian forces strike nitric acid tank amid heavy shelling
    Putin appoints new commander for Ukraine

    DAY 45: 9th April, 2022

    08:10 PM: Putin appoints new commander for Ukraine.

    06:25 PM: Zelensky thanks UK for sending more lethal aid including anti-ship missiles, armored vehicles.

    03:40 PM: “Abnormally high” radiation where Russians dug trenches in Chernobyl’s Red Forest, nuclear power operator says.

    02:17 PM: Ukraine’s Zelensky calls for more pressure on Russia after meeting UK’s Boris Johnson in Kyiv.

    01:56 PM: More than 10 billion euros raised for people fleeing Russian invasion in global pledging event.

    12:45 PM: Russian forces strike nitric acid tank amid heavy shelling, says Luhansk regional governor.

    12:30 PM: Ukrainian military claims to find dead Russian servicemen in common grave.

    11:24 PM: At least 176 children have died, more than 324 injured due to Russian aggression, Ukrainian Parliament says.

    11:21 AM: YouTube terminates Russia’s lower house of parliament channel.

    10:54 AM: British PM Boris Johnson meets Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kyiv.

    09:42 AM: The European Union is resuming its diplomatic presence in Kyiv. Italy will follow.

    08:34 AM: Ukraine’s trains have helped 3.5 million people flee their homes since the invasion.

    06:50 AM: Quarter of Russian forces “effectively inoperable,” says European official.

    04:41 AM: Evacuation routes adjusted after Kramatorsk strike, regional military governor says.

    01:35 AM: Finland and Sweden could soon join NATO, prompted by Russia’s war in Ukraine.

    12:33 AM: Biden signs sanctions bills targeting Russian oil and trade with Russia and Belarus.

    UUpdate on the Russia-Ukraine crisis DAY 44 Highlights:
    European Commission chief and EU’s top diplomat en route to Kyiv 
    World leaders condemn Kramatorsk railway strike
    Belgians encouraged to reduce energy consumption to support Ukraine

    DAY 44: 8th April, 2022

    11:29 PM: Russian missile attack on Ukrainian train station killed dozens of people.

    09:55 PM: Ukrainian mayor says 132 civilians killed by Russian forces in Makariv, near Kyiv.

    08:40 PM: Hungary PM’s spokesperson says “we are not going to mingle in this war by means of weapons”.

    08:10 PM: More than 6,600 people evacuated Ukraine via humanitarian corridors.

    07:36 PM: US Pentagon says missile strike on Ukraine train station just a “piece of Russian brutality”.

    07:12 PM: Russia aiming to achieve victory over Ukraine by May 9, European officials say,

    “The stench of these war crimes is going to hang over these Russian armed forces for many years”

    05:52 PM: Ukrainians shocked by “crazy” scene at Chernobyl after Russian pullout reveals radioactive contamination.

    04:08 PM: UK prime minister is open to giving Ukraine any form of “defensive weaponry”.

    03:45 PM: Moscow forces closure of Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch offices in Russia.

    02:58 PM: EU gives Ukraine an “important step” to full membership of the bloc.

    02:35 PM: US seeing indications Russia is looking to recruit “upwards of 60,000 troops,” defense official says.

    02:12 PM: US assesses a Russian short range ballistic missile struck the Kramatorsk train station.

    01:58 PM: Germany should be able to end Russian oil imports “this year,” chancellor says.

    01:35 PM: World leaders condemn Kramatorsk railway strike.

    12:00 PM: Russia expels 45 Polish diplomats, Russian Foreign Ministry announces.

    11:55 AM: Death toll in Kramatorsk train station missile strike rises to 50, according to regional military governor.

    11:27 AM: France is ready “to go further” and ban Russian oil, French finance minister tells CNN.

    09:57 AM: Belgians encouraged to reduce energy consumption to support Ukraine.

    09:14 AM: EU’s import ban on Russian coal will begin in August, source says.

    08:06 AM: Russian forces knew Kramatorsk train station was “full of civilians,” Ukrainian foreign minister claims.

    06:46 AM: French President says war in Ukraine “will not stop in the days to come”.

    05:46 AM: Russian aluminum giant calls for impartial investigation into Bucha “crime”.

    04:16 AM: Russian forces preparing for “massive breakthrough” attempt in Donbas region, military governor says.

    03:20 AM: European Commission chief and EU’s top diplomat en route to Kyiv.

    03:12 AM: Russian troops “fully withdrawn” from northern Ukraine: UK Ministry of Defense.

    UUpdate on the Russia-Ukraine crisis DAY 43 Highlights:
    Three cruise missiles shot down near Zaporizhzhia 
    Japan to reduce Russian coal imports over Ukraine
    UNGA suspends Russia from Human Rights Council

    DAY 43: 7th April, 2022

    11:39 PM: US sanctions Russian state-owned companies involved with war in Ukraine.

    11:17 PM: Italy’s Mario Draghi accuses Russia of committing massacres in Ukraine.

    “The only indecency is the massacres we are seeing every day,” Draghi said when asked about Zakharova’s comments.

    10:44 PM: Japan to reduce Russian coal imports over Ukraine.

    09:59 PM: Australia is sending 20 armored vehicles to Ukraine.

    09:10 PM: EU pledges another 500 million euros in military support for Ukraine.

    08:03 PM: US has committed more than 12,000 anti-armor systems and “hundreds” of suicide drones to Ukraine.

    07:45 PM: US has committed more than 12,000 anti-armor systems and “hundreds” of suicide drones to Ukraine.

    05:07 PM: Zelensky calls on diplomatic missions to come back to Kyiv: “We need your support”.

    04:21 PM: European Union approves fifth round of sanctions against Russia.

    03:15 PM: Russia circulated note threatening “consequences” ahead of UN Human Rights Council vote, sources say.

    03:01 PM: Germany intercepted radio transmissions of Russian troops discussing killing Ukrainian civilians, source says.

    02:15 PM: All hospitals in Ukraine’s Luhansk region destroyed, official says.

    01:31 PM: UNGA suspends Russia from Human Rights Council.

    11:09 AM: Ukraine continues to negotiate with Russia “to prevent more Buchas,” foreign minister says.

    10:31 AM: UNGA set to suspend Russia from Human Rights Council during General Assembly on Thursday.

    09:29 AM: Senior Ukrainian official warns of “most difficult situation” in eastern Ukraine.

    08:44 AM: G7 foreign ministers jointly condemn Russia’s atrocities in Bucha.

    08:05 AM: What’s happening in Ukraine seen as a “systematic slaughter of innocent people,” says UK prime minister.

    It is totally unconscionable and the world, I think, is now overwhelmingly on the side of the Ukrainians,” Johnson said. 

    07:05 AM: Japan requests ICC investigation into war crimes in the Kyiv region.

    06:17 AM: Germany registers more than 300,000 Ukrainian refugees.

    05:37 AM: Three cruise missiles shot down near Zaporizhzhia.

    04:41 AM: Australia imposes new sanctions and travel bans targeting top Russian officials.

    03:43 AM: Ukrainian Foreign Minister’s agenda at NATO meeting is “weapons, weapons and weapons”.

    01:41 AM: Ukrainian lawmaker on discovery of civilian bodies: “We are seeing the horror in real life”.

    UUpdate on the Russia-Ukraine crisis DAY 42 Highlights:
    Head of Kharkiv military administration announces evacuation of 2 cities 
    Peru protests show the wide impact of Putin’s war
    International leaders condemn Russia for the atrocities in Buch

    DAY 42: 6th April, 2022

    10:58 PM: NATO foreign ministers are meeting in Brussels to discuss the war in Ukraine.

    10:24 PM: Taiwan unveils new sanctions against Russia, targeting high-tech exports.

    09:27 PM: Peru protests show the wide impact of Putin’s war.

    08:00 PM: US admitted 12 Ukrainian refugees through resettlement program in March, according to State Department.

    07:35 PM: “The age of engagement with Russia is over,” UK Foreign Secretary tells NATO.

    07:12 PM: Zelensky to continue to call for a complete blockade of Russian banks from the international finance system.

    06:33 PM: Mariupol mayor says 40% of city’s destroyed infrastructure is no longer recoverable.

     “According to preliminary estimates alone, 5,000 people died in Mariupol during the month of the blockade, of which about 210 were children.”

    05:29 PM: USAID helps deliver 5,000 of SpaceX’s satellite internet service terminals to Ukraine.

    04:16 PM: White House press secretary says “we should be under no illusion” that Russia’s objective has changed.

    03:07 PM: The US has now sent 100 switchblade drones to Ukrainian military, Defense Department official says.

    03:04 PM: International leaders condemn Russia for the atrocities in Bucha.

    01:34 PM: UNGA plans to hold a vote on whether to suspend Russia from Human Rights Council.

    01:09 PM: Countries to release an additional 60 million barrels of oil from storage, IAE says.

    12:47 PM: Lebanon “struggling” to find wheat market alternatives as Ukraine war hits commodity reserves, official says.

    12:09 PM: Head of Kharkiv military administration announces evacuation of 2 cities.

    11:49 AM: UK will ban Russian coal and freeze asset of Russia’s largest bank. 

    11:31 AM: US Treasury secretary warns of “enormous” economic repercussions from war in Ukraine.

    10:50 AM: US sanctions on Russia are not “permanent” and can be reversed.

    10:20 AM: DOJ says it disrupted a botnet run by Russian military intelligence agency.

    10:02 AM: France pledges Russia will not go unpunished for Bucha killings.

    08:35 AM: Netherlands detains 14 Russian-owned super yachts, freezes hundreds of millions in assets and transactions.

    08:20 AM: In forceful condemnation, Israel’s foreign minister calls Bucha killings “war crimes”.

    08:14 AM: Sales of new cars in Russia slumped 63% in March.

    07:20 AM: Red Cross convoy of 500 Mariupol refugees reaches Zaporizhzhia.

    07:09 AM: Germany will stop using Russian fuel “as quickly as possible” but cannot immediately, says minister.

    06:15 AM: Zelensky asks Ireland to put pressure on EU for “more rigid” sanctions on Russia.

    06:00 AM: 12 Russian diplomats to be expelled from Greece.

    05:43 AM: Russian military claims strikes on fuel storage and supply bases around Ukraine.

    04:34 AM: Lviv region targeted by airstrikes overnight, officials say.

    02:14 AM: There’s a “worsening” humanitarian situation in Mariupol, UK defense department says.

    UUpdate on the Russia-Ukraine crisis DAY 41 Highlights:
    US authorizes additional $100 million for anti-armor systems for Ukraine
    Poland signs $4.75 billion deal for 250 US tanks
    US sanctions Russia’s “most prominent” dark web market

    DAY 41: 5th April, 2022

    11:39 PM: New Zealand to impose tariffs on all Russian imports.

    10:40 PM: US authorizes additional $100 million for anti-armor systems for Ukraine.

    10:37 PM: Zelensky told UN Security Council to remove Russia or “dissolve yourself.”

    “Where is the security that the Security Council needs to guarantee? It is not there, though there is a Security Council.”

    10:15 PM: New sanctions could target Putin’s adult children, western official says.

    09:20 PM: Poland signs $4.75 billion deal for 250 US tanks.

    08:04 PM: European leaders plan to phase out Russian coal imports as part of new sanctions package.

    06:40 PM: US secretary of state arrives in Brussels ahead of high-stakes NATO foreign ministers’ meeting.

    05:33 PM: Estonian foreign minister urges other nations to step up sanctions and pressure on Russia.

    04:43 PM: Russia claims it launched missile strikes in western and northeastern Ukraine.

    04:34 PM: There have been no “major advances” in negotiations between Ukraine and Russia, Elysee Palace source says.

    03:05 PM: Twitter says it will no longer amplify or recommend Russian government accounts — stops short of a full ban.

    02:09 PM: US sanctions Russia’s “most prominent” dark web market.

    01:40 PM: Zelensky has addressed 19 global parliaments since Russia’s invasion began.

    12:51 PM: UN: Humanitarian convoy supply reaches Sievierodonetsk in east Ukraine.

    11:40 AM: UN deputy met with Russian officials regarding a “humanitarian ceasefire”.

    10:30 AM: US to push for Russia to be suspended from Human Rights Council, calls for the world to “show some backbone”.

    09:34 AM: NATO expects “very concentrated” Russian attacks in Donbas as war reaches a “crucial” phase.

    08:09 AM: Kremlin calls Biden’s war crimes accusations against Russia “unacceptable and disgraceful”.

    07:32 AM: People instructed to stay indoors after nitric acid tank hit by Russian strike in eastern Ukraine.

    06:26 AM: Zelensky says negotiations with Putin might not happen after accusing Moscow of genocide.

    05:31 PM: Russian military claims strikes on Ukrainian military training center.

    03:00 AM: “Difficult” situation in Luhansk region as Russian shelling continues, military governor says.

    UUpdate on the Russia-Ukraine crisis DAY 40 Highlights:
    Shipments from $800 million security package arrived for Ukraine
    Zelensky will address UN Security Council
    Red Cross fail to reach Mariupol again due to security conditions

    DAY 40: 4th April, 2022

    10:16 PM: US tested hypersonic missile in mid-March but kept it quiet to avoid escalating tensions with Russia.

    09:28 PM: Ukraine’s deputy prime minister: If we don’t stop Putin, “this is only the beginning of those atrocities”.

    09:07 PM: Mariupol is “on the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe”.

    07:45 PM: Zelensky will address UN Security Council Tuesday morning.

    07:38 PM: Zelensky warns civilian casualties may be higher in other liberated cities after Bucha.

    06:39 PM: Kosovo prime minister says Russia is “definitely” committing war crimes.

    04:53 PM: Tijuana officials open a sports complex to house the overflow of Ukrainians seeking asylum in the US.

    04:21 PM: Pentagon: Shipments from $800 million security package arrived for Ukraine over the weekend.

    03:39 PM: US will issue additional sanctions against Russia this week, White House says.

    03:47 PM: US national security adviser says images from Bucha show “now is not the time for complacency”.

    02:39 PM: Ukrainian official: Convoy of evacuation buses held up on route to Mariupol.

    01:45 PM: France to expel “many” Russian diplomatic staff, French foreign ministry says.

    01:04 PM: Germany expelling “substantial number” of Russian diplomats, foreign minister says.

