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Apartment and Rooms for Rent in the Netherlands – Easy to Find Within 1 Day


Is migrating to the Netherlands in your plans or you already live in Holland? This page has answer to question on reliable websites for renting the place in the Netherlands.

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There is likely to be a large influx of international students in the Netherlands around September and February, and certain cities have a shortage of student accommodation. Research at the university to find out how crowded your city's housing situation is and start finding the house at least two months before. 

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These sources below are an excellent starting point for locating public and private housing providers:

Read the contract carefully before accepting a room in the Netherlands, and ensure that your room’s pricing is fair. While searching for accommodations on these websites we read that there were certain places that were too good to be true.

The list above is not broad and only includes organizations we are familiar with. We do not examine the quality and integrity of the real estate agents. This is entirely your own risk. Be skeptical of everything!