Top 10 SIM Provider In The Netherlands and Europe

Top 10 Sim provider in the netherlands

SIM Provider In The Netherlands

If you just moved to the Netherlands or planning to move or tired of your current sim providers then it’s time to look for the best Dutch phone plan providers. Usually you can get a sim on the airport or any general grocery store in the Netherlands but it you are looking for a specific phone plan for the long term use you should spend some time to compare the sim providers.

A monthly contract, for example, may be preferable if you are studying for less than a year. A yearlong contract, on the other hand, may be more cost effective if you expect to work here indefinitely.
Another consideration is service coverage: will you need to use your cellphone network outside of the Netherlands? Some businesses provide excellent coverage within the EU, while others provide reliable networks both within and beyond the EU.

Below you can compare different plans from different companies as per your need.

Which is the best Mobile Phone Provider Netherlands?

Depends on your usage. Buy Mobile Phone.

Do I get Sim when I buy a Phone?

Yes, most of phone providers do provide a Sim but with a subscription plan. Check here for more info.

Can I get cheap mobile phones in the Netherlands?

Not really, but you can get a phone on monthly installments at decent rates.

While there are numerous choices, think about your requirements before signing a contract.


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