    12:30 PM: UK foreign secretary says Russia must be suspended from the UN Human Rights Council. Truss added,

    “We have seen butchering, evidence of rape and sexual violence, as well as the indiscriminate killing of civilians”

    11:33 AM: US defense official: About two-thirds of Russian troops who were centered around Kyiv have departed the area.

    11:09 AM: Ukraine’s top prosecutor calls scenes in Kyiv region “evidence of brutal war crimes of Russian Federation”.

    09:21 AM: This Ukrainian man sheltered in the basement of his Bucha home for two weeks.

    “It was horrible to understand that every minute that something could fly into your house. Also, just could come and kill someone or destroy some of your things,”

    09:05 AM: US will call for Russia to be suspended from UN Human Rights Council.

    08:05 AM: Red Cross fail to reach Mariupol again due to security conditions.

    06:47 AM: Russia launches investigation of Bucha, claiming effort to “discredit” the Russian military.

    05:51 AM: Polish Prime Minister calls for an “international commission” to investigate war crimes in Ukraine.

    02:58 AM: Odesa hit by overnight airstrike, Ukraine official says.

    02:30 AM: Russia refocusing offensive into the Donbas with Wagner mercenaries: UK Defense Ministry.

    01:25 AM: At least 1,417 civilians have been killed in Ukraine since Russian invasion began, UN says.

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    UUpdate on the Russia-Ukraine crisis DAY 39 Highlights:
    The Kyiv suburb ravaged by Russian occupation
    More than 2,600 evacuated through humanitarian corridors in Ukraine
    US will provide $50 million to Moldova to assist with Ukrainian refugees

    DAY 39: 3rd April, 2022

    10:45 PM: Zelensky appears in taped message at the Grammy Awards.

    10:30 PM: In victory speech, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban calls Ukraine’s Zelensky an opponent.

    09:56 PM: UK Defense Ministry: Heavy fighting and airstrikes ongoing in Mariupol.

    09:42 PM: The Kyiv suburb ravaged by Russian occupation.

    07:38 PM: Lithuanian documentary filmmaker killed in Mariupol.

    06:04 PM: Ukrainian president calls for an end to Russian “war crimes” after mass graves found in Bucha.

    “The world has already seen many war crimes. At different times. On different continents. But it is time to do everything possible to make the war crimes of the Russian military the last manifestation of such evil on earth”

    04:57 PM: More than 2,600 evacuated through humanitarian corridors in Ukraine.

    03:51 PM: Ukrainian lawmaker pleads for additional aid while visiting US Congress.

    03:18 PM: European leaders condemn images from Bucha and call for investigation of Russian military.

    02:34 PM: UN secretary general: “Independent investigation” into civilians killed in Bucha is “essential”.

    01:20 PM: Ukrainian president reacts to images from Bucha: “This is genocide”.

    11:30 AM: State Department spokesperson suggests US will take additional actions against Russia “very soon”.

    11:21 AM: US will provide $50 million to Moldova to assist with Ukrainian refugees.

    11:10 AM: Lithuania becomes first EU member state to refuse Russian gas imports, country’s prime minister says.

    10:30 AM: NATO chief warns attacks in Ukraine will continue: This is not a “real withdrawal of Russian forces”.

    10:15 AM: White House chief of staff says the war in Ukraine is “far from over”.

    08:52 AM: “Several missile strikes” reported in Ukrainian city of Mykolaiv, mayor says.

    05:58 AM: Russian forces hold 11 Ukrainian mayors captive and kill one in detention, says Ukrainian minister.

    02:26 AM: ‘Critical infrastructure’ in Odesa hit: Regional military administration.

    02:30 AM: Apparent Russian strike hits Odesa fuel depot.

    12:02 AM: Ukrainian negotiator claims advances in talks with Russia, possibility of ‘direct consultations’ between Zelensky, Putin in future.

    UUpdate on the Russia-Ukraine crisis DAY 38 Highlights:
    US will facilitate transfer of Soviet-era tanks to Ukraine
    Ukrainian flag raised over Chernobyl
    Russia attacked a major oil refinery in Ukraine

    DAY 38: 2nd April, 2022

    10:20 PM: Civilian bodies found littering streets of Ukrainian town following withdrawal of Russian forces.

    09:20 PM: Russia shifting focus to victory by early May in eastern Ukraine, US officials say.

    09:09 PM: Russian aircraft “still vulnerable” to Ukrainian air defense: British military intelligence.

    06:12 PM: Ukrainian negotiator claims advances in talks with Russia, possibility of ‘direct consultations’ between Zelensky, Putin in future.

    04:08 PM: Kyiv region “liberated” from Russian forces, senior Ukrainian defense official says.

    03:51 PM: US will facilitate transfer of Soviet-era tanks to Ukraine.

    01:41 PM: Red Cross team en route to Mariupol has yet to reach besieged city.

    12:59 PM: Russian gas continues to flow into Germany, government spokesperson says.

    12:22 PM: Russian strikes in Dnipropetrovsk region interrupt rail traffic.

    11:28 AM: Ukrainian presidential adviser warns days ahead “will not be easy”.

    09:56 AM: Russians shelling evacuation convoys in Luhansk, according to regional official.

    09:50 AM: Turkey offers to evacuate people from besieged city of Mariupol by boat.

    08:46 AM: International Red Cross team departs Zaporizhzhia for Mariupol as part of renewed attempt to reach city.

    08:15 AM: Ukrainian flag raised over Chernobyl, nuclear operator says.

    08:00 AM: Gunfire and explosions disperse crowd of protesters in Russian-held city.

    04:51 AM: Russia attacked a major oil refinery in Ukraine, its military says.

    03:57 AM: Viktor Orban, the EU leader who can’t quit Putin, faces a united front in Hungary’s election.

    03:17 AM: Some historians say Putin is making the same mistakes that doomed Hitler.

    12:09 AM: Zelensky: Sanctions against Russia are working but should be strengthened.

    UUpdate on the Russia-Ukraine crisis DAY 37 Highlights:
    Ukraine recaptures town of Bucha near Kyiv
    More than 6,000 people were evacuated from Ukrainian cities
    Towns in Luhansk region hit by heavy shelling

    DAY 37: 1st April, 2022

    11:37 PM: Zelensky: Sanctions against Russia are working but should be strengthened.

    09:54 PM: US to provide $300 million more in security assistance to Ukraine.

    08:37 PM: Russian forces are “slowly but noticeably” moving out of northern Ukraine.

    08:29 PM: CNN reports from Zaporizhzhia as buses carrying evacuees from Mariupol begin to arrive.

    07:27 PM: President of European Parliament meets with Ukrainian President during “heroic” visit to Ukraine.

    06:41 PM: Ukraine recaptures town of Bucha near Kyiv.

    06:16 PM: More than 6,000 people were evacuated from Ukrainian cities on Friday.

    05:01 PM: Some think “it’s a video game”: A military expert discusses foreign fighters defending Ukraine.

    04:41 PM: Citizens in Mariupol are hiding in bomb shelters and rationing small amounts of food.

    04:35 PM: At least 53 historic and religious sites damaged in Ukraine since Russian invasion began.

    03:06 PM: Russian forces “not strong enough” to attack Ukraine on all fronts, Ukraine’s top diplomat says.

    02:35 PM: Missiles strike Odesa region, regional military head says.

    02:09 PM: Attack on a nuclear reactor is “not a probable scenario” in Russia-Ukraine conflict, IAEA chief.

    12:53 PM: Ukrainian defense ministry declines to comment further on Belgorod fuel depot fire.

    12:10 PM: International Energy Agency nations agree to release additional oil from emergency reserves.

    11:43 AM: Turkish president tells Putin he would like to bring together the Russian and Ukrainian leaders.

    10:45 AM: China “cannot turn a blind eye to Russia’s violations of international law,” European Council head says.

    09:47 AM: UN nuclear watchdog chief to head mission to Chernobyl nuclear plant “as soon as possible”.

    09:18 AM: Germany registers nearly 300,000 refugees from Ukraine.

    08:32 AM: Russia won’t immediately cut off gas supplies under new decree requiring payments in rubles, Kremlin says.

    07:31 AM: Nearly 7,000 children from Ukraine have enrolled in French schools.

    06:29 AM: Fire breaks out at a Russian fuel depot near Ukrainian border.

    05:57 AM: “Russia must not hope to win” in Ukraine, says French foreign minister.

    04:47 AM: Russia’s foreign minister thanks India for taking the Ukraine situation “in its entirety of facts”.

    04:10 AM: Aid supplies are not reaching Mariupol.

    02:30 AM: Towns in Luhansk region hit by heavy shelling.

    02:15 AM: Ukrainian deputy defense minister: Russia is “trying to concentrate” missile systems in Belarus.

    12:29 AM: PM Scott Morrison: Australia will send armored vehicles to Ukraine after Zelensky’s request.

    12:01 AM: Russia’s Sergey Lavrov set to meet India’s Narendra Modi in New Delhi.

    UUpdate on the Russia-Ukraine crisis DAY 36 Highlights:
    Russia is focusing strikes on four areas, including Kyiv
    At least 148 children killed since Russian invasion started
    Biden ties US gas price increases to Russian invasion of Ukraine

    DAY 36: 31st March, 2022

    11:49 PM: Russian Ambassador to US hits back at sanctions targeting technology sector.

    09:05 PM: UK Defense Ministry: Russia is redeploying troops from Georgia to join Ukraine invasion.

    07:50 PM: Situation in southern Ukraine and Donbas “remains extremely difficult,” Zelensky says.

    07:27 PM: European Parliament president will be first leader of EU institution to travel to Ukraine since invasion began.

    06:33 PM: Ukrainian soldiers in Kyiv boast of “stronger morale and spirit” than the Russians as the conflict continues.

    05:59 PM: European Union economy commissioner: “We will not be blackmailed by Moscow”.

    04:46 PM: White House: “No plans” for Biden-Putin to talk and any conversation would require “serious de-escalation”.

    04:30 PM: US Commerce Department will take further action against Russia’s defense, aerospace and maritime sectors.

    04:05 PM: Ukraine’s defense ministry: At least 148 children killed since Russian invasion started.

    03:56 PM: “Half a dozen” shipments of security assistance to Ukraine from US aid package “already arriving”.

    02:53 PM: Biden ties US gas price increases to Russian invasion of Ukraine.

    02:29 PM: US extends deployment of aircraft carrier in Mediterranean as Russian invasion continues, officials say.

    01:01 PM: Separatist leader orders formation of city administration for Mariupol.

    12:37 PM: “Quite likely” that Ukraine won’t be able to harvest or export wheat this year, French government source says.

    12:23 PM: UK says it will not accept Putin’s demand to pay for Russian gas in rubles.

    11:54 AM: Russia is focusing strikes on four areas, including Kyiv.

    11:39 AM: Putin says “unfriendly” countries must pay in rubles for gas or contracts will be suspended.

    09:01 AM: UK slaps more sanctions on Russian individuals and media.

    08:06 AM: Chernihiv mayor says Russian attacks have increased despite Moscow saying it would reduce assault on city.

    06:24 AM: Zelensky urges new sanctions against Russia in address to Australian parliament.

    05:46 AM: Germany will be poorer due to Ukraine war, but it’s a small price to pay, says economy minister.

    We are a war party, an economic war party, Habeck said. “And we are paying [a] high price, a price that is not comparable to the price that Ukrainians are paying. They are dying, they are being displaced, they are being shelled, we have a high inflation.”

    04:43 AM: Australia increases tariffs on all Russian and Belarusian imports.

    03:14 AM: Ukraine officials reach agreement with Russia on evacuation corridor for Mariupol.

    “Our military has fully confirmed and guarantees a full ceasefire,” Vereshchuk said. “So at 9 a.m. we start the evacuation.

    02:12 AM: US is “confident in” assessment Putin has been misinformed by his advisers, official says.

    UUpdate on the Russia-Ukraine crisis DAY 35 Highlights:
    Half of the Ukrainian city Irpin has been destroyed
    About 1,000 Wagner group fighters are now in Ukraine’s Donbas region
    Some Russian forces have withdrawn from Chernobyl

    DAY 35: 30th March, 2022

    11:43 PM: US is “confident in” assessment Putin has been misinformed by his advisers.

    10:17 PM: Some Russian forces have withdrawn from Chernobyl, US official says.

    09:57 PM: Biden considers releasing 1 million oil barrels per day as prices spike over Ukraine war.

    09:46 PM: War in Ukraine entering “crucial period” as Russia shifts strategy. US senator said,

    “The Russians do seem to be refocusing towards the east and the danger is they encircle the Ukrainian troops and squeeze them pretty substantially.”

    09:10 PM: Half of the Ukrainian city Irpin has been destroyed.

    08:26 PM: Ukrainian official says Russia talks will resume April 1st as calls grow for Putin-Zelensky meeting.

    07:00 PM: Zelensky says negotiations with Russia are “only words”.

    06:59 PM: Pentagon: First 6 of “around 30” new shipments of security assistance getting into Ukraine.

    06:49 PM: Ukraine submits latest wish list to Congress including drones, medical supplies, and equipment repairs.

    04:31 PM: US stocks close lower as Russia breaks promises. US market stats at closing:

    • The Dow ended the day down 0.2% or 65 points.
    • The S&P 500 fell by 0.6%.
    • The Nasdaq Composite lost 1.2%.

    04:17 PM: Russia’s continued damage in Mariupol is “devastating,” Pentagon says.

    04:09 PM: Attacks on health care are part of Russian strategy, with Ukrainian civilians used as “chess pieces”.

    03:21 PM: About 1,000 Wagner group fighters are now in Ukraine’s Donbas region.

    02:59 PM: UN human rights chief: Russia’s indiscriminate attacks “may amount to war crimes”.

    01:20 PM: UK says it has issued 25,500 visas to Ukrainians fleeing the war.

    01:02 PM: Slovenia prime minister voices support to send S-300 air defense systems to Ukraine.

    12:43 PM: Biden told Zelensky the US would provide Ukraine with $500 million in “direct budgetary aid,” White House says.

    10:34 AM: UNICEF says 2 million children have fled Ukraine, with more than 100 killed.

    10:03 AM: US official: “We believe that Putin is being misinformed” about Russian military performance.

    10:00 AM: Chernihiv under “colossal attack” despite Moscow’s claim of scale-back in operations, mayor tells.

