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How to Promote Facebook Page? Advertise Your Business in 2022


We learned how to create a Facebook business page, set up your page, and assign Facebook roles in the last blogs. Once your page is set up and has sufficient posts, it is time to advertise it on Facebook.

How to Promote Facebook Page?

  • Go to your page
  • Click on Promote to set up the advertisement
How to Promote Facebook Page
Advertise Your Business on Facebook

Choose Facebook Ad Goal

Why do you want to promote your page? What is the end goal? Let’s assume our goal is to increase website visitors, then select “Get More Website Visitors.

Set a Facebook Ad Goal

Promote Your Website

Click on Shuffle creative to use a default Ad template. It is recommended as the template is per Facebook Advertisement guidelines and more user-friendly.

  • Click on select media to upload an image or a video to be displayed as an Ad. Facebook makes it possible to browse media from existing page media or the linked Instagram account.
  • Enter Ad details like Headlines, Buttons type (click now, book now, contact us etc.), and Special Category type if the advertisement is about credit, employment, housing, social issues, elections or politics.
  • Select Target Audience
Insert Ad Data
Add Payment to a Facebook Ad
Add Duration & Payment to a Facebook Ad

Add Duration and Add Payment to a Facebook Ad

  • Ad Duration: Select the duration of the Ad. More the duration is the cost, and more is the reachability.
  • Payment Method: Once the Ad duration is set, it’s time to set up payment so that the Ad is active and running.

After making the payment, Facebook notifies you with payment confirmation and activates your Ad.

Congratulations! Your page is on Promotion now.

Source: Facebook -> Help Center.



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