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    Top 10 IT Services Your Business Can Provide

    If you’re thinking about starting IT services, one of the essential steps is specifying your services. No two IT service providers are the same because there are tons of different opportunities out there for delivering value to clients.

    Here are a few IT services company ideas that your Business can provide

    Different Types of IT Services

    Here are some popular types of IT services to consider.

    1. Managed IT Service

    Many IT service providers that work with small businesses are called managed service providers. This can actually encompass a variety of specifics but allows the business to service the company’s network on an ongoing basis at a regular rate. It is often less costly for companies over time since it can prevent expensive problems from forming in the first place.

    This is the type of service that Joerg Laves eventually landed on for his business, IT Secure Services. Laves says, “We decided to make the change from reacting to problems and move toward a standards-based configuration where we provide surveillance to see what’s going on and resolve issues before they actually turn into problems.”

    On-Demand IT

    Another way to structure an IT services company is by offering services on demand. You can still offer the same variety of specific functions. But instead of companies paying a regular monthly fee, they just pay for each individual service when they need it.

    Network Setup

    You could also offer a preliminary setup service for businesses just looking to get their networks up and running. It’s possible to offer this as a standalone service, but could be even more valuable as part of a managed IT package.

    2. Network Security

    Data is the backbone of any business and company. Although data is a valuable resource that becomes the crux of many important decisions, strategies and business action plans, it also comes with a huge responsibility. Companies have to ensure that their data as well as the data related to their clients and customers remains protected and safeguarded. Therefore, one of the most demanded IT support company for small businesses offers network security. 

    The responsibility of these service providers is to ensure that the data of their clients and their businesses remain safe. These companies deploy cyber security measures to protect the data. From access control to keep a log of any changes made, network security is a comprehensive set of IT services that is of immense importance for almost all businesses and companies. 

    3. Cloud Computing

    This category includes any type of IT service that is delivered over the internet or a dedicated cloud network. So a cloud platform or SaaS offering would fall into this category. So essentially, in cloud computing, you could create a type of software that is delivered to users over the cloud and then charge them a membership fee for the ability to access it.

    Cloud Computing
    Depiction of Cloud Computing

    4. Database Management

    A database is a system that a business uses to monitor and access its data throughout its lifecycle. It would include things like customer and employee information, sales and finances. Database management includes organizing that data to ensure compliance, security and performance of data-driven applications.

    5. Software Support

    If you enjoy dealing with software products like those that run databases, spreadsheets or multimedia, you can offer a service where you provide support for users that are in need of technical fixes. You can focus on a specific type of software or list of programs, or offer a more generalized service.

    6. VoIP Service

    VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. You can offer an online service that allows your clients to communicate with others via voice calls, either on an ongoing or as-needed basis. You can even add this service as an option for a managed IT service, as IT Secure Services does.

    IT Services
    VoIP Service for client communications

    7. Data Storage

    You can also simply provide a platform or service for companies or individuals to store their data. You can provide a cloud platform or on-premises storage option for system backups or additional storage so that users don’t have to keep everything on their main devices. You could also combine this with a security offering if you deal with sensitive or proprietary data.

    8. Social Media Consulting

    Social media is a core component that can help any business or company grow in the modern era. Using social media appears to be very simple and straightforward. But if you truly want to unleash and make use of the power of social media to take your company to the next level, it will require a lot more effort and hard work. 

    Social Media Consulting is a powerful IT service which many companies and businesses rely on. When offering this service, the service provider has to look after the social media pages and outlets of their clients. From posts to social media strategies, the service provider has control over all the dimensions of social media. The purpose is to engage with as many people as possible and turn visitors into long-term loyal clients. 

    Social Media plays a major role in Business growth and Social Media Consulting can be a saviour

    9. Web Designing Services

    A site is an online portfolio for virtually any business enterprise. Because of this, it’s the major interest and goal of organizations to invest in a fantastic web design supplier. When offering site development solutions, the business must create a site for its customer.

    The design of this site that’s front-end improvement to taking good care of the backend variables such as servers and hosting, everything needs to be achieved by the service supplier.

    As a result of the immense use of the net and competition to guarantee optimal internet presence, virtually all businesses are thinking about seeking assistance from web designing service providers. The job of web design service suppliers isn’t restricted to the design of their site, but the updates and maintenance will also be their obligation so this service may develop into a long-term business companionship.

    10. Email Marketing Services

    Email marketing is a popular tool that almost businesses and companies use these days. Have a look at your own inbox, you will be amazed to see a large number of promotional and branding emails. But have you wondered who composes, plans and sends out these emails? This job is done by email marketing services providers.

    Email marketing IT service providers come up with a marketing strategy which makes use of emails to connect with existing as well as potential clients. These emails often contain announcements regarding sales or promotions. A call to action statement also helps increase site traffic thus reaping benefits for the company.

    For creating a mailing list check out, How to Create a Mailing List in Gmail in 12 Easy Steps


    The IT services mentioned in this article are all in great demand and, if you choose to have your business offer them, can help it gain much success as long as they’re performed properly. I hope you go through this list thoroughly and make an informed decision about the service you’d like to take up.

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