    09:36 AM: Russia has used banned anti-personnel landmines in Ukraine, according to Human Rights Watch.

    08:39 AM: “China-Russia withstood test of changing international landscape”.

    07:45 AM: Some Russian units have returned to Belarus after suffering heavy battlefield losses in Ukraine.

    07:06 AM: About 80 disabled children arrive in Poland from Ukraine by train.

    06:47 AM: Three evacuation corridors announced in Ukraine.

    05:58 AM: More than 4 million refugees have fled Ukraine.

    05:08 AM: Germany issues “early warning” of gas shortages after Russia threatened to cut supplies.

    03:32 AM: US reissues travel advisories for Ukraine and Russia, warns Americans may be singled out by Russian officials.

    02:29 AM: Russian and Chinese foreign ministers meet in Tunxi, China.

    UUpdate on the Russia-Ukraine crisis DAY 34 Highlights:
    Izyum has not received a humanitarian convoy since March 14
    Counterattacks underway in Kyiv after shelling of reclaimed territory
    Humanitarian corridors reopen in southeast Ukraine

    DAY 34: 29th March, 2022

    10:25 PM: The UN’s nuclear watchdog chief is in Ukraine.

    08:30 PM: Ukraine needs a new multilateral security system, top Zelensky adviser says.

    08:01 PM: Izyum has not received a humanitarian convoy since March 14.

    07:36 AM: Top US general in Europe: An intelligence gap could have caused the US to overestimate Russia’s military.

    07:06 PM: Doctors Without Borders official in Ukraine describes the challenges medical workers are facing on the ground.

    07:01 PM: Ukrainian member of parliament has a message for Putin about his war: “Life goes on, we carry on living”.

    06:45 PM: US officials voiced extreme caution Tuesday at signals Russia is scaling back military operations near Kyiv.

    05:41 PM: Putin has created a “global food crisis” with war in Ukraine, US deputy secretary of state says.

    05:02 PM: Pentagon: Russian troop movement near Kyiv area likely “a repositioning, not a real withdrawal”.

    03:38 PM: Fighting continues around Kyiv suburbs.

    02:08 PM: China’s position has “given political support” to Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, EU lawmaker says.

    01:57 PM: Russia claims “advances” in negotiations with Ukraine, French government source says.

    12:45 PM: Multiple countries announced Tuesday they are expelling Russian diplomats from their countries.

    11:41 AM: UK says it wants “complete withdrawal” of Russian forces from Ukraine.

    11:06 AM: Mariupol woman recounts escaping deadly theater bombing: “I’m very lucky … I have my arms, I have my legs”.

    10:35 AM: Ukraine invited to join meeting of NATO foreign ministers next week.

    10:16 AM: According to UN, More than 3.9 million refugees have fled Ukraine.

    09:07 AM: US intel assess “major” strategy shift as Russia begins moving some forces away from Kyiv.

    08:52 AM: US oil sinks below $100 after Russia says it will “drastically reduce” assault on Kyiv.

    07:58 AM: UN nuclear watchdog chief is in Ukraine for urgent talks on safety of nuclear facilities.

    07:24 AM: Humanitarian corridors reopen in southeast Ukraine after one day pause.

    05:20 AM: Counterattacks underway in Kyiv after shelling of reclaimed territor.

    01:29 AM: Russian-installed government ramps up efforts to restore normalcy in Melitopol.

    12:22 AM: Russia would only use nuclear weapons when there is a threat to the country’s existence.

    12:05 AM: Propaganda video with Russian troops claims Melitopol is no longer a Ukrainian city.

    UUpdate on the Russia-Ukraine crisis DAY 33 Highlights:
    Kyiv eases curfew as strikes continue
    Heineken to pull out of Russia
    Mariupol mayor calls for complete evacuation of the city

    DAY 33: 28th March, 2022

    11:15 PM: Propaganda video with Russian troops claims Melitopol is no longer a Ukrainian city.

    10:55 PM: Russian-installed government ramps up efforts to restore normalcy in Melitopol.

    09:27 PM: Kremlin spokesperson says Russia would only use nuclear weapons against a threat to “existence of the state”.

    08:21 PM: Biden’s 2023 budget proposal includes billions to counter Russia’s aggression in Ukraine.

    07:58 PM: Ukrainian soldiers in Poland interacting with US forces “on a regular basis”.

    07:37 PM: Zelensky says he asked leaders of partner countries to increase sanction pressure on Russia.

    “We agreed with Britain to further support our defense and strengthen sanctions against the Russian Federation. Canada also supports a tougher response from the world to the catastrophe created by Russian troops in Ukrainian cities.”

    06:43 PM: Wagner Group is expected to deploy more than 1,000 mercenaries to Ukraine.

    04:56 PM: Cyberattack hits big Ukrainian telecom provider, Ukrainian officials say.

    04:34 PM: Expo center in Warsaw is now the largest refugee hub in Europe for those fleeing Ukraine.

    04:09 PM: Turkish presidential spokesperson describes Russia’s Donbas and Crimea demands as “not realistic”.

    03:38 PM: Biden says he’s not walking back Putin remark, but not voicing policy change.

    “I make no apologies for it,” he said.

    03:11 PM: Ukraine’s foreign minister thanks Turkey for mediating next round of talks with Russia.

    02:09 PM: UN delivers food, medical supplies and household items to Kharkiv, Ukraine.

    12:49 PM: UN deputy will explore possible arrangements for humanitarian ceasefire in Ukraine.

    12:16 PM: Ukrainian finance minister says government will not accept any territorial losses. Marchenko said,

    “We will not accept any losses of our country. We will fight against any possible scenario which moves us toward this”

    10:38 AM: Mayor tells CNN that Ukraine has reclaimed Kyiv suburb Irpin from Russian forces.

    10:35 AM: Mariupol mayor calls for “complete evacuation” of the city.

    08:18 AM: Ukraine invasion is “return to imperialism” says German chancellor.

    07:26 AM: Heineken to pull out of Russia.

    06:30 AM: Kyiv eases curfew as strikes continue.

    03:09 AM: Russia-Ukraine talks will continue in Turkey, Russian foreign minister says.

    03:00 AM: Ukraine to give “Peace Award” to companies that left Russia.

    12:43 AM: Biden’s challenge on Ukraine is resisting pressure to do more.

    12:25 AM: Hollywood honors Ukraine at 94th Academy Awards.

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    UUpdate on the Russia-Ukraine crisis DAY 32 Highlights:
    Next round of Russia-Ukraine talks will be held in Istanbul
    Russia confirms missile strikes on targets in Lviv
    US Sen. Jim Risch wants even stronger sanctions on Russia

    DAY 32: 27th March, 2022

    10:37 PM: Zelensky says Ukraine is ready to accept neutral, non-nuclear status.

    08:10 PM: Around 30,000 refugees from Ukraine have arrived in France.

    07:21 PM: Peace and restoration of normal life are “obvious” goals in new talks with Russia.

    05:26 PM: Zelensky refuses to sit down with Russia if they seek to solely discuss “denazification” of Ukraine.

    03:12 PM: Next round of Russia-Ukraine talks will be held in Istanbul.

    12:39 PM: Kyiv mayor says Online schooling to resume in Ukrainian capital Monday.

    11:46 AM: Ukrainian negotiator: Next round of negotiations between Russia and Ukraine in Turkey.

    10:40 AM: Chef José Andrés salutes “food fighters” helping fellow Ukrainians.

    10:07 AM: US Sen. Jim Risch wants even stronger sanctions on Russia.

    08:46 AM: Separatist leader in Ukraine looks forward to vote on joining Russia.

    07:46 AM: Russia blocks access to Germany’s Bild website.

    06:08 AM: Red Cross rejects claims it’s deporting Ukrainians to Russia.

    04:29 AM: Russia confirms missile strikes on targets in Lviv.

    04:24 AM: Berlin theater shows solidarity with Mariupol theater by writing “children” on entrance.

    12:47 AM: Biden’s personal rivalry with Putin more intense than ever after dramatic final day of his Europe trip.

    UUpdate on the Russia-Ukraine crisis DAY 31 Highlights:
    Russian forces stop and hold civilian evacuation buses
    Mayor of Ukrainian city freed after Russian detention
    UK to provide $2.64 million in food supplies to Ukraine

    DAY 31: 26th March, 2022

    10:15 PM: “Preparation, not panic”: Top US cyber official asks Americans to look out for Russian hacking efforts.

    09:20 PM: Belarus opposition leader tells Biden that Belarusians “stand alongside the people of Ukraine”.

    08:32 PM: Ukraine says counterattack northwest of Mariupol recaptures two villages from Russian forces.

    07:39 PM: Ukrainian President Zelensky: We’re only asking for 1% of NATO’s tanks and planes.

    07:10 PM: Ukrainian presidency reports more than 5,000 people evacuated today through humanitarian corridors.

    06:35 PM: Strikes reported in Ukraine’s Volyn region, says head of regional military administration.

    05:49 PM: Ukrainian foreign minister condemns Russia’s strike of Holocaust memorial near Kharkiv.

    05:23 PM: Sean Penn: “Ukraine will win this fight”.

    04:33 PM: Biden speaks with Belarusian opposition leader Tsikhanouskaya.

    04:08 PM: Mayor of Lviv calls for air defense for Ukraine after Russian missiles strike city.

    “Sooner we have air defense in Ukraine, the sooner we’ll have victory”

    03:21 PM: US secretary of state announces $100M in new security assistance to Ukraine.

    03:09 PM: Russian forces stop and hold civilian evacuation buses.

    02:31 PM: Ukrainian deputy foreign minister repeats calls for collective security agreement for Ukraine.

    01:47 PM: Biden sends warning to Putin: Don’t “even think” about moving on NATO territory.

    01:46 PM: Three additional blasts heard in Lviv.

    01:02 PM: Russian forces carried out strike near the western Ukrainian city of Lviv.

    12:01 PM: Mayor of Ukrainian city freed after Russian detention.

    11:06 AM: US is considering sanctioning Russian companies that make supplies for the military.

    10:35 AM: Ukrainian defense minister says he has “cautious optimism” after meeting with US officials.

    09:27 AM: Ukraine says 10 evacuation corridors have been agreed upon.

    08:42 AM: Chernihiv’s population has dropped by more than half since invasion began.

    08:17 AM: Kremlin confirms Roman Abramovich’s role in Ukraine-Russia negotiations.

    07:15 AM: Ukrainian forces stage counter-offensive around Kharkiv.

    06:14 AM: Russia claims new missile strikes on military targets in Ukraine.

    05:40 AM: Biden to attend meeting with Ukrainian.

    04:46 AM: UK to provide $2.64 million in food supplies to Ukraine.

    03:48 AM: Emir of Qatar: We stand with refugees and “victims of this unjust war”.

    01:04 AM: Zelensky says Ukraine has “dealt powerful blows” to Russian forces.

    UUpdate on the Russia-Ukraine crisis DAY 30 Highlights:
    Major infrastructure in central Izyum is destroyed
    Air raid sirens heard in Lviv
    Ukraine’s Zelensky claims more than 16,000 Russian troops lost

    DAY 30: 25th March, 2022

    09:06 PM: Wagner group contractors were involved in Zelensky assassination plot, top Ukrainian official says.

    07:04 PM: UK will welcome thousands of Ukrainian refugees but some say the complicated system puts paperwork over lives.

    06:16 PM: Ukraine’s Zelensky claims more than 16,000 Russian troops lost.

    05:36 PM: Western scientists warn US policymakers against “shunning all Russian scientists”.

    05:11 PM: Russian military remains in full control of city of Kherson.

    04:43 PM: France’s Macron will discuss “exceptional humanitarian operation” for Mariupol with Putin.

    04:18 PM: Top Russian general claims military efforts now centered on eastern part of Ukraine.

    02:38 PM: UN says it has “increasing information” corroborating existence of mass graves in Mariupol. Matilda Bogner, head of the UN Human Rights Monitoring Mission in Ukraine said,

    “We estimate that one of those mass graves holds about 200 people” 

    02:31 PM: Russian cruise missiles strike Ukrainian Air Force command center, according to Ukraine’s military.

    01:50 PM: Russia is moving troops into Ukraine from Georgia as reinforcements, senior US defense official says.

    01:32 PM: Finland will discontinue European Union’s last direct train link with Russia on Monday due to sanctions.

    12:00 PM: Switzerland adopts further sanctions against Russia.

    11:10 AM: UN nuclear watchdog calls out Russia for shelling areas where Chernobyl power plant staff reside.

    10:43 AM: Air raid sirens heard in Lviv.

    10:08 AM: “We are going on the counterattack,” Ukrainian government adviser says about fighting in Kyiv region.

    07:28 AM: Turkish president says Ukraine and Russia have reached “an understanding” on certain topics of negotiation.

    06:31 AM: Biden announces new energy task force with Europe to deprive Putin of profits used to “drive his war machine”.

    05:48 AM: New evacuation corridors announced from Mariupol and Melitopol.

    04:53 AM: US and EU announce task force on reducing dependence on Russian oil and gas.

    01:54 AM: Western oil and gas companies have paid $15B in taxes to Russia since it annexed Crimea, NGOs say.

    01:28 AM: Major infrastructure in central Izyum is destroyed.

    01:04 AM: Japan adds 25 more Russians to sanctions list in response to Ukraine war.

    UUpdate on the Russia-Ukraine crisis DAY 29 Highlights:
    Biden says he believes Russia should be removed from the G20
    Ukrainian flag hoisted in Russian-occupied city of Kherson
    Ukraine sees fastest displacement crisis since WWII

    DAY 29: 24th March, 2022

    10:45 PM: European Council called on Russia saying, Russia’s “war crimes must stop immediately”.

    08:57 PM: Workers at Chernobyl power plant are being put at risk by Russian shelling in a nearby town, IAEA says.

    07:15 PM: Ukraine tells the US it needs 500 Javelins and 500 Stingers per day.

    05:40 PM: Ukrainian forces make gains east of Kyiv while intense combat reported north of capital.

    05:28 PM: UK prime minister: There is evidence that Russia may be trying to get around sanctions on gold.

    04:08 PM: NATO secretary general says I think it’s unlikely there will be a full-fledged war between Russia and NATO.

    02:10 PM: Biden says he believes Russia should be removed from the G20.

    01:53 PM: Biden says China understands economic consequences of aiding Russia in war.

