HomeBusiness ToolsThis HubSpot Feature Helps You Keep Your Customers Happy

    This HubSpot Feature Helps You Keep Your Customers Happy

    HubSpot, a platform for growing businesses, announced that its native WhatsApp integration is now available to all Marketing Hub and Service Hub Professional tier and above customers.

    With over 2 million app users WhatsApp is the most popular messaging platform in the world. With HubSpot’s integration, teams can connect an existing WhatsApp business account to their shared inbox as a messaging channel to communicate with their prospects and customers, while also leveraging powerful data within HubSpot’s CRM.

    “The digital marketing landscape is shifting. “You must connect in new ways to reach your customers, especially those outside the United States,” said Steph Cuthbertson, CPO at HubSpot. “

    WhatsApp Integration

    Customers want to communicate with brands in the same way they connect with their friends and family.

    By connecting your WhatsApp Business account to HubSpot you can seamlessly communicate with your customers, track conversations, and build stronger relationships them.

    You can track all of your customer conversations from one place with HubSpot’s WhatsApp integration, ensuring that your customer service and marketing teams never miss an incoming message.

    Hubspot WhatsApp Integration

    How Does It Works?

    To able to qualify for the WhatsApp HubSpot integration you must have have a WhatsApp Business Activated on with your number (using company’s official number always helps).

    When customers text your company on WhatsApp number, their name and phone number are saved as timeline events in HubSpot, and sales team members can respond to these messages through HubSpot.

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