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    5 Best WordPress Backup Plugins in 2022

    If you are planning to set up a website or already have one soon, you first need to set up a Backup of the website after creating one.

    Whether you are a prominent corporate corporation or a start-up company, the digital presence in the form of a website is essential for improving an organization’s credibility.

    Why Backup WordPress Website?

    Just like having a copy of data in a pen drive or on the drive, a Website backup may help you recover the lost data. There could be many reasons for losing data, especially if you have WordPress.

    No, no, no, WordPress is not unsafe, but it is more vulnerable as compared to other platforms if security measures are not taken properly.

    Having website security solutions is critical to defending your site from hackers. Backups are, in many situations, a website backup is a life saver.

    WordPress Backup Plugins

    Updraft Plus

    Updraft Plus is quite popular among WordPress Developers; with more than 3 million + downloads, it is the leading website backup plug. Rating of 4.8 based on the ‎5,680 votes. 

    wordpress backup plugins
    Updraft Plus
    • With a Freemium account, Updraft allows you to store website backup at least in one place, Google Drive, Dropbox, FTP or one drive.
    • Automate the backup process: Schedule, Set-up time and the number of backups you want to run.
    • Auto set deletion of WordPress backup from updraft plugin.
    • Restore from the plugin.
    • Migrate Backup from one website to another.

    Prices of the Premium version of Updraft are:

    Price in € (inc. Vat)WordPress Installation
    Enterprise€147.00/ yearUnlimited
    Agency€110.00/ year35 Sites
    Business€75.00/year10 Sites
    Personal €55.00/year 2 Sites
    Gold€312.00/year Contact Sales
    Prices of Premium version of Updraft


    One of the popular plugins with 700,000 downloads and a customer rating of 4.4 based on the ‎989 votes.

    • Backup automation.
    • Backups in zip, tar, tar.gz format (needs gz, ZipArchive).
    • Store back on local Computer, FTP server, Dropbox, S3 services, Microsoft Azure, Rack Space Cloud, and Sugar Sync with a Freemium account.
    • BackWPup Pro – Amazon Glacier & Google Drive.


    • WordPress 3.9 and PHP 5.3.3
    • PHP 5.3.3 with MySQL, FTP,gz, bz2, ZipArchive and curl is required
    • Proper server settings

    BackWPup Pro Pricing

    Price in $ (inc. Vat)WordPress Installation
    Business$115/year 5
    Developer$199/year 10
    Supreme $279/year 25
    Agency$349/year 100
    BackWPup Pro Pricing


    Another good plugin which getting popular nowadays. With 90,000+ WordPress Installations and a Rating of 4.3 based on the ‎142 votes makes, it a trustable plugin.

    • The automatic backups option is available.
    • Simple migration
    • Backup testing
    • Dashboard
    • Link with cloud services which don’t put a load on a website
    • Backup Scheduling

    Blog Vault has a variety of pricing, below is the pricing for a basic plan. For Plus and advance plan, please refer to the pricing on the website.

    Price in $ (inc. Vat)WordPress Installation
    Personal$89/year1 Site
    Small Business$199/yearUp to 5
    Developer$499/year Up to 20 Sites
    AgencyContact SalesMore than 20 Sites
    Blog Vault Pricing

    Backup Guard 

    Like all other backup plugins, Backup Guard provides WordPress backup and security solutions. With Backup Guard, you can Backup, restore, and migrate your site. Backup Guard with 60,000+ Active Installations and a Rating of 4.5 based on the ‎994 votes on the WordPress site makes this a Dependable plugin. *Jetpack recommends installing the latest version of the plugin.

    • Unlimited backups
    • Backup on device
    • Restore Backup
    • Download backup on the system
    • Upload backup to Dropbox G Drive, Amazon S3, Box, iCloud, OneDrive & SFTP/FTP.
    • Automatic Backup


    • Freemium: PHP 5.3.3, Zlib, WordPress 3.8
    • Premium PHP 5.3.3, zlib, curl, WordPress 3.8
    • Dropbox SDK & Backup Guard requires a 64-bit system


    Price in € (inc. Vat)WordPress Installation
    Silver €25/year2 Websites (Lifetime Usage)
    Customer Support (1 year)
    Unlimited Updates (1 year)
    Gold €39/yearUp to 5 Websites (Lifetime Usage)
    Platinum €99/year Unlimited Websites (Lifetime Usage)
    All Gold Features +
    BlackupGuard Pricing


    Duplicator is the most accessible plugin to work with. 1+ Million Installations with a Rating of 4.9  based on the ‎3,395 votes.

    • Migrate, copy, move or clone a site to another site.
    • Transfer WordPress site from one host to another host.
    • Store on local Computer, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Amazon S3 and FTP/SFTP.
    Price in $ (inc. Vat)WordPress Installation
    Gold$549/yearLifetime Updates & Support *
    Unlimited Site Licenses
    Business$149/year1 Year of Updates & Support
    Unlimited Site Licenses
    Freelancer$89/year1 Year of Updates & Support
    15 Site Licenses
    Personal$69/year1 Year of Updates & Support
    3 Site Licenses
    Duplicator Pricing

    The downside of the Duplicator plugin is there is no option to Automate the Backup process. Still, it is a great plugin to take manual backups with less Hassel. Using other plugins (mentioned in this blog) with the Automatic Backup option is recommended.

    Recommend good plugins that aren’t on the blog in the comment box.

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