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    Study in the Netherlands: Top 5 reasons Why Netherlands attracts international students

    Apart from the best sceneries, famous wooden clogs, windmills, tulips gardens and mesmerizing travel destinations, this small and amazing country in Europe offers us all the reasons to come and study here. Netherlands is known for its best education around the world.

    There can’t be any doubt in this point, since around 90,000 international students study in the Netherlands and the number is exponentially increasing. Ever wondered what could be the reason behind the craze for Netherlands among students? Let’s find why.

    Prestigious Universities and Quality of Education

    Education system of Netherlands is one of the oldest and most reputable higher education systems in the world. Large number of universities in the Netherlands with best courses places it top in the global rankings. The Netherlands ranks 7th among the world’s top 10 countries for higher education and also scores 3rd globally for teaching quality.

    What makes the Education system of Netherlands among the best in world is the unique teaching method which includes teamwork, seminars, workshops and practical experiences. Teachers [refer to teach in small groups of 15 students to deliver better education. Great efforts by teachers, Hats off!! Who would not want to study in Netherlands.

    If you also plan on studying here in future then Checkout top universities in Netherlands to apply for education in 2022-23

    study in the netherlands
    University Campus

    Better scholarship programmes to support your education

    The availability of scholarship support offered both through the Dutch government and higher education institutions adds to the reasons why the Netherlands is one of the top choices for international scholars. The government here is so welcoming to international folks and that’s the reason that one in every 10 university students is an international student. Scholarship opportunities include the following:

    Competitive Economy

    After graduating from universities in the Netherlands, most students have one major goal in mind and that’s finding a job. It’s important to think about your employment opportunities after you complete your studies, especially if you are studying and living abroad.

    Students who study in the Netherlands tend to want to stay forever so, after graduating, they set out to get a job and stay there for a long time. With one of Europe’s most competitive economies, getting a job after studying in the Netherlands is not only possible, it’s highly likely! And why not it is 4th in world for career goals. According to the 2014 Global Connectedness Index, it is the world’s most internationally connected country (economically and geographically) and this makes it home to great opportunities. Connections matter!!

    No Language Barriers

    When it comes to education, or anyways, there are no languages barriers here.  Approximately 95% of locals speak English making it comfortable for international students for survive, despite being a non-anglophone country. Netherlands is known for the education it provides in English.

    Along with that you get to learn other languages like Dutch, French and German. The education system of Netherlands offers over 2,100 international study programs, taught entirely in English which covers masters, bachelor’s & Ph.D. Programs of different fields. It is the First country in Europe and worldwide in the English proficiency index. Also, it’s always valuable to take an introductory Dutch language course to pick up the basics, and many universities in the Netherlands offer Dutch languages courses for internationals to ease their stay.

    Top universities in Netherlands
    Graduation Ceremony Netherlands

    Multicultural Environment

    Only degrees and knowledge won’t make you the smartest person in the room. Experiences matter. People around you matter. Diversity matters. Students learn so much from cultures and Netherlands is the best place for all those experiences.

    International students from all over the world come to study in the Netherlands. International students from a total of 157 different countries, mostly from Germany, China, Belgium, Italy and Spain move to Netherlands every year to pursuing education and why not, the people here are welcoming and always happy to help.

    Most Dutch universities have International student associations, which help students throughout their studies. The people here move on in their lives with a “live and let live” attitude and that’s what students want.

    If you have made you mind to study in Netherlands then checkout the best universities in Netherlands.

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