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    I Amsterdam City Card | 5 benefits and Why You Should Get One in 2022

    There’s no denying in the fact why Amsterdam is known as Europe’s best city for the visit after being known about the beauty and the glory that Amsterdam has. From museums to attractive places to unique pilgrimages, Amsterdam is full of such kinds of glorified kinds of stuff that people from all over the world loves to witness once in a lifetime.  

    I Amsterdam City Card

    But to witness all of these glorified things, one needs to have the essentials like – Tickets and passes which in doubt are the costliest ones to cover all. But, there’s always a solution for every problem and the solution is – I Amsterdam City Card. Yes, Amsterdam City Card allows you to visit varieties of glorified and attractive places in one go and allows you to be in a less stressed state for your wallet.

    The best and most common one among various City Cards is – I Amsterdam City Card. Let’s understand what I Amsterdam City Card is and where it can take us up to –

    I Amsterdam City Card –

    With numerous sight-seeing, sightings, and places to visit, I Amsterdam City Card prevents our wallet to not to went empty by giving us numerous places to access. I Amsterdam City Card acts as an aid here by giving free access to major famous locations in a One-Go-Method.

    Free Entrance and Significant Discounts with I Amsterdam City Card –

    I Amsterdam City Card allows you to have a free entry with a significant bumper discount at some of the famous spots. A’DAM Lookout Observation Deck is one of Amsterdam’s most famous visiting spots before 6.00 pm and I Amsterdam City Card allows you free entry into it. Even, in addition, you will be receiving free admission or a heavy discount on your visit to Haarlem, Zaanse Schans, and Volendam.

    Free transportation benefit in I Amsterdam City Card–

    I Amsterdam City Card allows you to get free access to the public transport facilities like – Tram, Metros, and Buses. Also, you will be allowed to rent a bike for a whole day long with the I Amsterdam City Card which indeed is a much better option for the riders and bikers who loves to ride while traveling and visiting.

    Access to Museums and famous sightings for Free by I Amsterdam City Card –

    Much awaited and most important factor that keeps ongoing at the time of planning a trip is of the costly ticketing and the entry fees as some famous attractions charges less and some charges high. But, I Amsterdam City Card provides you with a facility where you will be having free access to the 70+ Museums including Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum, a Canal Cruise over Amsterdam’s historic canals, and so on. Providing access to 70+ Museums and many famous highlighted sightings for free is what makes I Amsterdam City Card the most valued and common purchase among tourists.

    I Amsterdam City Card Pricings as per 2022 –

    I Amsterdam City Cards with day-wise prices.

    I Amsterdam City Card Pricings as per 2022 is as follows with the time-limit –

    € – 65     = Validity of 24 hours
    € – 85     = Validity of 48 hours
    € – 105   = Validity of 72 hours
    € – 120   = Validity of 96 hours
    € – 130   = Validity of 120 hours

    Working of I Amsterdam City Card –

    • Order your Card Online

    You can order your I Amsterdam City Card online after choosing which one you want to buy. Either you can collect it from the Amsterdam Central Train Station or can be delivered to your Home or Hotel Address.

    • Activate your Amsterdam City Card

    As Card is fully automatic, you don’t need to do anything. I Amsterdam City Card have two categories –

    Public transport and Museums and Attractions – This works automatically as per the requirements. But it is activated only the first time your visit Amsterdam’s attractions, museums, or public transport.

    • Use your Card

    For the Public Transport – Only thing you need to do is to just swipe your card for any of the given public transports – Bus, Tram or Metro at the time of arrival and departure.

    For Museums and Attractions – Currently due to the COVID-19 outbreak and safety measures, you need to book your time slots in the given Museums and Attractions online before the visit to avoid any consequences.

    Must read about COVID – 19 Travel Updates – covid-19-important-travel-update

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