Home Business 7 Best Ways AI and Chatbot Apps Are Transforming The Mobile Industry?

7 Best Ways AI and Chatbot Apps Are Transforming The Mobile Industry?

7 Best Ways AI and Chatbot Apps Are Transforming The Mobile Industry

As businesses are increasingly depending on mobile footprints, competition is getting fierce to remain visible and discoverable in the app marketplace. Here are 7 Best Ways AI and Chatbot Apps Are Transforming The Mobile Industry.

The way intelligent Chatbots equipped with the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) have emerged as the most important mechanism is just superb!!!

First we should know about what AI and Chatbot actually is.

What is Artificial Intelligence? 

AI has been gaining momentum since it was first introduced and is conditioned to interpret information like humans. It is a technology that tracks down human behaviour and decisions and develops responses by building on them. In fact, AI exhibits some of the spheres of the human brain like- learning, planning, motion problem solving, etc, and can even be used in smart home devices like Alexa and Cortana.

What is a Chatbot?

Chabot is one of the features of AI and uses machine learning to analyze the data and answer customer’s queries. Today, there are many apps powered by chatbots in industries like education, grocery, healthcare, and e-commerce. Not just in apps, but the chatbot feature is being integrated into websites too on a large scale. It is like talking to a real person. Isn’t that extremely exciting?

What made Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots so much in demand?

So, Here are 7 Best Ways AI and Chatbot Apps Are Transforming The Mobile Industry

Faster customer resolutions

The major usage of AI and chatbots is being done to ensure that customers have faster resolutions. The AI-supported chatbots are capable of detecting keywords, understanding dialects, and more to recognize the customer query. Within seconds, these chatbots provide the solution of the query to the customer. The efficiency of AI chatbots is dependent on the data that they have consumed. The modern chatbot development process is designed to provide a more customized experience.

Personalised User Experience

AI is letting developers build apps that offer personalized experiences to users. For instance, Netflix’s AI recommends shows and movies according to the users’ tastes. It observes the user behaviour for a period of time and then customizes recommendations and the home screen accordingly. Types of apps that are using AI for this feature include music streaming, movie streaming, games, and more.

Enhanced User Retention 

Chatbots that solve user queries faster helps create a positive brand image as well. Thus, many brands are now shifting their focus on developing apps representing their brand which also include AI-supported chatbots. Banks such as ICICI are using AI-supported chatbots to solve customer queries like reporting the debit card lost, checking balance, and more. It saves the user from waiting for a customer assistance executive to get free for simple queries.

As conveyed by a research, the chatbot market worldwide is set to reach a staggering $1,23 billion by the year 2025 with an annual growth rate of 24.3%.

Better health care services

Paired up with mobile technologies such as apps, now AI in mobile development and chatbots can be used to offer consultations and medical advice for simple diseases such as cough, or common flu.

It does not only saves time but also reduces the burden on medical service providers by reducing the need for resources for patients who can be treated with simple medications. Also, it reduces costs for patients which they spend on doctors’ fees and transportation. Looks like, the magic of chatbots is spreading with the speed of light!!!

Many fitness bands have also started assisting patients by alerting medical experts with the help of the data that AI collects. In case of emergencies, AI can alert medical professionals and save the lives of patients in cases such as heart attacks.

Improved voice-controlled assistants

Mobile apps are now working on making voice-controlled assistants such as Alexa more efficient. Apps can be used to give commands to such devices even if you are in another room. Moreover, AI and chatbots are helping these apps and devices to understand commands better.

With more language support, AI is enabling these devices to understand more dialects, pronunciations, and more as well. Overall, the goal is to ensure the best possible experience for users.

7 Best Ways AI and Chatbot Apps Are Transforming The Mobile Industry

AI companions

Mobile app developers have found a unique way of using AI and chatbots. Now, apps such as Replika are used to provide virtual companions to users. These AI-supported chatbots are given personalities and understanding of different kinds of emotions. Users can chat or call with these Replika characters. In cases such as mental health, these AI companions can be really helpful.

Improved Security Levels

Security is one of the topmost issues in mobile app development, and several developers are trying out innovative measures to enhance the safety of their app. Though, as distant reality as it appears, improving mobile app security is now achievable through AI and chatbots. 

Technology is continuously making quantum leaps and intensifying customer experience. Every enterprise today has begun to clasp these emerging technologies and provide a better experience to their users. Today, Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots are making our lives smooth and are being used on a wide scale by all enterprises.

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