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    How to Use Gamification to Increase Revenue Goals and Customer Engagement

    Customer Engagement is not only the bond between a brand and a customer, but it is also a journey in which both travel together while being loyal to one another. Data has shown that the higher the level of consumer involvement, the higher the level of loyalty, and the higher the level of revenue.

    Social media campaigns, PowerPoints, push notifications etc., are some of the standard practices used to engage customers.

    When you do so, you are developing trust and creating customer evangelists eager to promote their brand, improving brand exposure, attracting more customers, and filling up the sales pipeline.

    Building customer engagement is the first step toward laying a Brand foundation; as the time passes, you get a more extensive consumer base and foster your business for future growth.

    Customer Engagement using Gamification

    Using Gamification in the marketing context is more than just selling products and increasing revenue; it is about using gamification elements to engage and attract customers. Customer engagement is consistent interaction with an enterprise that strengthens emotional and physiological relationships with an organisation.

    Enterprises that want to prosper in customer engagement should apply Gamification to areas directly associated with the customers. Companies like Deloitte, Facebook, Google etc., are using Gamification to increase customer and brand engagement.

    gamification and customer engagement Digital marketing

    Improve customer engagement

    Keeping your customers engaged with your brand is challenging, especially in this digital age when competition is global. The success of Gamification is defined based on your goals and how much you achieve. The definition of customer engagement differs.

    For example, Samsung defines increasing customer engagement on a website as a success, assessed by tracking increases in likes, shares, comments, and interaction with Samsung content.

    For Samsung, badges, a leaderboard, and a point system are critical components for measuring Gamification’s performance when deployed on their website.

    Other components such as a reward system, challenges, competition, and feedback help determine the effectiveness of Gamification. Gamification is not limited to just using random elements. It is more than that. Each element must be linked with a goal.

    Drive engagement

    What is one thing that motivates humankind? What is it that drives human beings? Competition, Gamification lets you develop a competitive environment on your platform that pushes users to seek rewards for their contributions, similar to a game where the player must achieve a milestone to receive something.

    These contributions might start a debate, publish customer feedback, respond to questions, etc.

    Brand Loyalty

    We all know that brand loyalty may boost revenue. When consumers are committed to a brand, they transform into a marketing bot. Giving clients a feeling of reputation through points, badges, and leaderboards, offer them special discounts or free items in exchange for old products. These activities encourage customers to leave a favourable review and prove they are loyal to your brand.

    Brand Awareness

    This is where brand loyalty is valuable; when a consumer is delighted with your product or service, they share their experience with others by publishing a review on the web or social media. This promotes your brand without requiring additional marketing efforts; the great experience attracts potential customers and improves brand awareness.

    Gamification is an emerging marketing trend, and using the correct elements in Gamification can increase customer and brand engagement. Provided it is used in the right way.

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