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    5 Rock-Solid Tips on How to be Productive when Working from Home

    If you work from home, it’s crucial to establish productivity strategies that will help you stay organised and focused.

    Whether you work from home alone or in a shared home office with a spouse, the challenge is that there are several obstacles to overcome. So if you’re facing lack of productivity or seeking methods to improve your work-life balance, here are five tips to help you be productive when working from home:

    1. Design a Calming Morning Routine

    It’s normal to feel quite relaxed when working from home. Mostly because your schedule isn’t as crazy like before. Getting ready, going to office, commuting and saying those cheeky ‘Good Mornings’. The disadvantage is that you lose your normal morning routine and act more randomly throughout the day.

    Creating a morning routine that you follow everyday makes a good impact on your work life and outlook. Try to keep to whatever system you put in place. A morning of rigid habits is credited by many successful people for their personal and financial success. If you haven’t already, this is a fantastic opportunity to get started.

    Personally, I follow the SAVERS technique.

    Savers stand for

    S: Silence
    A: Affirmations
    V: Visualisation
    E: Exercise
    R: Reading
    S: Scribing

    2. Create a Seperate and Specific Workspace

    According to several studies, having a dedicated workspace helps you focus and get more done. You might not have enough room in your house to set up a separate workplace. However, you should make every effort to keep your personal area and your workstation as distinct as possible.

    Avoid working in your bedroom as much as you can. Your mind associates the bedroom with sleep and laziness. To summarise, do not attempt to sleep and work in the same room.

    3. Put Your Phone Aside (& Eliminate Distractions)

    Text messages, phone calls, and social media are huge distractions when doing focused work. When you’re constantly interrupted with notifications and are in a cluttered atmosphere, your mind unknowingly creates extra tasks for you to accomplish.

    Distracting you from main tasks and putting you in a state of overload.

    My recommendation is to choose the least cluttered space in your home, ensure a calm environment, and put your phone in silence.

    4. Make A To-Do List and A Not-To-Do List

    How to be Productive
    How to be Productive

    Clearly define the tasks you want to accomplish. Keep it short and simple.
    After your write down your tasks, prioritise them. Label them 1, 2, 3 and so on.

    You’ve made your to-do list, but you’ll also need the opposite if you want to be truly productive.

    A not-to-do list should be a permanent fixture in your workstation, listing all of the time-wasters that are getting in the way of your daily objectives, from watching Instagram reels to watching your favourite series on Netflix.

    5. Take Regular and Healthy Breaks

    Take it easy 🙂

    You must take breaks if you want to amplify your productivity!

    Breaks provide a unique chance to take your mind off work for a brief period of time, and when used properly, they reduce the risk of burnout while also increasing productivity.

    Well, instead of checking your notifications, there are other healthy ways your should look for break time.

    For me, it’s a short nap, walking around the home and just playing flute sometimes.

    To Summarise

    Of course, they aren’t the only methods for increasing productivity, but they are among the most effective. Do you want to get the most out of this article’s words of wisdom? Pick any two ideas and put them into action right now.

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