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Latest Press Conference on Covid-19 Simplified | All Covid-19 Information in the Netherlands


The Government of the Netherlands has been doing everything possible to curb the Covid-19 situation from past two years. In order to make people more aware and less worried the ministers held a press conference. Here are the details of Latest Press Conference on Covid-19 Simplified so that you have easy access to what was there in the press conference held on Tuesday 25 January 2022.

Latest Press Conference on Covid-19

Here are the major points from the Latest Press Conference on Covid-19 held on 25th January 2022. Hope you find it simple!!!

Many people with corona

With the new Covid variant Omicron in action, people are getting sick less from corona. But more and more people are getting the virus. As a result, it may soon become busier in hospitals again. The situation of people may get worse at times and we may run out of ventilators in hospitals.

Keeping in mind the approaching danger some measures are necessary.

In the Latest Press Conference on Covid-19 it was stated that yet almost everything can open again. From Wednesday 26 January there will be new rules.

Less strict quarantine rules

As discussed in the Latest Press Conference on Covid-19, There are going to be less strict quarantine rules. If you were with someone with corona or you have any complaints, then you no longer need to stay at home if you:

  • are 17 years or younger and are in school or studying;
  • has work for which other agreements apply ;
  • received the booster shot more than a week ago;
  • or got corona in the past 8 weeks.
    And you’re better.

You may Stay home if you have complaints and do a self-test at Make a test appointment with the GGD .

Latest Press Conference on Covid-19

Rules on Sports and public

The government has decided to ease up a little. So, away games are allowed again, inside and outside and the public is also welcome again.

For indoor sports, everyone from the age of 18 must show a corona ticket.

Rules on opening Restaurants and theaters

As stated in the Latest Press Conference on Covid-19, Restaurants, concert halls and theatres are allowed to open again. This also applies to cinemas, museums, zoos and amusement parks. 

They must adhere to the following rules:

  • They are open from 5 am to 10 pm.
  • Everyone keeps 1,5 meters away.
  • Everyone must show a corona ticket.
  • Mouth caps must be on.
  • This applies to visitors from 13 years old.
  • Face masks are only allowed on seats.
  • Or outside, if there is 1,5 meters away.
  • Everyone must be given a permanent seat inside.
  • There must be sufficient space inside.

Rules on Events

Both Inside and outside Events such as concerts and fairs are allowed again.

The following rules apply to events:

  • a maximum of 1250 people are allowed in;
  • inside visitors must be given a permanent seat;
  • large events are only allowed outside. 
    Fixed seats are also required there.

Although Events are allowed Festival celebrations are still not allowed. Because there are no fixed seats there.

Rules for Elderly People

As we know that the elderly has a slow immune system and are more prone to the virus so they are much required to take care of them based on the age they are at. Since they are prone to get infected they must limit contact with others and also with children. It is advised to keep 1.5 meters distance.

Some Other Important Rules

  • Keep 1.5 meters away from others everywhere.
  • Do not receive more than 4 people aged 13 or older at home.
  • Only visit once a day.
  • Are you visiting?
    Or to a place where there are many people?
    Then do a self-test first.
  • Work at home. Only go to work if you have to.

Note: These rules apply until Tuesday 8 March and then the government will see how things are going. Whether new rules are needed or not.

Queries about the coronavirus?

Call 0800 – 1351 Or to +31 20 205 1351 If you are abroad.

Let’s not forget to Wash your hands often, To Cough and sneeze into your elbow and Please Don't shake hands with anyone.

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