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    Top 12 Picks on Best Personal Finance Podcasts in 2022

    Listening to podcasts is a more convenient—and less costly—way to tap into expert knowledge. With hundreds of thousands of podcasts to choose from, you might be wondering which are the best and here are our top 12 picks on the best Personal finance podcasts in 2022. Finance podcasts can help you get clear on your money goals and create a plan for achieving them, all from the comfort of your home, car, or even the treadmill at the gym.

    Top 12 Picks on Best Personal Finance Podcasts in 2022

    How to Money

    Listen for: Money advice and information geared toward millennials.

    Published as part of the heart podcast Network, How to Money” is a good choice for anyone trying to get a handle on their finances for the first time. Millennial friends Joel Larsgaard and Matt Altmix talk about navigating credit scores, negotiating a higher paycheck and buying a home, often while enjoying a beer together.

    “How to Money” publishes multiple episodes a week, and most run between 30 to 60 minutes. Some shows are dedicated to answering listener questions or delving into a single topic, while others include special guests. Larsgaard and Altmix review the week’s financial headlines for each Friday’s episode.

    BiggerPockets Money 

    Listen for: Investing stories from real people and advice anyone can put to use

    BiggerPockets Money podcast does an excellent job of making investing a tangible thing accessible for everyone and is one of the best Personal finance podcasts in 2022. Host Mindy Jensen and Scott Trench facilitate investing conversations with everyday people without over-complicating the issue. 

    While it does tend to focus on investing with a goal of financial independence and retiring early (known as FIRE), the principles work whether you want to retire young or build long-term wealth through investing. 

    Millennial Investing

    Listen for: literacy in the ever-changing world of finance for millennials

    This podcast aims to create literacy in the ever-changing world of finance for millennials. Robert Leonard interviews entrepreneurs and industry leaders with the intent to inspire listeners to make better financial decisions.

    The show covers an extensive range of finance topics—everything from personal finance to stock market investing and the property market. Robert manages to break down finance jargon in a clear way that any novice can understand. The show’s content applies to millennials and anyone wanting to learn how to take more control of their financial position. Robert also hosts another podcast called Real Estate Investing, which focuses on getting people in the market and building a solid property portfolio.

    The Fairer Cents

    Listen for: Stresses on the financial well-being of women.

    “The Fairer Cents” podcast hones in on various types of issues to spotlight how they can affect the financial well-being of women. If you’re looking for a feminist take on finance that goes deeper than the standard money podcast fare, “Fairer Cents” co-hosts Kara Perez and Tanja Hester deliver plenty of insightful discussions, making it one of them the best Personal finance podcasts in 2022 for women. They’re helped along by their expert guests, including behavioural scientists and financial gurus who can speak on the economic issues that most impact women.

    Afford Anything

    Listen for: How to make wise daily decisions about spending money.

    Host Paula Pant interviews a diverse group of people on the podcast Afford Anything—including entrepreneurs, early retirees, millionaires, and investors—exploring the challenging work of living a balanced life. She coaches listeners on making wise daily decisions about how to spend money, time, energy, focus, and attention. Because, after all, you can afford Anything, but not everything.

    The Financial Confessions

    Listen for: Practical tips and an inside look at how others manage their money.

    “The Financial Confessions” comes from the Financial Diet website, which pegs itself as a destination for women to talk about money. However, the podcast primarily covers topics that apply to everyone, and episodes have delved into cryptocurrency, resumes and travel hacks. Hosted by Chelsea Fagan, most episodes of “The Financial Confessions” clock in at just an hour and feature an interview with an expert.

    Best Personal Finance Podcasts in 2022

    The Side Hustle Show

    Listen for: For anyone who dreams of escaping the rat race

    The Side Hustle Show is for anyone who desires to run the rat race. Nick Loper gives practical advice on how to channel your inner entrepreneur; so that one day that side hustle will get you out of the usual 9 – 5.

    This is a very successful long-term show. The Side Hustle Show has more episodes than days in the year, so finding a relevant topic won’t be hard.

    Nick’s short, punchy 30-minute episodes are actionable and inspiring. His conversations are practical, leaving the listener to feel like this whole business thing might be something they could do, and thus it becomes one of the best Personal finance podcasts in 2022 for side hustlers.

     Money for the Rest of Us

    Listen for: Investors who want to carve a path in the market while keeping their risk tolerance and goals in sight. Investing is what you do when you want your money to grow over the long term, as you can earn a better rate of return than a savings account can offer.

    A former chief investment strategist, David Stein, created the “Money for the Rest of Us” podcast for investors who want to carve a path in the market while keeping their risk tolerance and goals in sight. The podcast combines personal stories with academic research to explain key concepts such as portfolio balancing, how market cycles move, and how to invest with small amounts of money. 

    Her Money Podcast

    Listen for: Women who want to understand how to spend, save, and invest money from a female perspective.

    This podcast is for the girls. For women that want to understand how to spend, save, and invest money from a female perspective, this is one of the best Personal finance podcasts in 2022.

    They are in safe hands as Jean Chatzky, CEO and co-founder of Her Money, leads discussions that include many big financial topics.

    Jean covers everything from investing to budgeting, saving, and love. She is very relatable and incredibly knowledgeable about personal finance.

    Robinhood Snacks

    Listen for: Latest headlines about publicly traded companies.

    Originally founded as “MarketSnacks” in 2012, this podcast was acquired by investing platform Robinhood in 2019. Rebranded as “Robinhood Snacks,” it retains its original format and hosts.

    Jack Kramer and Nick Martell run through three business stories using a quick and snappy format each day. Episodes run for only 15 minutes, making them a quick listen during a short commute or when listeners have a few minutes to spare. Although the podcast is not intended to guide investment decisions, anyone buying and selling stocks is sure to find it interesting.

    So Money

    Listen for: Money strategies of the world’s top business minds and influencers.

    As a financial correspondent, author, and TV personality, Farnoosh Torabi provides listeners with candid conversations about money strategies with the world’s top business minds and influencers in her podcast So Money, including Arianna Huffington, Seth Godin, and Margaret Cho. Plus, on Fridays, she answers listeners’ money questions on #AskFarnoosh.

    Best Personal Finance Podcasts in 2022

    Marriage Kids and Money

    Listen for: Financial content from a parent in the trenches.

    Raising kids can add a wrinkle to money management, and the “Marriage Kids and Money” podcast addresses some of the particular challenges faced by parents. These best Personal finance podcasts in 2022 will give you a whole new perspective.

    Host Andy Hill started the podcast after his job underwent a significant change. At the same time, as a young father, he was looking for an outlet where he could connect with others and grow personally. “That’s when “Marriage Kids and Money” was born,” Hill says. “My goal, then and now, is to help families build wealth and happiness.”

    We hope this top list of the best finance podcasts will be valuable to you. Listening daily to these best Personal finance podcasts in 2022 can help to make you more conscious of your everyday financial choices. Invest smarter, buy more consciously, and save more.

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