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    5 Websites that’ll Save You Time, Money & Get Stuff Done for Free 

    There are plenty of online tools that can literally save hours of work and hundreds of dollars.

    Below are some tools you might not know that I use on a daily basis, and that could help you build your business tremendously:

    1. PDF DRIVE

    PDF Drive is a search engine for PDF files.

    As of today, the platform is having 81,424,936 eBooks (number increasing every moment) for you to download for free.

    This platform has no annoying ads, no download limits so you can enjoy at the fullest and download any pdf files.

    2. SMALL PDF

    Smallpdf is an editing tool and document management platform with dozens of useful tools.

    It works on both desktop and mobile devices.

    It includes PDF tools for converting, compressing, and editing digital documents.

    You can easily add text, images, shapes, annotations, and more in pdfs.

    PDF files can be converted to and from DOC, PPT, XLS, and many other file formats. Smallpdf also includes features such as digital signatures that can be used to sign contracts and fill forms.

    Users can also request e-signatures from others and track progress as needed. Additionally, documents can be securely stored and shared using the Smallpdf platform.

    Mobile apps are available for iOS and Android devices.

    3. TINY PNG

    TinyPNG deploys smart lossy compression processes to minimize the file size of PNG/JPG files.

    By precisely and selectively reducing the number of colours in the image, lesser bytes are needed to store the data. The effect is almost non-observable but it makes a considerable difference in file size!


    I call it the online alternative to photoshop. It has many powerful features which can compete with any other photo editor online.

    Photopea lets users to edit images with comfort. One can easily edit and add special touch-ups to dull pictures and make them more appealing. 

    It’s free and open source, and has some non intrusive ads that help support its development. There is an upgrade option available for $9 per 30 days to support the developer & remove ads.


    Grammarly is a cloud-based typing assistant meant for job seekers, writers, and other professionals can use to proofread and edit their documents.

    Grammarly reviews for spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors, fixes vocabulary usage and delivery mistakes in text.

    It uses AI to identify and search for an appropriate replacement for the located error. The tool has improved a lot over the years, built by linguists and programmers who developed algorithms to detect patterns of great writing.

    I’ve tested all of them and even used nearly 3 of them while writing this blog. For me, these tools have made the work super easy and enjoyable.

    Which one is your favorite?

    Keep exploring...

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