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    8 Best Money Saving Apps in the Netherlands to Save That Last Euro

    You want to buy something priced and after seeing the price on it you bemoan about it. Most of us wish we could have save some money in the past, rather than bemoaning about it now. So, these 8 Best Money Saving Apps in the Netherlands will help you save that last euro!!!

    The world of automation has spread its roots all over and has made keeping habits easy. In fact, tools these days make it more easy to save. Below are some apps and tools you might consider if you want to boost your savings success.

    8 Best Money Saving Apps in the Netherlands to Save That Last Euro

    8 Best Money Saving Apps in the Netherlands that would do all the penny-pinching for you


    The best banking application of 2021 is the Mobile Banking App by Knab Bank. This app gives you an entire overview of your bank accounts and puts you in complete control of your finances.

    The app sends out different types of notifications depending on the actions taking place in your accounts. And the different accounts can be personalised too. You can name the accounts and decide which ones you would like to see in your overview.

    In addition to these features the Knab app allows for easy transfers and can scan QR codes. If you’re in need of assistance, you can chat with their online service desk. And for more insight into your expenses you can track your debits and credits in the digital ledger. It is available on playstore for android users and app store for ios users.


    Chime is a bank and online app with an automatic savings program.The bank rounds up each transaction to the nearest dollar and deposits that money into a savings account. Last I looked they also add a 10% reward to the money you set aside, but the savings account interest rate is currently pretty low compared to what most online banks offer.


    A lot of banks now have mobile apps that allow you to track your savings as well as your spending habits. Monzo takes it to a higher level. It tracks your spending, sets a budget, and even splits bills with your friends. It alerts you and gives notifications about your spending, organizing it into several categories: from cash withdrawals to bills payment. Then, the app will show a graphic breakdown of all your expenditures. This will help you think about some bad spending habits and change what needs to be changed for you to save money.


    The free app Mint takes a more passive approach to budgeting than YNAB, showing you the balance of each account, your custom budgets, and how much money you’ve spent recently. You can make your own decisions from there. Mint offers some savings tips, but you won’t get the level of guidance that YNAB provides. But hey, it’s free, so you might walk away with a few more bucks in your pocket.


    The world of investments and returns can be obtuse to a newcomer. Skip the appointments with stock brokers and download Acorns instead. It simplifies the investing process by rounding up every purchase you make to the nearest dollar and automatically investing the change into a diversified portfolio. The service costs $1 per month, but you can cash out your investments at any time. Students with a valid .edu email address can get up to four years of the service for free.


    Digit is an app that helps you meet your saving goals comfortably. It analyses factors such as your bills, spending habit, income, and other personalized saving controls. If you want your debt to be reduced automatically, then Digit is highly recommended.


    If you are the type of person who gets excited on a payday, and tends to spend all your money in a week, then Squirrel is a great app for you. It enables you to put your salary into a dedicated account which is then broken down to your monthly expenditures.

    It locks savings, commitments, bills payments, savings and other expenditures so you cannot touch them. Once a bill is due, the certain amount is released into your account so that you won’t be able to spend it before the due date of your payment. Therefore, no more overspending for you with this app.


    This app allows you to decide for yourself how you use your bank account. Just as with the ASN app you can create personalised accounts for different saving goals. Unfortunately it’s not yet possible to transfer money through direct debit or to pay standing orders. The app also doesn’t use push-notifications, but the app developers state that these features will be added in the future.

    Get started with your savings with these 8 Best Money-Saving Apps in the Netherlands!!! Don’t forget to comment if your found it helpful:)

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