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    Change in Covid-19 Rules Netherlands

    With the existing rules for Covid-19 in action, the Netherlands government has come up with new and useful facts on Covid-19 rules Netherlands. In the press conference held by Netherlands government, some new travel and quarantine rules have been finalized which have come into effect in the Netherlands on September 22. There are lot of changes and relaxations in the new rules which will open doors for new opportunities for the citizens of Netherlands. Here’s what you need to know about the new rules and their implementations.

    Relaxation in travel restrictions and quarantine rule

    Under the current rules, the Dutch government has been using the EU travel white list to determine the travel rules for countries outside of the EU. All travelers arriving from very high-risk areas were required to quarantine for at least five days upon arrival in the Netherlands. 

    However, with the summer holidays coming, this quarantine rule is changed in the new rules, vaccinated travelers from high-risk areas are no longer required to quarantine. Even the government wants the people to enjoy their holidays to the fullest!! Good news for the travelers, isn’t it?

    useful facts on Covid-19 rules in Netherlands
    Covid-19 Rules Netherlands

    Coronavirus certificates introduced

    After a year and a half social-distancing norms, the Dutch government has finally lifted the 1.5-metre distance rule. This means the businesses will no longer have to enforce social distancing rules at their establishments, and will be able to welcome customers / visitors at full capacity of their establishments. 

    The lifting of the rules by the government, however, does come with its conditions. Coronavirus certificates are now mandatory, and these are the items in the checklist for citizens:

    • Everyone over the age of 13 will have to present proof of vaccination / recent recovery / a negative test via the CoronaCheck app
    • Certificates will be mandatory for bars, restaurants, cinemas, theatres, concert halls, nightclubs, and (professional sporting) events

    Amendments in rules for events, festivals, and nightclubs

    With the introduction to vaccination and decreasing pace of the spread of virus the government of Netherlands has uplifted more restrictions during events and festivals. Keeping that in mind, Rutte and De Jonge also announced new COVID-19 rules for events and festivals:

    • Multi-day events are permitted again, may it be indoor or outdoor event
    • Seated and non-seated events are permitted at 100 percent capacity
    • Maximum 75 percent capacity is allowed all for indoor non-seated events i.e., concerts or exhibitions.
    • Event organizers must request coronavirus certificates from those in attendance at multi-day events, coronavirus certificates must be checked every 24 hours to make sure that no attendee is Covid positive.
    • The attendees must adhere to the enforced opening times i.e., close at midnight.

    New coronavirus rules for schools in the Netherlands

    Schools are the place of a lot of gathering and here the Covid-19 norms must be strictly followed. Government has also applied new rules to schools in the Netherlands.

    These are as follows:

    • Sticking to the advice set out by the Outbreak Management Team (OMT), whole classes will no longer be sent home to isolate if one student tests positive for COVID-19. Instead, only students who have been in close contact with the infected child will have to isolate. Isolating the whole class results in the academic loss of all students.
    • Face masks are also no longer mandatory in secondary education and universities, and the rule for a maximum group size of 75 people also won’t apply.
      Looks like Netherlands has made its mind to tackle with coronavirus in best possible ways!!

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