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    7 Must-Have Tools to Build A Successful Blog

    With the right blogging tools in your bucket, You can generate more leads, build trust with your readers, and boost your search engine rankings. Tools are available to help you enhance your blogging efforts, from planning to search engine optimisation to marketing.

    Here are a few that will make it easier for you to start and run your blog, so you’ll stick with it.

    1. Grammarly

    Grammarly, a free grammar checker, can speed up your blog writing process and help you avoid embarrassing mistakes.

    You can directly start writing your blogs in the Grammarly editor or copy and paste them. Grammarly is also available as a Google Chrome browser extension, which will provide suggestions as you type in Google Docs, WordPress, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other sites.

    Grammarly’s premium upgrade will check your spelling, grammar, and punctuation, suggest vocabulary improvements, and detect plagiarism.

    2. Canva for Designers

    An excellent tool for producing branded graphics and layouts is Canva.

    Bloggers rely heavily on images, which you can find in everything from blog entries to social network posts. A good image on Pinterest can potentially become viral, bringing you thousands of visitors in a short period.

    You may use the site to design graphics, edit photographs, and incorporate innovative typefaces into your designs.

    3. Google Analytics

    Google Analytics is one of the best and most effective tools for tracking and analysing website traffic.

    Google Analytics can help you figure out what works best on your site and where you should focus your efforts — for example, if your readers enjoy a specific type of content, you can make sure you write more of it.

    The information you acquire from Google Analytics can help you understand who you’re attracting to your site, from demographics to information on the technology they’re using to access it.

    4. Trello

    Trello makes it incredibly simple to organise your ideas and monitor your progress. If you’re unfamiliar with Trello, it’s a project management tool comprised of boards containing lists, and you can create cards within those lists. This makes it ideal for constructing a blog editorial calendar.

    You may create tasks, set due dates, add numerous team members, and do anything else you need to organise your entire blogging process.

    5. MailChimp

    MailChimp allows you to create email newsletters, share them on social media, integrate with other services, and track your progress.

    As a blogger, MailChimp can have a significant impact on your online profile. The platform is highly user-friendly and efficient. It’s also a terrific approach to help bloggers who aren’t sure where to begin automating their growth.

    6. Google Keyword Planner

    The Google Keyword Planner is an essential tool for anyone who wants to stand out with their content, improve their SEO strategies, or increase the number of paid advertising on their page.

    It is meant for researching keywords for your ad campaigns, but you can also use it to get more keyword insights for your blog articles.

    It can help you create powerful keyword lists and get your blogs to rank higher on Google.

    7. Semrush

    SEMRush is a keyword research tool that focuses on finding profitable keywords. We live in a time where proper search engine optimisation (SEO) is at the heart of a successful blog.

    Semrush has the industry’s largest keyword database (over 20 billion keywords), so you can quickly acquire hundreds of keyword variations for your target keywords.

    Semrush is free with limited features, or you can upgrade to one of the three significant plans: Pro, Guru, or Business.

    SEMRush also offers a 14-day free trial that you may upgrade to a premium subscription if you find it to be a valuable tool for your blog.

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