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    Relaxation in Corona Rules Netherlands:Ikea Can Open, Museums Won’t!!!

    As per the new guidelines which are to be made public, the Government of Netherlands is giving some Relaxation in Covid-19 Rules in the Netherlands.

    Corona Rules Netherlands: Latest news states that some of the current Coronavirus rules in the Netherlands will be relaxed at Friday night’s press conference have hit the Dutch cultural sector hard.

    The government is all set to announce that shops can reopen by appointment but that museums, Cinemas and Theaters must remain shut in these tough pandemic times.

    But the cultural sector finds it incomprehensible, since they feel that by following proper protocols they would be able to avoid the spread of the disease as they have been doing from the last 5 closures, since 2020.

    Corona Rules Netherlands: Appeal for Relaxation in Covid-19 Rules for Cultural Sector

    Museums, which will now be entering into their fifth enforced closure since 2020, have maintained throughout the crisis their protocols provided an adequate safeguard against infection among visitors to protect them from the virus.

    “Now that shops can open their doors we take it that cultural venues can too. Our members are looking forward to receiving visitors again”

    a spokesman from museum umbrella organisation Museumvereniging told news agency. The comment, he said, was an appeal to politicians to do some changes in the rules for museums rather than a call to museum directors to open their doors at will, as various owners of cafes and restaurants have announced that they will.

    Former director of the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum Wim Pijbes said he supported the statement.

    “It cannot be that Ikea can open and museums not”

    Ann de Meester of the Frans Hals museum in Haarlem called for ‘a secular prayer’ to be sent up for ‘the freshly baked government to have the wisdom to declare the cultural sector a safe zone’. They are confident that they can follow the Covid-19 protocols and thus are demanding for some Relaxation in Covid-19 Rules in the Netherlands for cultural sector also.

    Although, in case of museums also not all museums are waiting for the government to officially announce the continued closures but have found ways of circumventing the lockdown by offering exhibitions, workshops and lectures online, Thanks to the Digital Era!!!

    Corona Rules Netherlands
    Corona Rules Netherlands


    Theatre organisation VSCD said in a statement on its website,

    “No matter what the government decides the time has come for a long-term strategy instead of ‘a yo yo policy”.

    The organisation wants a clear connection between the level of risk of infection and the measures that would go with it. ‘Only then can theatre makers and producers anticipate on the actions they to need to take.’ The blow is doubly felt, a spokesman for the organisation said, because eager theatre goers have become wary and ticket sales have been plummeting. He said the sector would be asking for compensation for loss of venue from the government of the Netherlands during the lockdown and for as long as the coronavirus crisis lasts.


    Cinemas, which ended “a historically bad year” in which just 14 million people saw a film at a film theatre, are “proven safe places” said Boris van der Ham, who chairs the sector’s umbrella organisation. He has urged new junior culture minister Gunay Uslu to strike a blow for the sector since it is proven as a safe place. Van der Ham said

    “Come on Gunay Uslu, don’t put the culture sector at the back of the queue again.”

    Every representative is trying to uplift their respective sectors in these Covid-19 times and thus need some Relaxation in Covid-19 Rules in the Netherlands keeping in mind to avoid the spread of the disease.

    Mask Up Netherlands!!!

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