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    Top 3 Business Analytics Tools Of 2022

    Business Analytics, is either “essential or very crucial to their present and future initiatives,” for 54% of businesses (as per Forbes). The underlying significance of Business Analytics is that it makes data-driven decision-making a practical reality.

    Business performance management adds practical insights to the presentable and analytical formats that Business Analytics tools can analyse and convert business data into, making a mix of the two the best option.

    Business Analytics tools of 2022

    Efforts at digital transformation in a wide range of businesses can benefit from business information. Data, workflows, and collaboration are converging, and it is obvious that without data-based insight, intuition is useless when choosing which product lines to focus on or altering supply chains.

    Below are the Top 3 Business Analytics Tools Of 2022:

    Business Analytics Tools
    Business Analytics Tools

    Ahana Cloud

    In order to query data stored in AWS S3-based data lakehouses, Ahana offers Ahana Cloud for Presto, a managed data analytics solution. (Presto is an open-source, distributed SQL query engine with great performance.)

    Ahana Cloud for Presto Community Edition, a free version of the company’s service, was introduced in June by the company. According to the company, this version of the service makes it simpler for enterprises and organisations to get started with a data lakehouse system utilising open-source technologies.

    With the exception of a few of its business capabilities, the open-source edition offers many of the same elements as Ahana’s commercial product to make the setup of a Presto-based data lakehouse system centred upon data kept in AWS S3 easier.


    A cloud-based solution called Rockset from the same-named company offers quick analytics capabilities for real-time data. According to the business, the database at the heart of Rockset enables users to search, combine, and aggregate data at scale with sub-second response times.

    Through 2022, Rockset continues to develop connections to other data sources, including the Snowflake Data Cloud platform, the Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka service, and data connectors to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform and SQL Server database.

    Using Intel’s third-generation Xeon Scalable processors with integrated AI accelerators, Rockset released a new version of its software in November, resulting in an 84 percent increase in performance.


    DuckDB, an open-source, in-process SQL OLAP database management system, is the foundation upon which startup MotherDuck is creating a serverless data analytics system.

    According to the business, DuckDB is an in-process database that developers, data scientists, and analysts can use to execute quick data analytics using normal SQL on data from any location.

    DuckDB, a database created specifically for analytics, offers the highest performance for large-scale aggregations, is optimised for read operations, stores data in a compressed columnar format, and conducts updates in a transactional ACID-compliant manner.vantage of any CPU’s capabilities, even on a laptop, to analyse data that is stored on their own computer, in a corporate database, or in the cloud.

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