    12:56 PM: UN General Assembly votes to call for Russia to stop its war in Ukraine and for more civilian protection.

    12:45 PM: NATO met for an emergency summit earlier to discuss who is in alliance.

    12:17 PM: G7 leaders warn Russia against use of chemical, biological or nuclear weapons.

    11:12 AM: Chechen combatants’ impact to the overall course of the war in Ukraine remains unclear.

    10:44 AM: Ukraine says Russia is deploying weapons to neighboring Belarus.

    11:42 AM: Ukrainian flag hoisted in Russian-occupied city of Kherson.

    10:10 AM: Ukrainian Air Force pilots say they’ve been able to fend off Russians, but need more advanced technology.

    09:55 AM: US provides $1 billion in humanitarian assistance for people impacted by Russian invasion of Ukraine.

    09:46 AM: Ukrainian teen escaped from Chernihiv and survived a blast that killed his mother.

    09:38 AM: US still opposes providing fighter jets to Ukraine.

    09:09 AM: Economic fallout from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is spilling over to the rest of the world.

    08:43 AM: Qatar will stand “in solidarity” with Europe by continuing supplying gas, energy minister says.

    08:38 AM: US expected to accept up to 100,000 refugees fleeing crisis in Ukraine.

    07:27 AM: France promises funding to International Criminal Court to investigate crimes in Ukraine.

    06:20 AM: Putin wants “unfriendly” countries to pay for Russian gas in rubles.

    03:42 AM: Russian stocks open higher as trading resumes in partial re-opening of Moscow stock exchange.

    02:24 AM: Ukraine sees fastest displacement crisis since WWII, aid group says.

    01:09 AM: Western leaders set for critical day of summits as they ready the next phase of responses to war.

    UUpdate on the Russia-Ukraine crisis DAY 28 Highlights:
    China rejects calls to expel Russia from the G20
    Nestle suspends brands in Russia, including KitKat and Nesquik
    Renault suspends production at its Moscow facility

    DAY 28: 23rd March, 2022

    10:43 PM: At least 264 civilians killed in Kyiv since beginning of Russian invasion, city’s mayor says.

    09:35 PM: Russian diplomat: “You have to calculate all possible outcomes” when dealing with a nuclear power.

    07:51 PM: Russian journalist killed in Kyiv shelling incident.

    07:31 PM: Top Estonian official says Russia must face “full defeat” in Ukraine.

    06:52 PM: UK to announce “major” new military support package for Ukraine at NATO and G7 leaders’ meetings.

    06:28 PM: Barrage of outgoing fire witnessed in northwest Kyiv.

    06:07 PM: Renault suspends production at its Moscow facility.

    04:09 PM: Zelensky calls out French companies remaining in Russia as “sponsors of Russia’s war machine”.

    02:55 PM: Nearly 1,000 residential buildings have been destroyed in Kharkiv.

    01:45 PM: WHO reports 64 attacks on health care facilities in Ukraine.

    12:29 PM: NATO will approve deployment of 4 additional battle groups to 4 countries.

    11:47 AM: Ukrainian ambassador urges UN to vote in support of resolution calling for cessation of hostilities.

    10:55 AM: Biden is on his way to Europe for a NATO summit.

    10:11 AM: Use of chemical weapons by Russia would “totally change the nature of the conflict,” NATO chief says.

    09:50 AM: First deliveries of $800 million in new US military aid have been delivered to Ukraine.

    09:24 AM: Nestle suspends brands in Russia, including KitKat and Nesquik.

    08:30 AM: Kyiv suburb Irpin now 80% under Ukrainian control, mayor says.

    07:09 AM: Sending NATO peacekeepers to Ukraine would be “reckless” and “extremely dangerous,” Kremlin says.

    06:29 AM: China rejects calls to expel Russia from the G20.

    04:21 AM: Local ceasefire agreed for civilians to flee Luhansk in eastern Ukraine, official says.

    03:01 AM: Protesters try to block yacht with ties to Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich from docking in Turkey.

    01:54 AM: Russia intensifying crackdown at home as Ukraine war rages, Human Rights Watch says.

    UUpdate on the Russia-Ukraine crisis DAY 27 Highlights:
    Russia firing on Mariupol from Sea of Azov
    French energy giant TotalEnergies will stop buying Russian oil
    Zelensky asks Italy to strengthen sanctions against Russia

    DAY 27: 22nd March, 2022

    11:58 PM: Zelensky says Russian pilots will be held responsible for killing civilians.

    10:52 PM: Consequences of Putin’s “aggression against Ukraine span well beyond Europe”.

    09:22 PM: Cruise missiles launched off Crimean coast headed toward Ukraine.

    08:00 PM: Russian forces stole buses driving to rescue people from Mariupol.

    07:47 PM: Belarus could “soon” join war in Ukraine, US and NATO officials say.

    07:30 PM: Zelensky asks Italy to strengthen sanctions against Russia.

    05:56 PM: French energy giant TotalEnergies will stop buying Russian oil by end of year.

    04:48 PM: Ukraine’s airspace remains “contested,” partially because “the Ukrainians are making it that way”.

    02:35 PM: Russian missile attack destroys Ukrainian train station.

    01:31 PM: France prepares to welcome 100,000 Ukrainian refugees.

    01:01 PM: Russia firing on Mariupol from Sea of Azov.

    12:19 PM: Half a million Ukrainian refugees need mental health support, WHO says.

    12:11 PM: Ukrainian gains near Kyiv threaten to cut off Russian units.

    10:35 AM: Food and medical supplies in Kherson have almost run out.

    09:38 AM: Netherlands freezes $431 million in Russian assets.

    08:19 AM: Ukrainian President Zelensky talked to Pope Francis about the war in Ukraine.

    08:02 AM: Woman who escaped Mariupol with her elderly parents says dead were left in the road or buried in yards.

    06:54 AM: Russian TV host dismisses Arnold Schwarzenegger video as US propaganda.

    06:26 AM: “Be smart and leave the city if you can,” says Ukrainian mayor of Boryspil.

    02:48 AM: Japan PM says Russia’s decision to suspend WW2 peace treaty talks is “unacceptable”.

    01:21 AM: Hundreds of Ukrainian refugees have arrived in Brazil since start of invasion, police say.

    12:42 AM: “They were just killing us”, Family describes horror of life in Mariupol under attack by Russian forces.

    UUpdate on the Russia-Ukraine crisis DAY 26 Highlights:
    71 children have been evacuated from an orphanage in Sumy
    Shelling in Ukraine kills 21 rescue workers and injures 47
    Zelensky calls out Nestlé over ties to Russia

    DAY 26: 21st March, 2022

    11:15 PM: Zelensky says Ukraine must hold referendum for any constitutional changes.

    10:49 PM: Donors raise more than $600,000 for Ukraine’s war-hit zoos.

    08:38 PM: “Emptiness instead of heart”: Zelensky calls Russian military pilots unhuman.

    06:26 PM: UN has set up safe spaces along Ukrainian border and has reached more than 330,000 people with food assistance.

    06:14 PM: Zelensky says Mariupol is being “reduced to ashes,” but the city will “survive”.

    05:06 PM: France says coordination with European partners “continues unabated regarding the war in Ukraine”.

    04:13 PM: US and other nations discussing providing Ukraine with “long-range air defense,” Pentagon says.

    03:46 PM: Biden warns of “evolving intelligence” suggesting potential Russian cyberattacks against the US.

    01:48 PM: Shelling in Ukraine kills 21 rescue workers and injures 47.

    01:17 PM: The theater was supposed to be a safe haven. Missiles ripped it apart.

    11:33 AM: Russians beginning to have “inventory issues” with precision missiles, senior US defense official says.

    11:03 AM: 96-year-old Holocaust survivor killed by Russian strike, memorial institute says.

    10:31 AM: Zelensky calls out Nestlé over ties to Russia.

    09:36 AM: EU will ramp up financial support for military supplies for Ukraine.

    08:35 AM: 6 additional attacks occurred on Ukrainian health care facilities on Sunday.

    07:45 AM: Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher raise $30 million in donations for Ukrainian refugees.

    06:25 AM: “What I saw, I hope no one will ever see,” says Greek consul general evacuated from Mariupol.

    04:50 AM: China to provide another $1.57 million in humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

    04:03 AM: “More than 10,000” Ukrainians have arrived in France.

    02:24 AM: Invasion could worsen food crisis in the Middle East and North Africa, says Human Rights Watch.

    01:59 AM: New Zealand to provide non-lethal military aid to Ukraine.

    01:07 AM: Sumy governor warns of chemical leak at damaged plant.

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    DAY 25: 20th March, 2022

    UUpdate on the Russia-Ukraine crisis DAY 25 Highlights:
    71 children have been evacuated from an orphanage in Sumy
    White House says Biden has “no plans” to visit Ukraine this week
    10 million people have been forced to flee their homes in Ukraine

    11:35 PM: Mariupol rejects Russia’s demand to surrender as 5.a.m deadline passes.

    11:21 PM: Shopping center and cars on fire following Russian attack in Kyiv’s Podilskyi district.

    09:28 PM: US can further broaden sanctions against Russia.

    06:52 PM: Ukraine Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls Russia’s actions in Mariupol “a chapter from WWII”.

    06:34 PM: Russian forces are still trying to circumvent Mykolaiv despite lack of progress, UK’s Ministry of Defense.

    05:49 PM: Nearly half of Chernobyl nuclear plant staff was able to rotate, UN nuclear watchdog says.

    05:31 PM: More than 7,200 people evacuate Mariupol using four humanitarian corridors.

    02:41 PM: Turkey wants Ukraine’s independence recognized and is working hard to achieve peace.

    02:07 PM: Estonia’s prime minister Kaja Kallas said, “Putin must not win this war”.

    12:16 PM: Russian military detains protesters, kicks at least one, in central Berdyansk.

    11:41 AM: White House says Biden has “no plans” to visit Ukraine this week.

    11:22 AM: Russian attack killed 56 elderly residents of a care home in eastern Ukraine.

    11:04 AM: Zelensky said, ‘If we were a NATO member, a war wouldn’t have started’.

    10:07 AM: 10 million people have been forced to flee their homes in Ukraine.

    10:03 AM: Russia will feel more consequences if they use chemical weapons in Ukraine, US Ambassador to UN says.

    09:22 AM: Zelensky: “I’m ready for negotiations” with Putin, but if they fail, it could mean “a third World War”.

    07:24 AM: Ukrainian warplanes flying over country indicate Russia does not have control of skies.

    07:03 AM: Harvard students create website matching Ukrainian refugees with host families.

    06:17 AM: Biden’s trip to Europe will be heavy on Western unity but could be light on actions to stop Putin.

    03:18 AM: Russian forces bomb school sheltering 400 people in Mariupol.

    02:42 AM: Australia announces new humanitarian visa scheme for Ukrainians.

    01:27 AM: Russia sanctions “outrageous,” says China’s vice foreign minister.

    12:08 AM: 71 children have been evacuated from an orphanage in Sumy.

    UUpdate on the Russia-Ukraine crisis DAY 24 Highlights:
    Russia has used hypersonic missiles against Ukraine
    kraine’s foreign ministry claims more than 14,000 Russian personnel killed
    Italy offers to help rebuild Mariupol theater

    DAY 24: 19th March, 2022

    11:40 PM: Zelensky says, Russia sustaining “unprecedented losses”.

    “What Russia is doing to Mariupol will be remembered for centuries”

    10:12 PM: US officials confirm Russia launched powerful hypersonic missiles against Ukraine.

    09:45 PM: Putin in “total panic” fearing a pro-democracy uprising in Moscow.

    07:50 PM: Russia hopes military operation in Ukraine ends with security guarantees, expects Chinese relations to “get stronger”.

    06:35 PM: Mariupol residents forced to go to Russia against their will, city council says.

    03:49 PM: Ukraine’s foreign ministry claims more than 14,000 Russian personnel killed.

    01:41 PM: Italy offers to help rebuild Mariupol theater.

    12:39 PM: Luxembourg’s prime minister brought up concerns about Mariupol to Putin in call.

    12:23 PM: UNICEF estimates 1.5 million children have fled Ukraine since start of Russia invasion.

    11:40 AM: Lviv mayor says his city has more than 200,000 Ukrainian refugees.

    11:39 AM: US officials confirm Russia has used hypersonic missiles against Ukraine.

    10:01 AM: Group of bipartisan US senators visit Germany and Poland to discuss Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

    07:09 AM: Rescue operations continue in Mykolaiv where dozens reported killed in strike on Ukrainian barracks.

    06:00 AM: Russia continues to make “incremental gains” in Ukraine’s south, has used “savage techniques,” US Defense Secretary says.

    03:31 AM: Russia has been “surprised by the scale and ferocity” of Ukrainian resistance.

    12:54 AM: Former tennis player Alexandr Dolgopolov returns to Ukraine to fight: “You can’t just watch”.

    UUpdate on the Russia-Ukraine crisis DAY 23 Highlights:
    French president voiced “extreme concern” about Mariupol with Putin
    Biden laid out consequences for China if it supports Russia attack on Ukraine
    Russia fired 6 missiles toward Lviv and 2 were intercepted

    DAY 23: 18th March, 2022

    10:48 PM: New Zealand’s Prime Minister conveys support in call with Ukrainian counterpart.

    10:30 PM: Zelensky to Russia: “It’s time to meet, time to talk”.

    08:15 PM: Former US Presidents Bush and Clinton visit Ukrainian church in Chicago to show “solidarity”.

    07:13 PM: Mayor of Velykoburlutska community released after being “captured” by Russians, Kharkiv governor says.

    06:36 PM: US has seen Russia make “a number of missteps” in Ukraine invasion, US defense secretary .

    06:04 PM: This US Army veteran is teaching Ukrainians in Lviv how to treat war wounds.

    05:41 PM: In call with Xi, Biden laid out consequences for China if it supports Russia attack on Ukraine.

    05:25 PM: UN and partners complete first humanitarian aid convoy to Sumy, Ukraine.

    04:27 PM: Russia constructing earthen berms to protect military positions northwest of Kyiv.

    03:12 PM: US Commerce Dept: Oligarch’s plane among those in apparent violation of export law tied to Russia’s invasion.

    03:11 PM: Russian forces have launched “more than 1,080 missiles” since beginning of invasion, US defense official says.

    02:14 PM: French president voiced “extreme concern” about Mariupol with Putin.

