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    Covid-19 Cases in the Netherlands

    The Netherlands set a new record for the most Covid-19 Cases in the Netherlands diagnosed in a single day. A total of 24,590 people tested positive for the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus between Tuesday and Wednesday morning, overstepping the previous record set on November 24 by about 800.

    The daily infection total was dramatically higher than recent figures, topping Tuesday’s total by nearly 6,000. It pushed the seven-day average up 8 percent to 17,527, based on raw data. That average was 41 percent higher compared to a week ago.

    A combination of raw and corrected data put the average slightly lower at 17,478. Preliminary data showed that Covid-19 cases in the Netherlands were high among the children-adult age group between 10 and 49 years of age. This was particularly the case with people in their twenties, who by far represent the most infections per capita than any other demographic.

    About 32.7 percent of people tested by the GGD during the seven-day period ending on January 3 received a positive diagnosis for the coronavirus infection. GGD testing rose during that time to an average of 54,400 per day. Testing figures have been back on the rise since December 28.

    Covid-19 Cases in the Netherlands
    Covid-19 Impact on the World

    Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht Showing Steep Increase in Numbers

    Amsterdam surpassed a record it set on Tuesday for most infections in a single day among residents of any municipality. Residents of the capital tested positive 2,258 times, up 600 compared to the previous day. That pushed the city’s seven-day average to 1,385, a 76 percent increase in a single week.

    The Omicron variant of the coronavirus has been dominant in Amsterdam for over two weeks. It became the dominant strain in the Netherlands a little over a week ago.

    The spread of the variant corresponded to a surge of infections in other cities, too. This fast pace of rise in Covid-19 cases in the Netherlands may lead to lack of beds in hospitals and lack of cremation places in the Netherlands. Hope we don’t get to those adverse situations!!!

    Rotterdam reported 1,264 new infections on Wednesday, setting a new record there. That was more than double the total reported a week ago. It pushed the city’s seven-day average up to 845, a 60 percent week-to-week increase. An additional 882 infections were found in Utrecht, and 666 more were found in The Hague.

    Hospital Admissions Due to Covid-19 Cases in the Netherlands Falls to the lowest of 8-weeks!!!

    At the same time, the number of people being treated for Covid-19 cases in the Netherlands in hospitals fell to its lowest point in eight weeks. There were 1,644 patients in hospitals on Wednesday afternoon, 62 fewer than the previous day, after accounting for new admissions, discharges, and deaths. The total was 17 percent lower than a week earlier. A similar decrease would bring the total down to 1,373.

    The patient total included 459 in intensive care units, ten of whom were in German hospitals. The ICU tally fell by a net total of 18. The other 1,185 patients were in regular care wards, a net increase of 44.

    It was the second consecutive day where an above-average number of new Covid-19 patients were admitted into Dutch hospitals. A total of 160 patients were admitted during the preceding 24 hours, including 13 sent directly to an intensive care unit.

    On average, 151 patients were admitted each of the past seven days, 18 percent fewer than a week ago. That includes 19 patients sent directly to intensive care, a decrease of over a fourth. There is a balance between number of admissions and the number of discharges and that’s the reason for lower numbers in hospitals. So, we can’t say that less admissions means less Covid-19 cases in the Netherlands.

    Be aware and get yourself vaccinated

    Get Jabbed, Stay Home, Stay Safe Netherlands!!!

    Covid-19 Cases in the Netherlands
    Stay Home, Stay Safe!

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