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    10 Best Free VPN Chrome Extensions of 2022

    From IT experts to the people having their residence from the restricted areas, VPNs are termed as the safest and most secure private networks. VPN allows them to have secure surfing and transmission of crucial data and information through the net.

    Let’s dive into what VPN is (as many are unknown) and the 10 Best Free VPN Chrome Extensions of 2022 in detail.

    What is VPN?

    VPN – Virtual Private Network is the encrypted connection that ensures that your data and information is safely transmitted throughout the net without any security breaches. In simpler terms, VPN provides a secure connection between the device and the network that prevents third-party or another unauthorized person to have access to your data and transmission. Most commonly, VPN technology is in high usage in corporate environments.

    10 Best Free VPN Chrome Extensions of 2022 –

    As everyone wants to visit or surf everything around the internet, VPN becomes an aid to visit anonymous or blocked content easily and effectively while hiding your information and IP address. There are several free VPNs and many paid VPNs which are in doubt comparatively much better than free ones but, to find the best free VPN is the most hectic activity to do so more.

    But we have lessened your burden on the research and came up with the Blog mentioning – 10 Best Free VPN Chrome Extensions of 2022

    • Vee PN –

     With no restrictions in the traffic and bandwidth, Vee PN is considered one of the best free VPNs so far with a no-logs policy with high-grade security. VPN provides fast browsing with adorable chrome streaming and has 50+ server locations, 2,500+ servers with 4 thousand reviews, and 1 million users. Whether you want to secure your browsing data from an unauthorized person or want to have access to the restricted area, Vee PN VPN will help you to have both for free.

    • Setup VPN –

    Also known as the Lifetime Free VPN because it promised to be the free one for the lifetime, Setup VPN is the free VPN that provides – unlimited speed, military-grade encryption of 4096-bit with the security even in the public WIFIs and also with unlimited bandwidth. The best quality that Setup VPN provides to its users is that it keeps on updating itself every time to provide the fastest speed regardless of the country you are from. It currently has 1 Million+ user and 100 servers all over the world.

    • Hotspot Shield VPN –

    From providing features like – Adblocker, Malware Protection, Cookie, and Tracker Blocking, Hotspot shield is the widely currently in-use VPN with around 2 Million users. 95% of the features of Hotspot Shield are already available in its free version with access to the blocked sites and engines in school, state, or country. It is completely free to use with no login or signup, no censorship, and with no security breach as it contains a high level of security. The Premium version of Hotspot Shield VPN is also available with advanced features but it is considered in the best 10 because its 95% features are for free.

    • ZenMate VPN –

    Offering free VPN for many search engines like Chrome, ZenMate is also a free VPN that promises to be free for a lifetime. Although it does have a paid premium version, its free features are way too expressive and impressive at one time. With 45 Million users and 30 server locations around the world, you can have access to 5 devices on one single account and can access more than 5 leading-edge competing countries.

    • CyberGhost –

    From providing access easily to blocked sites and streaming platforms as Netflix shows in a smooth stream, CyberGhost allows you to change your browsing locations within a second with only one tap. With more than 6300 secure, fast and reliable servers, CyberGhost is the largest VPN extension in the world. CyberGhost provides 24*7 customer supports with a live chat option which indeed is a great customer attraction. The maximum number of devices you can have including your family in CyberGhost is 7.

    • DotVPN –

    Although it contains both free and paid versions, DotVPN provides more than 80% of its features in the free version only. DotVPN might restrict its users to access some clogged sites but is so reliable to protect its customers from hackers and snoopers. DotVPN allows you to switch your location if any of the content that you want to visit is not giving access to your present location. Also, their customer support is so supportive and quick that if you ever met with any of the access issues, you can simply text your issue to them and they will try their best to solve your query as soon as possible.

    • Touch VPN –

    Following its name, Touch VPN requires only one touch to work on and no signup is required to use its free services.  With 100% free, reliable needy protection, and unlimited bandwidth, Touch VPN is currently used by 5,000,000+ users globally. With Touch VPN, you can unlock and unblock anything from anywhere of Schools, Workplaces, and also the sites that have been blocked by the Governments. Your information and identity will remain hidden with the bank-level security that Touch VPN provides.

    • RusVPN –

    Offering free VPN services with 338 server locations in 5 continents to provide free and paid versions with unique features, RusVPN is mainly free for its Chrome users. RusVPN provides safe and secure browsing with options to switch locations to prevent your identity from unauthorized people and hackers and also provides very decent speed.

    • Betternet –

    Following its name, Betternet provides completely free and unlimited VPN services with allowing access to blocked anonymous sites and safe and secure easy browsing. Betternet also provides an ad-blocker that prevents users from bothering pop-ups ads that indeed is a big competitive advantage for Betternet. Including this, Betternet allows users to select server locations and also connects users with the nearest fast and secure servers as per their requirements.

    • TunnelBear –

    With servers in 22 countries and with 70k+ users globally, TunnelBear is the free version that provides limited but unique features in its free version. From hiding IP addresses, censorship to safe and secure browsing, TunnelBear is rich in all of these for its Chrome users. TunnelBear contains AES 256-bit safe encryption by default to prevent any security and data breaches.

    Having a VPN from the best indeed is a great choice to make to secure your identity, censorship, and our IP as well. I hope this blog helped you in ending your search for the same.

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