    02:17 PM: Ukrainian army says Russia’s main routes for attacking Kyiv have been blocked.

    01:36 PM: Baltic states expel 10 Russian diplomats in coordinated decision.

    01:29 PM: 130 people have been rescued from bombed Mariupol theater, but hundreds still under the rubble 

    01:16 PM: Polish prime minister will submit proposal for peacekeeping mission in Ukraine.

    12:36 PM: Russian soldiers don’t appear to be “particularly motivated” about Ukraine war, US Central Command head says.

    11:36 AM: Activists set up strollers to mark the deaths of more than 100 children in Ukraine.

    11:29 AM: US citizen killed in Ukraine described increasing hardships for civilians in Chernihiv.

    10:50 AM: Xi says China and US have a responsibility to ensure peace, according to Chinese state media.

    08:17 AM: Putin accuses Kyiv of delaying talks during call with German Chancellor Scholz.

    07:54 AM: Ban on Russian football teams in FIFA competitions upheld by CAS while court deliberates.

    07:03 AM: Ukraine’s Foreign Minister says he discussed new round of sanctions against Russia with EU’s top diplomat.

    06:51 AM: Efforts to put out fire at Kharkiv’s huge Barabashova market continue.

    05:56 AM: Ahead of Biden-Xi call, Chinese official says Beijing respects “sovereignty and territorial integrity”.

    04:12 AM: Ukraine’s military: Russia fired 6 missiles toward Lviv and 2 were intercepted.

    02:25 AM: Multiple explosions heard and smoke seen rising from the direction of Lviv airport.

    UUpdate on the Russia-Ukraine crisis DAY 22 Highlights:
    Over 1.9 million refugees have entered Poland from Ukraine
    European Space Agency suspends Mars mission with Russia
    US House passes bill that suspends normal trade relations with Russia and Belarus

    DAY 22: 17th March, 2022

    11:19 PM: Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger made an impassioned appeal to the Russian people in a video posted on social media:

    10:06 PM: South Korea to close temporary embassy in Lviv, citing “escalating military threats”.

    09:57 PM: US basketball star Brittney Griner’s detention in Russia extended to May.

    08:57 PM: Biden will “speak directly” about consequences of aiding Russia in call with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

    07:26 PM: Mariupol suffering 50 to 100 attacks daily.

    07:05 PM: Ukrainian refugees celebrate Purim in their host nations.

    Ukraine Russia Conflict

    05:15 PM: Mayor of Velykoburlutska in northeastern Ukraine “captured” by Russian forces.

    04:33 PM: US Senate unlikely to act on House-passed Russia energy import ban.

    04:13 PM: US House passes bill that suspends normal trade relations with Russia and Belarus.

    03:45 PM: Pelosi recites poem from Bono about Ukraine during St. Patrick’s Day luncheon.

    03:03 PM: Oil spikes back above $100 as concerns grow over potential length of war affecting energy supplies.

    02:29 PM: Russian forces “continue to want to conduct a siege of Kyiv,”.

    02:01 PM: Twitter’s restrictions on Russian state media have successfully limited reach of content.

    01:18 PM: “There is no rescue operation” to help survivors of Mariupol theater attack.

    12:34 PM: UK says Ukrainian refugees in England will be able to access NHS health care, education and other benefits.

    11:16 AM: Russian forces fired cluster munitions in Mykolaiv on 3 separate dates, Human Rights Watch says.

    10:24 AM: European Space Agency suspends Mars mission with Russia.

    10:13 AM: Canada imposes new sanctions on Belarusian leaders for their support of Ukraine invasion.

    08:16 AM: NATO will not intervene with military force into Ukraine war, German leader says.

    07:19 AM: Ukraine says nine evacuation corridors are agreed, including from battered city of Mariupol.

    04:19 AM: Over 1.9 million refugees have entered Poland from Ukraine.

    03:57 AM: China will “never attack Ukraine,” says Beijing’s envoy in Lviv.

    02:36 AM: Star ballerina Olga Smirnova quits Bolshoi Ballet over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

    01:59 AM: Putin calls pro-Western Russians “national traitors”.

    UUpdate on the Russia-Ukraine crisis DAY 21 Highlights:
    Czech crowdfunding campaign raises $30 million for weapons for Ukraine 
    Russian warships shell 4 villages near Odesa
    Pakistan sends emergency aid to Ukraine

    DAY 21: 16th March, 2022

    10:03 PM: Russia resorting to older weapons more likely to cause civilian casualties.

    09:46 PM: Ukrainians are making homemade body armor to send to frontline troops.

    07:56 PM: US to provide Switchblade drones to Ukraine.

    06:51 PM: Ukraine’s rail chief reveals how EU leaders got in and out of Kyiv in 24 hours, despite a “naïve” move.

    06:17 PM: Canada prohibits Belarusian aircrafts from entering country’s airspace in response to their support of Russia.

    05:30 PM: NATO “not as essential” as no-fly zone, Ukraine’s deputy prime minister said.

    04:31 PM: Public swimming pool used as civilian shelter in Mariupol hit by Russian military strike.

    04:14 PM: President Biden calls Putin a “war criminal”.

    03:33 PM: People in line for bread in Ukrainian city of Chernihiv killed by Russian shelling.

    02:19 PM: Slovakia has preliminarily agreed to send key Soviet-era air defense system to Ukraine.

    01:51 PM: Theater in Mariupol where hundreds were taking refuge was bombed. Ukraine city council said,

    “We will never forgive and never forget,”

    01:40 PM: Biden pledges to keep up US assistance to Ukraine, warning it “could be a long and difficult battle”.

    11:49 AM: Human rights group Council of Europe removes Russia from its membership.

    10:59 AM: Russian warships shell 4 villages near Odesa.

    10:18 AM: Zelensky’s appeal to US lawmakers in English was done “intentionally”.

    10:06 AM: Zelensky makes direct appeal to Biden: “Being the leader of the world means to be the leader of peace”.

    09:21 AM: Zelensky again called for a no-fly zone over Ukraine.

    08:18 AM: Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov says there is hope for compromise in Ukraine-Russia talks.

    07:40 AM: Japan to revoke Russia’s “most favored nation” status over Ukraine invasion.

    06:50 AM: Czech crowdfunding campaign raises $30 million for weapons for Ukraine.

    03:46 AM: More than 3,000 cars from besieged Mariupol arrive in Zaporizhzhia.

    04:03 AM: Poland’s deputy prime minister calls for international peacekeeping mission in Ukraine.

    12:54 AM: Pakistan sends emergency aid to Ukraine.

    UUpdate on the Russia-Ukraine crisis DAY 20 Highlights:
    Explosions heard from central Kyiv 
    US secretary of state announces $186 million more in humanitarian assistance for Ukrainians
    Zelensky signals he doesn’t expect Ukraine to join NATO anytime soon

    DAY 20: 15th March, 2022

    11:54 PM: Slovenia’s Prime Minister Janez Janša says Ukraine is defending “fundamental European values”.

    10:07 PM: At least 3 Russian military helicopters blown up in Ukrainian strike on Kherson airport.

    09:07 PM: Biden to announce $800 million in new military assistance for Ukraine.

    08:04 PM: Czech PM Petr Fiala said “Main goal” of Kyiv visit was to tell Ukraine it’s “not alone” in fight against Russian invasion.

    07:52 PM: US lawmakers still discussing how to revoke Russia’s permanent normal trade relations status.

    06:47 PM: Zelensky signals he doesn’t expect Ukraine to join NATO anytime soon.

    05:16 PM: US secretary of state announces $186 million more in humanitarian assistance for Ukrainians.

    04:29 PM: Russian forces have fired more than 950 missiles since the start of the invasion.

    04:09 PM: Prime ministers of Poland, Slovenia and Czech Republic arrive in Kyiv.

    02:52 PM: Russian ambassador to UN says assault on Ukraine will stop when “goals” are achieved.

    02:34 PM: Ukrainian President Zelensky says NATO’s Article 5 “has never been as weak as it is now”.

    01: 50 PM: Russia imposes sanctions on US President Joe Biden, his son and other US officials.

    01:30 PM: Russia withdraws from Council of Europe.

    01:02 PM: Biden will meet with NATO leaders in Brussels next week and attend European Council summit.

    12:29 PM: Russia bans Canada’s prime minister, foreign minister and minister of defense from entering country.

    11:56 AM: Ukrainian Volodymyr Zelensky asked Canadian lawmakers to imagine the attacks on Mariupol in southeast Ukraine in terms of a personal city and Vancouver under siege.

    11:32 AM: Canada PM says, Zelensky is “defending the right of Ukrainians to choose their own future” and democratic values.

    11:11 AM: NATO chief expresses concerns over possible Moscow “false flag” operation in Ukraine.

    10:18 AM: Ukrainian negotiator says talks with Russia are “ongoing”.

    10:07 AM: President Zelensky says nearly 100 children killed in Russian attacks on Ukraine.

    08:36 AM: German economy threatened by war in Ukraine.

    07:49 AM: UK government announces fresh sanctions on Russia, including export ban and tariffs.

    06:12 AM: Dnipro airport hit in Russian missile strike.

    03:07 AM: Two residential buildings hit by shelling in Kyiv.

    02:21 AM: Japan sanctions 17 more Russians in response to Ukraine invasion.

    12:07 AM: Explosions heard from central Kyiv.

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    UUpdate on the Russia-Ukraine crisis DAY 19 Highlights:
    Zelensky pressed Biden for more sanctions against Russia
    Korean Air suspends Moscow, Vladivostok routes
    Ukrainian flag taken down in Melitopol’s Victory Square

    DAY 19: 14th March, 2022

    11:25 PM: South Korea to send non-lethal military supplies to Ukraine.

    11:10 PM: Korean Air suspends Moscow, Vladivostok routes.

    10:20 PM: Zelensky writes to family of killed American journalist Brent Renaud.

    09:33 PM: Zelensky says the world sees that Russian military has “responsibility for war crimes”.

    05:08 PM: “We’re fighting for our existence,” says former Ukrainian first lady.

    04:16 PM: Pentagon spokesperson says it appears “Russians are broadening their target set” after strike near Lviv.

    03:50 PM: US conveyed to China potential negative outcomes of assisting Russia in its war in Ukraine.

    03:20 PM: UN secretary general on conflict in Ukraine: “This war will have no winners, only losers”.

    02:43 PM: Ukrainian flag taken down in Melitopol’s Victory Square.

    01:03 PM: Ukrainian armed forces say Russians using airpower to destroy military and civilian infrastructure.

    11:33 AM: UN says, At least 636 civilians have been killed in Ukraine since Russian invasion began.

    09:26 AM: Romania registers fewer refugees from Ukraine.

    08:43 AM: Zelensky pressed Biden for more sanctions against Russia.

    08:24 AM: Mother and baby injured in Mariupol maternity hospital bombing have both died, their surgeon confirms.

    07:27 AM: Missile strike in Donetsk causes multiple casualties.

    05:35 AM: Heavy explosions rock Ukrainian capital.

    12:48 AM: War in Ukraine could make the Covid-19 pandemic worse, WHO says in a report.

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    UUpdate on the Russia-Ukraine crisis DAY 18 Highlights:
    More than 328,000 refugees have crossed into Moldova from Ukraine
    Humanitarian aid convoy fails to reach the city of Mariupol
    India temporarily relocates its embassy in Ukraine to Poland

    DAY 18: 13th March, 2022

    10:28 PM: Treason investigation launched into newly installed mayor Ivan Fedorov of Russian-occupied Melitopol.

    09:58 PM: Macron and Biden agree to strengthen sanctions against Russia.

    08:41 PM: Czech Republic to bolster its military aid to Ukraine.

    08:05 PM: More than 328,000 refugees have crossed into Moldova from Ukraine.

    07:57 PM: Snake Island buildings damaged; Russian Naval landing ship seen anchored offshore in new satellite image.

    06:29 PM: UK Ministry of Defense says Russian naval forces have cut off Ukraine from international maritime trade.

    06:18 PM: US Secretary of State condemns Russia’s attack near Ukraine’s border with Poland.

    05:06 PM: Ukraine confirms next round of talks with Russia to be held on March 14, 2022.

    04:01 PM: Humanitarian aid convoy fails to reach the city of Mariupol.

    02:19 PM: Ukraine says it resumed power supply to Chernobyl nuclear plant.

    01:19 PM: Latvian president says permanent NATO base in country needed to protect against Russian aggression.

    He added,

    we should defend our way of life, our democracies, and this is a question for the confidence to the West. It is an exam for the West. It is an exam for the American leadership. And I’m sure that America and the West as a whole, they’ll pass this exam.

    11:00 AM: Mayor of Kyiv says he’s worried about potential Russian chemical or biological attack on Ukraine.

    10:54 AM: Protests over suspected Russian plans to turn occupied Ukrainian province into breakaway state.

    09:35 AM: Missile strikes in Lviv region are third strike in western Ukraine in the last couple of days.

    09:21 AM: Kyiv region police say American journalist killed by Russian forces in Irpin.

    07:04 AM: Nine killed near Mykolaiv, southern Ukraine, amid intense Russian bombardment.

    06:43 AM: India temporarily relocates its embassy in Ukraine to Poland.

    04:06 AM: Russia is attempting to envelop Ukrainian forces in the east and advance westward.

    12:43 AM: Russian airstrikes hit military base near Lviv.

    UUpdate on the Russia-Ukraine crisis DAY 17 Highlights:
    Bulk of Russian forces are 25 kilometers from Kyiv
    Germany registers nearly 123,000 refugees from Ukraine
    Seven civilians killed while trying to evacuate Kyiv region

    DAY 17: 12th March, 2022

    11:47 PM: Russia sends warning to the US about transferring weapons to Ukraine. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said,

    “We warned the United States that pumping Ukraine with weapons from a number of countries orchestrated by them is not just a dangerous move, but these are actions that turn the corresponding convoys into legitimate targets”.

    08:18 PM: Zelensky pleads for more aid, says 12,729 Ukrainians successfully evacuated.

    06:51 PM: Seven civilians killed while trying to evacuate Kyiv region.

    06:20 PM: Chernobyl nuclear plant running on generators with staff “living” there since Russian attack.

