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New Features in Salesforce That Will Change the Face of the CRM

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Salesforce is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that helps businesses manage and track customer interactions and data. It includes a range of tools for managing customer interactions and data, including sales, customer service, and marketing automation.

Benefits of Salesforce CRM

There are many features that might be useful for your business let’s go through some of the benefits of using Salesforce include:

  • Improved customer relationships: Salesforce helps businesses track and manage customer interactions and data, which can help improve customer relationships.
  • Increased efficiency: By automating and streamlining processes, Salesforce can help businesses save time and reduce the number of manual tasks.
  • Better data management: Salesforce allows businesses to store and manage customer data in one central location, which can help improve data accuracy and make it easier to access and analyze customer data.
  • Customization: Salesforce allows businesses to customize the platform to meet their specific needs and goals.
  • Integration: Salesforce can be easily integrated with other business systems, making it a flexible and scalable solution for businesses of all sizes.

Which are the new Features in Salesforce?

Salesforce frequently releases new features and updates to its platform. Some examples of new features that have been released in recent years include:

  • Einstein AI: This feature uses artificial intelligence to help users make more informed decisions, predict outcomes, and automate processes.
  • Lightning Web Components: This is a new programming model for building Lightning components, which are reusable components that can be used to build applications on the Salesforce platform.
  • Salesforce AppExchange: This is a marketplace where users can find and install applications that integrate with Salesforce, such as CRM tools, productivity apps, and other business-related tools.
  • Salesforce Customer 360: This feature allows users to unify customer data from multiple sources, including CRM data, marketing data, and data from other systems, to get a complete view of the customer.
  • Salesforce Einstein Voice: This feature allows users to interact with Salesforce using natural language voice commands, making it easier to access and update information on the go.

These are just a few examples of the many new features that have been released by Salesforce in recent years. Keep in mind that this is not an exhaustive list, and Salesforce continues to release new features and updates on a regular basis.

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