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NATO and how it can affect the Russia-Ukraine War

NATO and how it can affect the Russia-Ukraine War

We aren’t unaware of what currently is ongoing in the world and also, aren’t unknown of the consequences as well. The whole world is at the threat by what could happen between Russia and Ukraine and what deadly consequences we might face in the future.

Here, I am going to elaborate – What is NATO and how it can affect the Russia-Ukraine War.


NATO in its full form – The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, is a military and political alliance made up of 30 countries having the aim of maintaining peace between countries and providing freedom and security to its members by all means. NATO’s main aim is to maintain peace, prevent war or conflicts between the countries and if happens, provide freedom, security, and other initial sources to its member countries. Preventing conflict among countries through security and defense is NATO’s major aim.

Treaty of NATO and how it can affect the Russia-Ukraine War –

As per the NATO treaty, an attempt of attack on any of the member countries will be termed as an attack on the rest 29 countries resulting in an attack by all in response. Ukraine and Russia, aren’t a member of NATO so there will be no chances of troops or any support provided by NATO to any of the two countries. But as per the reports, NATO will be providing security as per their treaty to the member countries nearby these two to prevent them from any of the losses caused by the Russia-Ukraine War.

According to Article 5, if Russia invades nearby NATO countries then, the USA will be there to defend and provide aid to their allies under NATO Response Force.

NATO summit was held on last Friday where NATO stood up with Ukraine by blaming Russia for the present chaos of their attack on the democratic and peaceful country – Ukraine. They also included that – This long-term planned attack on Ukraine is unjustified, fully provoked, and brutal action that can cause major loss to the livelihood with enormous destruction and painful human suffering for a lifetime. NATO also stated that they strongly condemn any of the possible and strong ways of Russia’s full invasion of Ukraine and asked Russia to withdraw troops from Ukraine and stop the attack as well.

After the brutal attack on Ukraine by Russia with Air-strikes on bases and cities, NATO Secretary-General affirmed that the military alliance will be defending every inch of their member countries. NATO will not send any of its troops to Ukraine but will be highly active in saving their member countries.

Although Ukraine is not a NATO country after the advanced overnight invasion of Russian troops on Ukraine, NATO will be providing weapons including – Air defense, and weapons to Ukraine but will not send any troops there. NATO will also deploy combat-ready response forces to Eastern Europe for precautionary measures.

NATO and Ukraine History –

Ukraine was unable to be a part of the NATO due to many reasons that include – Deep ongoing conflicts between Ukraine and Russia, not suiting in the NATO’s membership, standard transparency, unstable democracy that happens in the mid-1990s, Blackmailing, and threats by Russia to Ukraine’s ambassador, fear of Russia’s aggressive behavior if Ukraine joins NATO among NATO members, and Ukraine’s history of corruption.

Although Ukraine isn’t a NATO country, NATO has defended Ukraine from Russian aggression before also in 2014 when Russia invaded Eastern Ukraine by suspending cooperation with Russia and increasing Kyiv’s defenses. Despite not joining the fight militarily, NATO helped Ukraine by providing military training, providing funds for the cyber warfare protections, and deploying troops to the affected regions.

 Hence, the fact is clear that there will be no military involvement from NATO in any of the War Countries – Ukraine and Russia but, there will be military troops defending neighboring countries of Russia and Ukraine that are part of NATO’s 30 countries. NATO will be defending its members with every inch and if the attack is done on any of the member countries then, there will be an attack on the rest 29 countries on the attacker.

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