    03:34 PM: Mariupol is in a “disaster phase now,” Doctors Without Borders emergency coordinator says,

    “I think we can say we’re in the disaster phase now”

    01:17 PM: US vice president warns that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine threatens democracy across Europe. US Vice President Kamala Harris said,

    “The ocean that separates us will not leave us untouched by this aggression”

    11:44 AM: All of Ukraine is “a front line,” Zelensky says, adding some “small towns just don’t exist anymore”.

    11:32 AM: Germany registers nearly 123,000 refugees from Ukraine.

    10:02 AM: Ukrainian deputy PM calls on leading Taiwanese electronics manufacturer to cease business with Russia.

    09:49 AM: Russia claims ownership of Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant.

    05:33 AM: Russian strikes around Kyiv wipe out hotel and electricity in Chernihiv, an airport in Vasylkiv.

    04:56 AM: Russia’s richest businessman tells Putin: Don’t take us back to 1917.

    “Firstly, it would take us back a hundred years, to 1917, and the consequences of such a step — global distrust of Russia on the part of investors — we would experience for many decades”

    04:30 AM: Bulk of Russian forces are 25 kilometers from Kyiv.

    03:14 AM: Overnight shelling sparks fire at warehouse northeast of Kyiv.

    UUpdate on the Russia-Ukraine crisis DAY 16 Highlights:
    Russian airstrikes have targeted cities of Lutsk and Ivano-Frankivsk
    Heavy Russian shelling has erupted in the southern city of Mykolaiv
    EU aims to double support for Ukraine’s military

    DAY 16: 11th March, 2022

    11:03 PM: Volodymyr Zelensky calls detention of Melitopol mayor a “crime against democracy”.

    09:30 PM: Damaged power lines to Chernobyl nuclear plant are being repaired.

    08:55 PM: Explosions heard near Kyiv as Russian troops press closer to Ukraine’s capital.

    08:02 PM: Independent US agency calls on Biden administration to push for Russia’s expulsion from Interpol.

    08:19 PM: Russian airstrikes have targeted cities of Lutsk and Ivano-Frankivsk. UK Defense Ministry said,

    “The staunch resistance of the Ukrainian air defence forces is compelling Russia to rely on ‘stand-off’ munitions to conduct attacks against targets deep inside Ukraine”

    06:38 PM: Biden detailed new measures to punish Russia in phone call with Volodymyr Zelensky

    05:18 PM: Ukrainian Foreign Ministry calls “abduction” of Melitopol mayor a “war crime”.

    In a statement posted on Facebook, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said, it is one of the many

    “gross violations of norms and principles of international law, including international humanitarian law, war crimes and crimes against humanity, as well as other human rights violations by the Russian military.”

    04:37 PM: Russia to deliver modern military equipment to Belarus.

    04:19 PM: Heavy Russian shelling has erupted in the southern city of Mykolaiv.

    03:48 PM: Armed men detain Ukrainian mayor Ivan Fedorov in Russian-occupied city.

    03:04 PM: Evacuation corridors across Ukraine get limited results. Local authorities in Mariupol say that nearly 1,600 people in Mariupol have died as a result of shelling and airstrikes against the city.

    02:26 PM: YouTube blocks Russian state-funded media channels globally. YouTube said,

    “Our Community Guidelines prohibit content denying, minimizing or trivializing well-documented violent events, and we remove content about Russia’s invasion in Ukraine that violates this policy. In line with that, effective immediately, we are also blocking YouTube channels associated with Russian state-funded media, globally” 

    02:15 PM: G7 agriculture ministers in a joint statement urged countries to keep food and agricultural markets open.

    01:11 PM: A third Russian general has been killed by Ukrainian forces.

    01:01 PM: EU announces more sanctions against Russia, includes luxury goods export ban and crypto-assets crackdown.

    12:40 PM: The US will ban imports of alcohol and seafood from Russia.

    12:15 PM: Finnish president warned Putin that the war in Ukraine is negatively impacting opinion in the west.

    10:53 AM: Biden warns Russia will pay a “severe price” if country uses chemical weapons in Ukraine.

    08:45 AM: Russian ground forces are regrouping, as Ukraine’s west is attacked for the first time.

    08:02 AM: WHO recommended Ukraine destroy high-threat pathogens in health labs to prevent potential spills.

    07:32 AM: Soccer stadium and library in Ukrainian city of Chernihiv hit in airstrike.

    05:19 AM: EU aims to double support for Ukraine’s military to over $1 billion, foreign policy chief says.

    04:52 AM: Ukraine is trying to open new evacuation routes. The planned routes include:

    • Mariupol-Zaporizhzhia
    • Volnovakha-Pokrovsk
    • Polohy-Zaporizhzhia
    • Enerhodar-Zaporizhzhia
    • Izium-Lozova

    02:40 AM: Russia could be preparing for renewed attack on Kyiv.

    01:53 AM: Zelensky deputy: “We are ready to talk to President Putin anytime he is ready”.

    01:02 AM: White House says US stands with companies pulling out of Russia, after Kremlin threatens to seize assets.

    UUpdate on the Russia-Ukraine crisis DAY 15 Highlights:
    Chernobyl nuclear plant has been disconnected from the power grid
    About 6,000 Russian troops may have been killed in Ukraine
    Ukraine asks to withdraw more than 300 peacekeepers from UN missions

    DAY 15: 10th March, 2022

    11:30 PM: Some Russian-themed businesses in the US say they are being targeted due to the war in Ukraine.

    10:52 PM: China is pushing a Russian conspiracy theory about an alleged US bioweapons lab in Ukraine and US declines the false claims.

    10:30 PM: Chernobyl nuclear plant has been disconnected from the power grid.

    09:45 PM: US Senate passes government funding bill with $13.6 billion in Ukraine aid.

    09:07 PM: Ukraine asks to withdraw more than 300 peacekeepers from UN missions.

    07:58 PM: Stalled 40-mile-long Russian convoy near Kyiv now largely dispersed.

    07:15 PM: US senators in talks about taking aim at Russia’s trade status and changing House bill. Senate Finance Chairman Ron Wyden said,

    “I believe the Russians — the inhumane behavior of Russia does not justify it get the fruits of the international community,”

    06:42 PM: Ukrainian State Emergency Services says staff defused bomb from downed Russian fighter jet in Chernihiv.

    06:30 PM: The White House continues to blame Putin for skyrocketing gas prices.

    05:44 PM: US lawmakers expect to pass a $13.6 billion Ukraine aid package this week.

    05:27 PM: Ukraine will create program to help reconstruct every city impacted by the Russian invasion, Zelensky says

    “After the war, after our victory, we will rebuild everything that was destroyed. Very quickly and with a very high quality.” 

    04:57 PM: The US has seen Russia increasingly firing weapons from a distance, senior US defense official says.

    04:20 PM: Mariupol is “on the verge of a humanitarian catastrophe” as food supply decreases daily, city council says.

    02:47 PM: There will be no fast-track procedure for Ukraine EU membership.

    01:51 PM: Ukraine doing “everything possible” to restore electricity to Chernobyl nuclear plant.

    12:37 PM: No-fly zone would not protect against majority of weapons Russia is using in Ukraine.

    11:01 AM: Biden says costs that US is imposing on Putin are “far more devastating than the costs we are facing”.

    10:02 AM: UK “very concerned” about Russia’s potential use of chemical weapons.

    09:39 AM: Russia suspended from the Bank for International Settlements.

    09:18 AM: Estonia bans tourist visas for Russian citizens for duration of Ukrainian invasion. The Estonian Minister of Foreign Affairs Eva-Maria Liimets said,

    “Estonia is no longer issuing new C and D category (tourist) visas to Russian citizens. The ban will last for as long as Russian continues waging war against Ukraine,” she said. “We are actively working to ensure that our deterrence measures in this region are stronger than they have been so far, because the situation in Europe and in security has changed dramatically and will probably never return to Feb. 23.”

    07:58 AM: Vatican says bombing of children’s hospital in Mariupol is “unacceptable”.

    07:13 AM: Ukrainian military claim defeat of Russian tank regiment northeast of Kyiv.

    05:31 AM: Ukraine likely to join European Union, French EU affairs minister says.

    03:53 AM: 3 dead after Mariupol maternity hospital bombing. Mariupol city council said,

    “As of today, we know that after the terrorist bombing by Russian aircraft of the children’s hospital in Mariupol there are 17 victims — children, women, doctors — and three died, among them one child, a girl,”

    02:20 AM: Calls grow for international investigation into alleged Russian war crimes in Ukraine.

    01:12 AM: Bodies buried in mass grave as Mariupol endures unrelenting Russian assault

    12:15 AM: About 6,000 Russian troops may have been killed in Ukraine, US official says.

    12:06 AM: White House warns that Russia could use chemical weapons in Ukraine.

    UUpdate on the Russia-Ukraine crisis DAY 14 Highlights:
    Evacuation corridor out of Sumy will remain open on Wednesday
    Russian forces bombed a maternity and children’s hospital
    China pledges more than $790,000 in aid to Ukraine

    DAY 14: 09th March, 2022

    11:00 PM: Russian forces bombed a maternity and children’s hospital.

    10:30 PM: Chernobyl nuclear plant has been disconnected from the power grid.

    Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba tweeted,

    10:26 PM: US House passes government funding bill with $13.6 billion in Ukraine aid.

    09:01 PM: Top US general in Europe says anti-tank, anti-aircraft weapons most effective for Ukraine — not MiG-29s.

    07:38 PM: Polish Ambassador says Poland was “acutely aware” of consequences of proposal to transfer jets to US to give to Ukraine.

    06:41 PM: British soldiers may have unlawfully traveled to Ukraine, British army says.

    05:42 PM: Ukrainian president says Mariupol maternity hospital strike is “proof” of a “genocide of Ukrainians”.

    04: 46 PM: Mariupol mayor asks for help and calls for no-fly zone after maternity hospital bombing.

    04:43 PM: Ukraine’s Zelenskyy calls Putin’s nuclear threats a “bluff”.

    02:37 PM: Russian Central Bank will not resume trading on Moscow Stock Exchange on March 10 in stock market section.

    01:47 PM: White House points to “serious logistical bottleneck” with plans to send jets to Ukraine.

    01:34 PM: UK plans to supply Ukraine with anti-air missiles as Russia changes “tactics,” British defense secretary says.

    12:57 PM: Amazon halts retail shipments to Russia and cuts off Prime Video, amazon conveyed through their page.

    12:27 PM: US defense official says Russia still has about “90% of their available combat power” ready to use in Ukraine.

    11:32 AM: US defense official says Russia has launched 710 missiles against Ukraine and forces are now outside Kharkiv.

    09:08 AM: China pledges more than $790,000 in aid to Ukraine.

    08:23 AM: Deputy US national security adviser calls on world to boost oil supply, saying “this is the time” to use reserves.

    07:58 AM: US declared “economic war” on Russia. Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov says,

    The United States has undoubtedly declared an economic war on Russia and they are waging this war. This is de facto true,”

    07:16 PM: EU slaps fourth round of sanctions on Russia targeting oligarchs and politicians.

    05:48 AM: Ukraine bans exports of key goods, including wheat, sugar and meat.

    04:30 AM: It’s now a criminal offense for Russian aircraft to fly into British airspace.

    03:22 AM: New York Times withdraws all correspondents from Russia for first time in more than a century.

    01:06 AM: Evacuation corridor out of Sumy will remain open on Wednesday, regional governor Dmytro Zhyvytskyy says.

    UUpdate on the Russia-Ukraine crisis DAY 13 Highlights:
    Unilever suspends all imports and exports of products to Russia
    Japan sends bulletproof vests to Ukraine
    Putin orders import-export ban on certain products for 2022

    DAY 13: 08th March, 2022

    11:26 PM: Foreigners who volunteer to fight for Ukraine will be eligible for citizenship, said Ukraine’s Deputy Interior Minister Yevhen Yenin.

    11:08 PM: Japan sends bulletproof vests to Ukraine in rare donation of defense equipment overseas.

    09:40 PM: Governors across the United States broadly supported President Joe Biden’s decision to ban Russian energy imports to the country.

    08:09 PM: White House relayed concerns to Hill about agreement to suspend normal trade relations with Belarus and Russia.

    07:14 PM: Pentagon dismisses Poland’s proposal to transfer MiG-29 fighter jets to US for delivery to Ukraine.

    05:58 PM: Putin orders import-export ban on certain products for 2022

    05:01 PM: Ukraine responds to Russia ceasefire proposal: “It is difficult to trust the occupier”

    04:19 PM: US estimates Russian military has lost 8% to 10% of military assets used in invasion of Ukraine, official says.

    03:26 PM: Israel’s prime minister spoke with Zelensky and Putin.

    02:16 PM: NATO official says Russia not expected “make any gains in the next few days” in Ukraine

     NATO military official SAYS,

    They are putting in everything they have and are still making very little progress,” the official explained. “No one thought they would face these simple problems. After two weeks, they still haven’t been able to solve their logistics issues.

    01:32 PM: 37 nations say Russia and Belarus “should not be permitted to host” any international sporting events.

    01:06 PM: Food and consumer goods giant Unilever suspends all imports and exports of products to Russia.

    12:33 PM: Ukrainian city of Mariupol is now isolated by Russian forces, senior US defense official says.

    11:30 AM: UK to phase out Russian oil imports by the end of 2022.

    10:25 AM: EU plans to slash Russian gas imports by two-thirds this year and aims to phase out dependence before 2030.

    09:26 AM: Xi says China willing to play active role in mediating Ukraine crisis in call with German and French leaders.

    08:26 AM: NATO must “ensure that conflict does not spread beyond Ukraine,” says alliance chief.

    07:43 AM: Russia threatens to cut of Europe’s gas supply by closing off Nord Stream 1.

    06:17 AM: Ukraine’s athletes dedicate medals to “each and every Ukrainian” as Winter Paralympic gold rush continues.

    03:39 AM: Ukraine and Russia agree to one evacuation corridor in Sumy, where nine civilians were killed on Monday.

    02:34 AM: US embassy in Ukraine says situation is “unpredictable” and warns US citizens not to cross into Belarus.

    12: 45 AM: World Bank approves $723 million emergency financing package for Ukraine.

    12:12 AM: Zelensky warns Russia will not stop at Ukraine: “We will come first. You will come second”.

