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    Top 15 Interesting Hobbies That Can Make Money in the Netherlands

    What is your favourite hobby? Do you think you can earn money from it? You might be surprised to know how many money-making hobby options are available. Here’s the list of top 15 Interesting hobbies that can make money while studying in the Netherlands.

    Maybe you think that you don’t have skills or hobbies that would make an income. But almost anything can bring in cash if you get creative and don’t give up. Whatever you enjoy – from organizing closets to driving your car – can be an opportunity.

    “Hobbies are part of what defines you.”

    Top 15 Interesting Hobbies That Can Make Money While Studying in the Netherlands

    Start with Blogging

    Blogging is a great side hustle for people whose hobby is writing. Anyone can create a blog and write about their knowledge and experiences. You can promote your blog through social media channels, and once you’ve established a following, you can make money blogging by selling advertisements on your website. You can monetize your blog with this ad revenue and by partnering with affiliates to influence sales and discounts offered to their customers.

    Hobbies That Can Make Money
    How to write a blog

    Take Online Surveys

    Did you know you can get paid to take online surveys? Right from the comfort of your couch, you could be earning money just by surfing the web. Several of these sites have even more ways to make money:

    Online Surveys

    Help Others Get in Shape

    If fitness is your thing, you may be able to start making money from your favourite hobby. The most obvious way to make money with fitness is to become a personal trainer.

    The requirements for personal trainers vary from gym to gym. Some require a degree in a related field, but you can probably get it by completing a few courses or online training. Depending on the gym, you could also make commissions to bring in new members or take on personal training clients.


    Make Money Flying Drones

    Drones can capture breathtaking videos that businesses and companies happily pay for.

    Among the top buyers for drone footage and photography are:

    • Real estate agents
    • Construction companies
    • Stock photography sites

    Companies value drones because the unique vantage point can help market their products and services. When it comes to making money with a drone, it’s up to you to set your prices. You’ll probably want to test different rates to figure out the fair market value in your area.

    Hobbies That Can Make Money

    Become a Brand Ambassador

    Are you loyal to a specific brand of shoe or line of clothing? Your loyalty to a brand could turn into commissions as a brand ambassador.

    A brand ambassador gets paid to promote or endorse a company’s products or services. Companies worldwide want their customers to see how others are using and enjoying their products. That means you enjoy the product and earn a commission for new referring customers.

    Brand Ambassador

    Pet Sitting

    Animal lovers don’t have to limit their money-making hobbies to walking dogs. You can turn your passion for pets into a side business by sitting for dogs and cats in either a daycare setting or a boarding environment in which you care for pets for days or weeks while their owners are travelling away from home. If you develop an excellent reputation as a responsible animal lover, you eventually could expand your small business into a full-time venture.

    Hobbies That Can Make Money

    Website Designing

    If you enjoy website design in your spare time, you can make money from your hobby by creating websites, designing websites for others or creating your website. There is always a demand for web designers, and that market only promises to grow as the online marketplace expands. Start by designing your website. It will serve as a start for your portfolio, but it also can be used to make money online as a source of passive income and some extra cash. With a successful web design under your belt, you can start building websites for other small businesses and organizations.

    Make YouTube videos

    Are you an expert at something? Or are you at least somewhat entertaining or funny? You can start a YouTube channel making videos and even vlogging about your life. Once you begin gathering views and subscribers, you can monetize. Building up the YouTube channel takes time, but it can also be a tremendous semi-passive income source.

    Be Creative: Illustration and design

    Like writing, illustration and design are creative skills that can make you money as a freelancer. Fiverr, in particular, is where a lot of newer artists with a variety of illustration styles find clients in need of their skills, whether it’s for marketing projects or custom portraits.

    But if you’d like to maintain control, you can put your art on things, from t-shirts to posters to canvases and sell those instead. It’s important to understand that to turn your craft into a product; you’ll need to cater to a specific market or build a unique brand. The former is usually easier.

    Opportunities in Desing field


    Photography is a pastime that’s a part hobby and part artwork. If the photos you are taking gravitate more toward art, you may be able to make some money with this hobby. 

    There are several ways to monetize photography. Several major websites, such as Flickr and Shutterstock, provide photos to users across the web. You can earn some money by setting up an account on those sites and adding your images to sell to potential clients.


    Cooking or personal chef

    Many people love a homemade meal, but they’re just too busy. If you’re a great cook or have chef experience, you might be able to make some money.

    Some families like to have a personal chef prepare their meals, considering dietary restrictions and food preferences. Or you might also use your cooking skills to teach others.

    Hobbies That Can Make Money
    Chef cooking

    Interior decorating

    Everyone wants a cosy and stylish home. Some people have a knack for adding the right touches to a room to bring it all together. If you have any interior design experience or get a lot of compliments about your own home, you might have an interior decorating business. You can even do this remotely by offering advice over the phone or video conferencing to help clients pick out decor to order.

    Painting houses

    Are you good at painting and have some availability during the week or on weekends? House painting might be the gig for you.

    Specialize in interior or exterior, or both! You can set your hourly rate and work as a freelancer. Try painting around your own home and taking good photos to create a portfolio.

    Painting House

    Makeup Artistry

    Are you fascinated by makeup? Do you find yourself watching all the latest beauty tutorials on YouTube and trying the looks out for yourself? You can turn your hobby into a side hustle by working as a makeup artist. You also can start your own YouTube channel with plenty of how-to videos, and before you know it, you, too, could be a successful beauty influencer.

    Hobbies That Can Make Money


    Are you good at making people laugh? Why not take that sense of humour and use it to build an audience on the internet? You can probably think of several Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter accounts that have amassed large audiences simply by curating memes and viral videos or tapping into a niche of humour that no one else is serving. Once you have an audience, you can partner with brands to do sponsored posts or turn your best running jokes into t-shirts and other products.

    “Happy is the man who can make a living by his hobby.”

    Let us know which among these Top 15 Interesting Hobbies That Can Make Money in the Netherlands are your hobbies!!!

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