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    Elevate Your Career With These 8 Best MBA Programs in Netherlands

    After a certain number of years in their career, business executives usually feel the need to go for better study options in order to give a boost to their career and what’s better than going for a MBA program. Studying in these 8 Best MBA Programs in Netherlands for MBA is a logical step for many business executives – both expats and Dutch.

    Netherlands is considered best country for students considering its good environment, diversified population, common language, quality education and affordable education fee. So, let’s take a look at the best Master of Business Administration programs offered by universities and business schools in the Netherlands and nearby countries. You will want to get admissions in them.

    Amsterdam Business School (University of Amsterdam)

    The Amsterdam Business School is part of the University of Amsterdam and belongs to the 1% of business schools worldwide that is Triple Crown accredited. What a great hub of quality education!! Lectures are given in small interactive classes to enhance ideas of individuals, in the vibrant city center of Amsterdam.

    › The Amsterdam MBA (full-time and part-time)
    › MBA Big Data & Business Analytics (part-time)
    › Executive Programme in International Finance (MSc)
    › Executive Programme in Management Studies (MSc) (part-time)

    Nyenrode Business University

    Pursuing an MBA at Nyenrode Business University means developing your personal and professional skills through intense and rigorous academic programmes. Better personal and professional skills go a long way in the field of business.
    › Executive MBA (21 months)
    › Full time MBA (12 months)

    The Hague University of Applied Sciences

    The Hauge University of Applied Sciences provide internationally geared MBA courses in English that prepare you for the global market. With around 80 per cent of their MBA students from overseas and staff from different nationalities, you can start developing your international network from day one to day n!
    › Full Time MBA (12 months)
    › Part Time MBA (24 months)

    Webster Leiden Campus

    Webster’s program provides a broad overview of business across all functional disciplines, prepares for entrepreneurship and offers unique networking opportunities with professors and fellow students.

    › Masters in Business Administration (Full-time:14 months | Part Time | Leiden Campus/Online)

    › Masters in Management and Leadership (Full-time:14 months | Part Time | Leiden Campus/Online)

    8 Best MBA Programs in Netherlands

    Maastricht School of Management (MSM)

    MSM’s MBA programs provide state-of-the-art management education to managers and mid-career professionals. Their MBA degree is internationally accredited & highly ranked globally.

    › Full Time MBA (Full time | 12 months)
    › Executive MBA (Part time | 30 months)
    › Online MBA (Part time | 24 months)

    TIAS School for Business and Society

    We develop leaders who serve society by transforming business. Our MBA and Master programs are for ambitious professionals who want to grow to the highest level. Together we will target key areas of development, making you an accomplished leader, both professionally and socially.

    › Full Time MBA (Full time | 12 months)
    › Executive MBA (Part time | 24 months)
    › (Executive) Masters (MSc, Full time and Part time) 

    Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

    At Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam we have a long tradition in Executive Education, right at the heart of Amsterdam’s vibrant Business district Zuidas. Our programmes bridge high-quality science and practice for upcoming thought leaders who ask the bigger questions and want to leave a lasting imprint on business and society.
    › Executive MBA: Leading with Purpose (18 months)
    › MBA in International Business (18 months)

    Rotterdam School of Management (RSM)​

    With us, you’ll drive your career further than you’ve ever imagined. Succeeding in business is about having a global perspective, an innovative mindset and a focus on collaboration.

    › International Full time MBA (12 months)
    › Part time Executive MBA (22 months)
    › Global Executive OneMBA (21 months)

    If you are still in doubt about studying in Netherlands, Checkout Why Netherlands attract international students and take that step!!

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