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    UUpdate on the Russia-Ukraine crisis DAY 12 Highlights:
    US working with Poland on the possibility of providing fighter jets to Ukraine
    UK announces additional $230 million in aid for Ukraine
    Stocks sink while oil soars after US and allies consider banning Russian oil

    DAY 12: 07th March, 2022

    11:07 PM: Russian families turn to Ukrainian hotline in desperate search for lost soldiers

    10:37 PM: Australia places more sanctions on Russia, Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Australia gave a statement

    “Trying to legitimatise Russia’s unprovoked, unjustified invasion with false narratives such as the ‘de-Nazification’ of Ukraine”

    08:38 PM: US State Department: Russian embassy’s claim is “a flat out lie”.

    07:59 PM: Biden faces bipartisan criticism over handling of Russia energy and foreign oil imports.

    07:11 PM: US House majority leader says bill to ban Russia energy imports could come “this week”.

    06:03 PM: “I’m not afraid of anyone”: Read President Zelensky’s full 9-minute speech to Ukraine.

    04:44 PM: Russia proposes new ceasefire in 5 Ukrainian cities. Ukraine hasn’t agreed yet.

    04:25 PM: US stocks fall again as Ukraine worries weigh on investors

    Here’s how the markets closed:

    • The Dow was down 2.4%, or about 797 points.
    • The S&P 500 fell 3%.
    • The Nasdaq Composite plunged 3.6%.

    03:58 PM: UK launches visa scheme for Ukrainian families fleeing war.

    02:10 PM: US and allies call on Interpol to suspend Russia’s access to the global police agency’s systems

    01: 40 PM: European Union agrees to begin examining bids from Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova to join bloc

    11:32 AM: Canada announces further sanctions on Russia targeting 10 individuals.

    10:45 AM: UK announces additional $230 million in aid for Ukraine

    06:45 AM: NATO is looking at more permanent deployment in the Baltics, says Blinken

    03:36 AM: Russia has killed at least 8 people in Kharkiv over the last 24 hours, Ukrainian authorities say

    01:47 AM: Stocks sink while oil soars after US and allies consider banning Russian oil.

    UUpdate on the Russia-Ukraine crisis DAY 11 Highlights:
    US working with Poland on the possibility of providing fighter jets to Ukraine
    Netflix suspends service in Russia
    South Korea issues travel ban to areas in Russia

    DAY 11: 06th March, 2022

    11:55 PM: India continues evacuation efforts for students in eastern Ukraine. Embassy tweeted,

    “Team from Embassy of India is stationed in Poltava City to coordinate the safe passage of Indian students stranded in Sumy to Western borders via Poltava”  

    11:36 PM: Australian Prime Minister says country is facing “its most dangerous security environment in 80 years”

    10:25 PM: South Korea issues travel ban to areas in Russia and Belarus bordering Ukraine

    09:39 PM: Police brutally beat anti-war protesters in St. Petersburg, Russia.

    08:37 PM: Ukraine suspends exports of some products as risk of food shortages grows

    05:56 PM: Russia has fired 600 missiles; 95% of amassed combat power now in Ukraine, senior US defense official says.

    05:11 PM: Netflix suspends service in Russia

    04:35 PM: Ukrainian military reportedly knocks out Russian artillery position near Mykoliav.

    03:39 PM: Kharkiv radio and TV broadcasts knocked out by Russian military strikes.

    02:25 PM: American Express becomes the latest credit card company to suspend operations in Russia.

    02:02 PM: Members of Congress call on Biden administration to facilitate the transfer of fighter jets to Ukraine.

    12:32 PM: Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant under Russian order, says International Atomic Energy Agency

    11:45 AM: At least 964,000 refugees have fled from Ukraine into Poland, says Polish government

    11:02 AM: Sweden advises its citizens to avoid all travel to Russia

    10:20 AM: US has seen “very credible reports of deliberate attacks on civilians” in Ukraine that would be considered war crimes, Blinken says.

    09:15 AM: ICRC says Mariupol evacuation attempts today have failed

    06:11 AM: Heavy shelling is heard west and northwest of Kyiv, as two children are reported dead

    03:05 AM: Ukrainian negotiator David Arakhamia said on his official Facebook account.

    “The third round of negotiations will take place on Monday”

    01:59 AM: Operations to defend the cities of Mariupol and Chernihiv are ongoing.

    01:08 AM: Mother’s anguish in Kherson: “If something were to explode, hold your sister, and do not run to me”

    12:28 AM: US working with Poland on the possibility of providing fighter jets to Ukraine

    12:12 AM: Russian military strike levels part of Ukrainian tank factory outside of Zhytomyr.

    UUpdate on the Russia-Ukraine crisis DAY 10 Highlights:
    Russia announces ceasefires around the cities of Mariupol and Volnovakha.
    Germany registers more than 27,000 refugees from Ukraine.
    UK urges its nationals to consider leaving Russia

    DAY 10: 05th March, 2022

    08:32 PM: Mariupol evacuation stalls as Ukrainian officials accuse Russia of breaking ceasefire

    08:02 PM: War in Ukraine will have “severe impact on the global economy,” IMF warns

    07:13 PM: Putin: Western sanctions are the “equivalent of a declaration of war”

    02: 59 PM: Exhaustion of “confined” Chernobyl power plant staff poses “danger” to world, says nearby mayor

    02:34 PM: Germany registers more than 27,000 refugees from Ukraine.

    10:08 AM: Putin says countries imposing no-fly zone would be considered “participants in a military conflict”

    09:32 AM: Russia’s largest airline suspends international flights to everywhere except Belarus, according to state media.

    08:55 AM: Ukraine says evacuation corridors are “being prepared for opening” in Mariupol and Volnovakha

    07:05 AM: UK urges its nationals to consider leaving Russia. The UK Foreign Office said Saturday in its updated travel advice.

    “If your presence in Russia is not essential, we strongly advise that you consider leaving by remaining commercial routes,”

    06:28 AM: Ukraine again criticizes NATO’s no-fly zone refusal as Russian forces seize nuclear plants

    06:02 AM: Russian forces “are bombing critical infrastructure,” Ukraine’s Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov says.

    04:18 AM: ‘Take people with you,’ pleads official as evacuations from two cities expected to begin

    03:04 AM: Russian military will stop firing and allow civilians to flee Mariupol and Volnovakha

    02:28 AM: Ukrainian athletes dedicate their Paralympics medals “to Ukraine, for peace”. On winning the para biathlon men’s sprint standing event Grygorii Vovchynskyi said,

    “I can dedicate this race to Ukraine, for peace, (for the) people in Ukraine. It’s first place for my country,” he said.

    01:11 AM: Elon Musk declines to block Russian propaganda from Starlink.

    UUpdate on the Russia-Ukraine crisis DAY 9 Highlights:
    Microsoft halts sales and services in Russia.
    EU foreign policy chief says sanctions are not aimed at regime change in Russia.
    Russian forces focused on encircling Kyiv

    DAY 9: 04th March, 2022

    10:25 PM: Russia to deploy up to 1,000 mercenaries to Ukraine as official warns Moscow could “bombard cities into submission”

    08:23 PM: Brazil will grant humanitarian visas to Ukrainian refugees

    08:03 PM: Russian forces are approaching Ukraine’s second-largest nuclear facility – Yuzhnoukrainsk Nuclear Power Station in the Mykolaiv Oblast, in southern Ukraine, US ambassador to the UN says

    07:27 PM: Zelensky criticizes NATO’s decision not to implement a no-fly zone over Ukraine

    06:06 PM: France’s Macron calls for emergency UN Security Council meeting on nuclear safety in Ukraine

    04:32 PM: EU foreign policy chief says sanctions are not aimed at regime change in Russia

    03:13 PM: US secretary of state says establishment of no-fly zone in Ukraine could lead to “full-fledged war in Europe”

    02:27 PM: US energy secretary calls on Russia to allow Ukrainian nuclear operators to work “safely”

    01:33 PM: EU ready to adopt more Russia sanctions if war doesn’t stop, EU Commission president says

    11:34 AM: Direct attacks and a destroyed bridge have slowed Russian convoy advance on Kyiv, US defense official says

    09:53 AM: Microsoft halts sales and services in Russia.

    08:20 AM: UN agency says it has received “credible reports” of discrimination at Ukrainian border

    06:12 AM: Ukraine’s president says Russia’s attack on a nuclear plant is “terror of an unprecedented level”

    04:51 AM: Russian forces are focused on encircling Kyiv, according to Ukraine’s Defense Ministry

    12:30 AM: Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant fire extinguished

    UUpdate on the Russia-Ukraine crisis DAY 8 Highlights:
    Russia blocks Facebook and some other websites
    Fire breaks out at nuclear power plant in Ukraine.
    EU to give temporary protection to all refugees fleeing conflict in Ukraine 

    DAY 8: 03rd March, 2022

    11:49 PM: Airbnb is suspending all operations in Russia and Belarus, the company’s CEO Brian Chesky said in a tweet on Friday.

    11:30 PM: Zelenskyy urges world leaders to stop Russia “before this becomes a nuclear disaster”.
    “We don’t know how it is going to end with the fire at the station, if there might be an explosion, God forbid,” Zelenskyy said, 

    10:56 PM: British PM Boris Johnson’s office released a statement saying “would do everything it could to ensure the situation did not deteriorate further.” Also, adding to this statement officials say, “The reckless actions of President Putin could now directly threaten the safety of all of Europe,”

    10:21 PM: US activates Nuclear Incident Response team, sees no elevated radiation readings at Zaporizhzhia plant.

    US Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm said, “We have seen no elevated radiation readings near the facility. The plant’s reactors are protected by robust containment structures and reactors are being safely shut down,” 

    Russian military operations near the plant are reckless and must cease,” she added.

    08:43 PM: Fire breaks out at nuclear power plant in Ukraine.

    07:01 PM: US Pentagon official praises Ukraine forces: “They are fighting very creatively”

    05:53 PM: Biden administration extends immigration relief to Ukrainians in the US

    03:46 PM: US military establishes communications line with Russia to avoid any incidents near Ukraine

    02:20 PM: Saudi Arabia offers to mediate talks between Russia and Ukraine

    01:15 PM: Russian shelling intensifies around town near Ukraine’s largest nuclear power plant 

    12:30 PM: Zelenskyy reiterates plea for NATO to establish no-fly zone over Ukraine

    12:01 PM: EU to give temporary protection to all refugees fleeing conflict in Ukraine 

    10:55 PM: Russian and Belarusian athletes banned from Beijing 2022 Winter Paralympics

    09:43 PM: Ukrainian tennis star says he returned to his country to fight Russia so it has “a history to tell to my kids”

    07:26 PM: IKEA temporarily suspends operations in Russia and Belarus, affecting 15,000 employees

    04:32 PM: Spain to send first shipment of offensive weapons to Ukraine

    12:05 AM: India denies Russia’s claims of stranded Indians held hostage by Ukrainian forces

    UUpdate on the Russia-Ukraine crisis DAY 7 Highlights:
    Russia increase attacks on key Ukrainian cities for seventh day
    Major companies including Apple, Google, Ford and Exxon Mobile take steps against Russia over invasion.
    UN General Assembly vote to make Russia immediately pull all forces from Ukrain

    DAY 7: 02nd March, 2022

    11:10 PM: Shelling in Kharkiv on Tuesday killed a member of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe’s monitoring mission to Ukraine

    Zelenskyy says Russian troops are ‘confused children’ who don’t know why they are in Ukraine.

    10:40 PM: Wells Fargo and Bank of America, pledged on Wednesday to each donate $1 million to humanitarian relief in Ukraine. Wells Fargo will send money to the American Red Cross, the World Central Kitchen and United Service Organizations.

    08:24 PM: More than one million people have fled Ukraine since the Russian invasion began last week

    Filippo Grandi, the head of the United Nations refugee agency, “For many millions more, inside Ukraine, it’s time for guns to fall silent, so that life-saving humanitarian assistance can be provided.”

    06:57 PM: A full-scale military conflict, a development that once seemed unimaginable in Europe in the post-Cold War era. These images document a populace coping with the initial stages of an invasion, and struggling with uncertainty and fear.

    06:31 PM: Vladimir Potanin, a Russian oligarch, steps down as a trustee of the Guggenheim Museum.

    04:55 PM: Anxiety looms over the refugee-packed Ukrainian city of Lviv, but daily life continues.

    04:23 PM: Blinken says the U.S. is ‘open to a diplomatic’ path but doubts Kremlin’s interest in that direction.

    04:00 PM: The United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution on Wednesday condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, with the support of 141 countries out of 193 and a standing ovation in the chamber.

    01:28 PM: Boris Johnson faces pressure to act against wealthy Russians in England.

    01:00 PM: Washington firms are rushing to provide free PR and lobbying to Ukraine.

    11:42 AM: E.U. foreign ministers are going to gather in Brussels for an emergency meeting on Friday. Dmytro Kuleba, the Ukrainian foreign minister; Antony Blinken, the U.S. secretary of state; Liz Truss, the British foreign secretary; Melanie Joly, the Canadian foreign affairs minister; and the NATO chief, Jens Stoltenberg, have been invited to join.

    10:30 AM: Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations says, “The U.N. is being challenged. If it has any purpose it is to prevent war and to condemn war and to stop war. That is our job here today. This is the job you were sent here to do,”

    09:00 AM: A missile sets a government building ablaze in Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second-largest city.

    08:30 AM: The Indian government said that its urgent advice that its citizens leave Kharkiv “under all circumstances” by 6 p.m. is based on “inputs that we have received from the Russian side,” suggesting an intensification of attacks on the city may be imminent. 

    04:10 AM: Russia claims to control Kherson, a strategic city, but Ukraine says the battle for it isn’t over.

    01:49 AM: Prime Minister Scott Morrison of Australia said on Sunday that his country would provide weapons to Ukraine through NATO, supplementing nonlethal equipment and supplies it had already contributed.

    UUpdate on the Russia-Ukraine crisis DAY 6 Highlights:
    Russia used Vacuum bombs.
    Ukraine receives Starlink equipment.
    Ukraine and Russia ready for second meeting.

    DAY 6: 01st March, 2022

    06:30 PM: Live footage of tank firing a shell at the building.

    11:00 AM: Mastercard has blocked various banking firms as a result of Russia sanctions.

    10:00 AM: Satellite imagery shows a 40-mile-long Russian convoy approaching Kyiv.

