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    I Don’t Know Where To Go What To Do | Ukrainians Fleeing: Ukraine Russia Crisis 2022

    Key Points

    • I hope fewer Ukrainians flee toward Central Europe
    • EU and European Countries are intently monitoring the aftermath of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
    • The continent is concerned that a full-fledged incursion will result in a massive migration catastrophe.
    • Neighboring Poland, Romania, Czechia, and Slovakia have already begun preparing for up to a million refugees.

    Ukrainians fleeing: Ukraine Russia Crisis 2022

    After Russia invaded people of Ukraine are fleeing to the Central European Counties in large numbers.

    People in Europe are requesting their authorities to repel Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

    People arrived from Ukraine to Slovakia at a border crossing in Velke Slemence, Slovakia, on February 24, 2022, after Russia launched a substantial military assault against Ukraine.

    Countries throughout the world have imposed sanctions on Russia in one or another way.

    Poland was one of the first countries which announced last month that it is ready to house up to 1 million Ukrainian migrants in hostels, dorms, and sports facilities if required.

    Poland shares a 530 KM border with Ukraine.

    Nearby Romania, Hungry, Slovakia and the Czech Republic are the key recipients and anticipate thousands of migrants.

    Helping Hands

    One Ukrainian said, “I Don’t Know Where To Go and What To Do.”

    Humanity is united in these challenging times in support of the people of Ukraine.

    the3millions joined more than 50 non-governmental organizations in pushing the government to safeguard those fleeing violence in Ukraine.

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