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    The Reasons Why We Love Instagram 2022

    Do you have an Instagram account and want to know how Instagram 2022 can Improve your Business?

    Instagram is rapidly introducing new features that will benefit both brands and creators.

    Like any other Social Media platform, Instagram follows its footsteps with a different strategy and new features.

    Top 4 Features of Instagram 2022 to look forward

    Let’s see what all the features Instagram Has to offer in 2022 that you can use to build your Instagram strategy.

    Social Fundraising with Instagram

    Yes, Yes, you are right; Instagram has a fundraising feature.

    Instagram takes fundraising to a new level with its new Social Fundraising feature.

    The feature makes it easier than ever to encourage your community to donate and helps NGOs raise funds for educational resources for a healthy community.

    How can you host a Fundraiser on Instagram?

    • Tap the ‘+’ Icon at the top right corner of the screen
    • Select a charity for which you want to raise funds
    • Insert funding details: Select a cover photo, add a description, a monetary goal, and if a collaborator.
    • The funding goal could be, let’s say, ‘To raise 1000 Euros’
    • Once done, share your Fundraiser

      Don’t be in a hurry; this is an excellent opportunity to tell your story to the world. Once your Fundraiser is live, promote it as much as you can.

    Calendar Tool on Instagram

    Instagram business profile calendar
    Instagram Business Profile Calendar

    The excellent news for Businesses, Instagram plans to extend the data tracking time under Insights. Currently, Instagram Business Profile users can track data until the last 30 days; this will be extended to 60 days.

    After this new extended feature, marketers will use third-party applications that enable a more extended tracking period; this information will be easily accessible through Insights. This is an excellent example of Instagram responding to user input who have been seeking such an improvement for months.


    Instagram introduced a new feature, Subscriptions which allows Artists to charge a monthly membership fee for their content.

    Authors can choose their monthly membership fee, and a “subscribe” button appears on their profile. They may provide subscribers with various incentives, such as exclusive live streams and Stories.

    This is an excellent way to motivate and help creators make a livelihood from their work via Instagram, allowing them to continue acting on it.

    This also allows users to create an engaging environment and build a strong relationship between a provider and their followers.

    Replies on Instagram Reels

    As a frequent Instagram user, this is what I have been waiting from a long time.

    Now you can react to Reel comments: with another Reel.

    You can now generate visual answers to comments on Instagram Reels if you post short-form films.

    It’s an engaging and involved approach to communicating with followers and leads.


    Instagram is a powerful and frequently used social media platform among companies and people worldwide. Instagram’s newly introduced features would boost its following base and attract more users.

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