    Maxar Technologies’ satellite image shows the southern terminus of a convoy east of Antonov Airport in Ukraine. Source:

    05:30 AM: Oksana Markarova, Kyiv’s ambassador to the US says Russia banned Vacuum bombs.

    03:00 AM: Zelenskyy said on Facebook “We must close access for Russian in this state in all ports, canals, and airports around the world,”. He also requested the international community to “consider a total ban on Russian missiles, planes, and helicopters from the skies.”

    02:00 AM: Putin looses Black taekwondo black belt.

    01:30 AM: Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba says according to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken, Kyiv has received more backing in the form of sanctions and arms.

    “In our call, Secretary Blinken confirmed that the United States’ support for Ukraine remained unwavering,” Kuleba tweeted.

    “I emphasized that Ukraine longs for peace, but as thirst as we are under Russian attack, we require additional sanctions and armaments.”

    01:00 AM: Starlink equipment received by Ukraine safely.

    00:00 AM: Canada will impose a restriction on Russian oil imports and assist Ukraine with anti-tank weapons.

    Canada PM to Justin Trudeau “We are declaring our plan to prohibit all crude oil imports from Russia, a business that has enormously benefited President Putin and his oligarchs,” he told reporters in Ottawa.

    Read More: What is NATO and Why is NATO not Imposing No-fly Zone in Ukraine?

    UUpdate on the Russia-Ukraine crisis DAY 5 Highlights:
    Zelenskyy signs Ukraine’s application to join the EU.
    Netanyahu instructs his government to keep Russia at bay and concentrate on Iran.
    Ukraine and Russia will meet on neutral ground.

    DAY 5: 28th February, 2022

    11:59 PM: The White House has stated that a ban on Russian flights is not out of the question.

    “Nothing is off the table, we take into account a variety of criteria.” White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters.

    11:30 PM: The EU has sanctioned 26 more Russians.

    10:30 PM: Shell will sell holdings in joint ventures with Gazprom.

    09:30 PM: Defence Minister of Ukrainian, Oleksii Reznikov appeal to Russian soldiers who lay down their guns.

    “Those of you who don’t want to be a killer and die can save yourselves,” he said in his social media post.

    08:00 PM: The United States imposes sanctions on Russia’s central bank.

    06:30 PM: FIFA and UEFA have suspended all Russian football teams.

    05:00 PM: The first round of negotiations has come to an end.

    Vladimir Medinsky who is leading peace talk with Ukraine said, the two sides “decided to keep the conversations going.”

    04:30 PM: According to a Oleg Synegubov regional authority of Ukraine, 11 people were killed in rocket assaults in Kharkiv.

    “This is happening during the day, when people went to get groceries, or to get some water.” “It’s a crime,” he declared.

    04:10 PM: Reducing reliance on Russia for energy is a ‘existential’ issue, according to the EU’s Borrell.

    “Whether you like it or not, energy will be a part of this war,” Josep Borrell at a news conference in Brussels.

    “We have a dependent on Russian gas… and it is an existential strategy to lessen this dependency,” he continued, cautioning that the transition would be difficult.

    03:50 PM: Zelenskyy encourages Russian soldiers in a video appeal to lay down their guns and leave.

    12:15 PM: NATO partners are ‘intensifying’ their military assistance to Ukraine.

    11:24 AM: Russia’s defense ministry has urged Kyiv citizens to “leave the city.”

    10:54 AM: Delegates from Ukraine has arrived for talks.

    10:00 AM: Delegations are ‘arriving’ for negotiations.

    09:45 AM: Belarus is preparing to join Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, according to reports.

    08:30 AM: On Monday, Biden will meet with allies to discuss Russia’s war on Ukraine.

    08:01 AM: The United Kingdom claims that Russia’s push on Kyiv has been halted by tenacious Ukrainian opposition.

    05:30 AM: Ukraine to receive lethal military equipment from Australia.

    03:45 AM: Ukraine demands ban on Russia and Belarus from of the International Tennis Federation.

    02:45 AM: Ukraine claims that 352 civilians, including 14 children, were killed.

    01:25 AM: Google Maps live traffic data is currently disabled in Ukraine, according to Google.

    01:21 AM: EU chief on Ukraine – “Indeed, over time, they belong to us. They are one of us and we want them in.

    00:45 AM: Brazilian President Bolsonaro refuses to criticize Putin and declares that Brazil would remain neutral.

    00:30 AM: Zelenskyy to UK’s Prime Minister – “Next 24 hrs are crucial for Ukraine.”

    Update on the Russia-Ukraine crisis DAY 4 Highlights:
    New Sanctions: Nations to ban ‘Selected’ Russia Banks from SWIFT
    Ukrainian President refuses to talk with Russia
    Russia inches closer, fight begins in Kharkiv
    340,000 refugees crossed the Ukrainian Border

    DAY 4: 27th February, 2022

    11:59 PM: Sunday was a difficult day for us, according the general staff of Ukraine’s Ukrainian military.

    11:45 PM: Russia’s attack kills 352 civilians, 14 of them are children.

    11:30 PM: Ukraine files a genocide case against Russia in the ICJ.

    11:00 PM: The EU has approved the closure of airspace, as well as other sanctions.

    Borrell said during a news conference in Brussels – “We’re going for Putin’s elite’s wealth, we are concerned that Russia will not stop in Ukraine, and that Russian influence will spread to neighboring nations.”

    10:45 PM: Kosovo requests a permanent military base and NATO membership from the United States.

    09:45 PM: Vitali Klitschko to The Associated Press news agency – “We can’t do that, because all ways are blocked, Right now, the most important question is to defend our country.”

    09:30 PM: The Czech Republic and the United Kingdom have refused to play Russia in World Cup qualifiers.

    08:45 PM: “I will be honest, as always: I do not really believe in the outcome of this meeting, but let them try,” Zelenskyy.

    08:30 PM: According to a Ukrainian official Anton Herashchenko, missiles were launched from Belarus to Ukraine around 5 pm local time.

    07:45 PM: Putin intends to to win this war by March 2: Former Russian Minister Andrei Fedorov.

    07:30 PM: The EU anticipates more than 7 million displaced Ukrainians.

    06:30 PM: Russia acknowledges ‘killing and injuring’ Soliders in Ukraine.

    05:30 PM: Sweden will offer military assistance to Ukraine.

    03:30 PM: Russian Nuclear forces on alert. Source CBSnews.

    The Russian leader has ordered Russia’s nuclear weapons to be ready to launch, boosting the risk of a nuclear conflict. Putin, emphasized harsh financial restrictions imposed by the Nations on Russia and Putin himself.

    03:00 PM: “Putin claims that Ukraine squandered a chance for talks.”

    12:00 PM: Ukraine Holds Kyiv, Russia to call backup troops.

    11:46 AM: Ukrainian President seeks for justice, requests ICJ to cease Russian military activities and expect legal trials.

    11:30 AM: Russia enters Kharkiv.

    09:00 AM: Moscow claims, Russian soliders have “completely” besieged two cities of Ukraine: Kherson and Berdyansk.

    07:00 AM: Ukraine rejects to talk in Belarus, Zelenskyy ready for alternative locations.

    Alternative locations mentioned by President Volodymyr Zelenskyy include Warsaw, Bratislava, Istanbul, Budapest, and Baku.

    00:00 AM: The U.S., European Union, and UK commit to ban ‘selected’ Russian banks from SWIFT.

    UUpdate on the Russia-Ukraine crisis DAY 3 Highlights:
    Dutch Government agreed on providing “200 Stinger air defence missiles to Ukraine”
    Ukarine Speaks with PM Modi, requests Political support UN Security Council.
    Kremlin accuses Ukraine, says Ukarine Refused to negotiate news by AFP News Agency

    DAY 3: 26th February, 2022

    11:33 PM: Elon Musk says Starlink internet service is operational in Ukraine.

    11:30 PM: France to help Ukraine with defensive weapons and gasoline, according to the Elysee Palace.

    11:00 PM: Zelenskyy appreciates proposals to hold reasonable discussions with Russia.

    10:30 PM: 10 Greeks killed by Russian Missile, Greek Summons Russia.

    10:15 PM: Road Service employees destroying signage in order to deceive Russian forces.

    10:00 PM: YouTube blocks RT news channel and other Russian YouTube channels.

    09:00 PM: Germany is preparing to supply anti-tank weaponry to Ukraine, 1000 anti-tank and 500 Stringer weapons.

    08:00 PM: Slovakia’s NATO unit will contain 1,200 foreign personnel, as well as Patriot missile defense.

    07:30 PM: More Military help from the United States is expected to arrive in Ukraine soon.

    07:00 PM: Russia closes airspace for Romanian airlines in retaliation for Romania’s move to close their airspace for Russian airline.

    06:00 PM: Capturing Capital is Russia’s main objective, as per UK’s Ministry of Defense

    05:30 PM: Ukraine Evacuation -219 Indian lands on Mumbai airport.

    04:52 PM: Dutch government intend to provide military goods to Ukraine.

    3,000 combat helmets and 2,000 ballistic vests, 30 metal detectors and 2 wire-guided detection robots for land and sea mine detection, 2 ground surveillance radar systems and 5 weapon locating radar systems, and 100 sniper rifles with 30,000 rounds of ammunition.Source:

    04:39 PM: Zelenskyy: “Our military, our national guard, our national police, our territory defence, special service, nationals of Ukraine, please carry on. We will win. Glory to Ukraine.” The Guardian reported.

    02:27 PM: According to Zelenskyy, Turkey to ban Russian warships.

    01:55 PM: Volodymyr Zelenskyy speaks with PM Modi, urges India for political support in UN Security Council

    01:20 PM: According to Interfax, Russian soldiers have taken the southern city of Melitopol.

    01:10 PM: According to the interior minister of Poland, 100,000 Ukrainians have entered Poland since the war began.

    12:30 PM: As Russian forces approach, the internet in Ukraine is being blocked.

    12:17 PM: Poland will not play in the men’s World Cup qualifier versus Russia.

    English Translation:No more words, time to act! Due to the escalation of the aggression of the Russian Federation towards Ukraine, the Polish national team does not intend to play the play-off match against the republic of Poland. Russia. This is the only right decision. We are in talks with the 🇸🇪 and 🇨🇿 federations to present a common position to FIFA.

    12:00 PM: Buildings in Kyiv have been destroyed by Russian military.

    11:30 AM: Buildings in Kyiv have been destroyed by Russian military.

    11:00 AM: Ukrainian official, Russia has targeted at least 40 civilian targets.

    10:29 AM: Cities all across the world are showing their support for Ukraine.

    10:00 AM: Street violence erupts in Kyiv; residents are encouraged to seek refuge.

    09:59 AM: A missile strikes a high-rise residential building in Kyiv.

    08:29 AM: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy addressed Ukrainians: “This is our land, our country, our children. And we will defend all of that.”

    05:00 AM: Ukraine & Russia soldiers on Kyiv streets, End Battle starts.

    00:15 AM: Diplomats asks countries to end relations with Russia.

    00:00 AM: Ukraine and Russia are negotiating the location and timing of talks, according to Zelenskiy’s spokeswoman.

    UUpdate on the Russia-Ukraine crisis DAY 2 Highlights:
    Biden warns that if Putin advances into NATO countries, the US will be involved. The Kremlin is sanctioned by world leaders as a result of the invasion. Here are the most recent updates.

    DAY 2: 25th February, 2022

    11:50 PM: Canada imposes sanction on Russia

    10:30 PM: Ukrainians fleeing, living in Metro tunnels

    07:04 PM: Refugee arrives at Poland-Ukraine border

    07:02 PM: Due to Russian airspace restrictions, Virgin Atlantic’s Delhi-London flights will be somewhat longer in duration.

    07:01 PM: Russia has been suspended by the European Union’s human rights organization.

    06:59 PM: A Ukrainian serviceman poses next to a decommissioned Russian military multiple rocket launcher.

    Ukraine Russia conflict
    On the outskirts of Kharkiv, Ukraine, February 25, 2022, a Ukrainian serviceman stands next to a disabled Russian military multiple rocket launcher. (Photo courtesy of AP)

    06:40 PM: Putin urges the Ukrainian soldiers to abandon their struggle and turn on their leaders.

    06:30 PM: Indian students from Ukraine, urge Indian Government for rescue

    Indians in Ukraine
    Advisory from Embassy of India

    05:00 PM: I am ready to talk “Putin tells Xi Jinping of China that Russia is willing to talk with Ukraine: Kremlin”.

    03:33 PM: Russian military seizes an airport near Kyiv and declares that it would not hit a civilian neighborhood.

    03:00 PM: Russia confirms people working at Chernobyl nuclear plant, as usual.

    02:30 PM: Formula 1 official statement: Russian Grand Prix 2022 has been cancelled.

    01:40 PM: Russia launches strikes.

    12:50 PM: Kyiv suffer heavy damage

    12:50 PM: The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has discovered an increase in Chernobyl radiation.

    12:30 PM: How World is reacting to Russian invasion of Ukraine

    11:00 AM: Sri Lanka to remain neutral

    10:00 AM: According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, Russia has attacked 33 civilian targets in the last 24 hours.

    DAY 1: 24th February, 2022

    04:50 AM: Putin announces invasion.

    05:07 AM: Russia launches a series of missiles.

    06:48 AM: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy says, “the West is with us.”

    7:45 AM: Kyiv, People started evacuating Ukraine. An aircraft (speculated, Russian) roared above the capital.

    08:00 AM: Ukraine claim shot down of 5 aircraft and a helicopter. This new is denied by Russia.

    11:30 AM: Ukrainian leader Zelenskyy compares Putin with Hitler reminding world of World War II.

    12:37 PM: Ukrainian authorities updated – 60 dead, 40 soldiers and 10 civilians.

    12:45 PMMore explosions reported.

    12:55 PM: Kharkiv shaken by series blast.

    02:00 PM: Russian helicopter A K-52 “Alligator” shot down by Ukraine military.

    03:54 PM: Brazilian footballers in Ukraine, seeks for help from Brazilian government.

    06:19 PM: Mariupol comes under heavy fire.

    07:27 PM: Russian forces take Chernobyl.

    08:30 PM: US officials says, 160 missiles launched during attack.

    09:03 PM: Update from Ukraine Health Minister, 57 dead and 169 wounded.

    09:52 PM: Ceasefire to evacuate Ukraine.

    11:10 PM: Series of Missiles launched.

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